Can't get the darkmoon adventurer's guide


Gahh I've done everything, can someone tell me a detailed way too get this?
100 Human Rogue
What do you mean you have done everything? I believe you have to enter the Darkmoon Faire tomorrow.
85 Troll Shaman
I can't get it either. The NPC says to come back for a replacement, but there's no option beyond that. I've searched my bags and bank for old vouchers, etc, but don't see any reason for it. I've opened a ticket.
85 Goblin Mage
Just choose the option to get a replacement.
I did that, and it gave me one.
90 Draenei Shaman
Did you turn in the quest to the guy at the fair?
100 Night Elf Druid
Talk to the first Carne on the left when you get to the fair. She'll give you one.
85 Troll Druid
No. I have the same problem. There was no quest in the city to get the prequest from. The npc you are meant to get the guide from at the left ent of the Darkmoon Faire does not give me a guide either.

She mentions about coming back if I need to replace it....but there is no option to do this at all. I figured perhaps there was something in my bank: Went back to Og, opened the bank, did the search option and nothing in there pertaining to 'Darkmoon,' came back.

I put in a ticket but the wait time is 4 days 20 hours and has been that way all day.

I'm hoping, as there are so many people with the same problem, that they'll address the issue soon :)
90 Orc Death Knight
i am having same issue but my ticket says 5 days and 3 hours my main has it but none of my alts can get it..By the time blizz does anything gonna have to wait another month to do em.
63 Human Paladin
I cannot obtain the darkmoon adventure guide. I checked with the fair greeter before you enter the fair. There was not option to click on to get a copy. i also checked with the fair information tent just after you enter the fair to the left. I've tried abandening the quest and reaccepting the quest, but still nothing. Do you have to be a higher level to get a copy? Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
85 Human Paladin
It definitely sounds like it is bugging out for some people. Perhaps the bug forum might have some solutions.
85 Worgen Druid
It definitely sounds like it is bugging out for some people. Perhaps the bug forum might have some solutions.

Why the hell did you necro a year old thread
85 Human Paladin
03/08/2012 04:35 AMPosted by Clàw
It definitely sounds like it is bugging out for some people. Perhaps the bug forum might have some solutions.

Why the hell did you necro a year old thread

Excuse me?
100 Dwarf Mage
03/08/2012 04:35 AMPosted by Clàw
Why the hell did you necro a year old thread
The person you quoted didn't necro the thread (that was the poster before him) and the thread is only a few months old.
Edited by Choonster on 3/8/2012 4:37 AM PST
87 Worgen Warrior
Well either way, I'm also having the same issue and its 7/4/2012
11 Human Warrior
I had the same problem. As it turns out, I had a "Ticket Voucher" in my bank box. You must have the ticket voucher on your person when you go to the fair. Keep in mind--my ticket voucher was from over a year ago. Evidently, once you get one, you have to have it with you in order to get the Adventurer's Guide, even if you wait until the next fair (or wait for a dozen fairs in my case).

I didn't know what the ticket voucher was back then, so I just put it in my bank as an "interesting item." Once I took it to the fair and turned it in to Sergeant Silentsol, I got the guide.
90 Night Elf Druid
So I have looked for the guide the ticket voucher i have gone to all my alts and deleted there guide, i have done every possible thing i can think of my alt can pick this book up again but my main glorri can not get this book i have no prompts, i have no options after talking to the person who gives the book, nothing. BLIZZARD please fix this and dont make me wait three days
100 Blood Elf Paladin
I found that my character that didn't have the guide had thrown out the ticket/voucher..infrequently played alt.

I just abandoned the Darkmoon faire quest and retook it: got the ticket again and the Guide.

Of course, I searched several times through bags, did research on the internet...

good luck!
100 Troll Shaman
Hi there, i just googled to find the guide, and once i knew you could get a new one, i went to the entrance. There is a dude in a tent before you go through the portal...that's at Thunder Bluff, Assuming there is one for Alliance too. (spit on the ground)
90 Night Elf Hunter
So timely with your responses to a year old thread...
90 Human Death Knight
I cant find that stupid adventurers guide
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