LFM to join Onslaught

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Onslaught is a group of highly skilled players working towards completing Firelands and Dragon Soul content in a 25man raid setting.

We are currently seeking the following to add to our raiding core :

1 Exceptional Melee DPS - Ret Pally
1 Exceptional Range -Lock Boomkin Hunter, or Shadow Priest
1 Healers - Resto, Shaman or Disc, Priest!!!!!!!!!!

As with many guilds, exceptional apps of any class/spec are welcome and will be considered.

In general, we are seeking active, skilled players that wish to progress efficiently through content and have a very competitive spirit. We want people that are active, not only in 25 man content, but also doing things such as their daily random for the extra valor points and are interested in helping the guild progress as a whole not just as individual players. Also, doing your homework and knowing the fights is a must, we are not here to carry people through content. We expect people to watch videos, be active on the PTR and at least know the basics of a fight before we try the encounter.

Onslaught is currently the #1 Server and Horde guild on Trollbane with:
US #175 in WOTLK with TOGC Tribute to Immortality completed.

13/13 25man HM (some top 100us kills)
7/7 Firelands Normal
6/7 Firelands Heroic (on P4)
8/8 Dragon soul (1st week, working on HM's)

25man is our priority and that's what we do during our raid times and it's much more demanding than 10man so make sure you are up for the task.

We raid progression Mon - Thurs 9pm to 12am EST with a 1/2 hr extension if we deem necessary during times of progression.

We are also have many people that like to play alts and have an alt 10mans that run on non raid days . We also have alot of avid pvpers in the guild that run RBGs a few times a week along with many that also are active in arenas. We use the very fair EPGP loot system that is completely mod driven with information stored in officer notes that everyone in the guild can see.

For more information, please check us out at www.Onslaughtguild.com. The application is on the site, and if you have any other questions, please contact Mootilator, Redsoul, Anouke, or Lovefoxx in game, if you don't see him on feel free to ask any guildie if an officer is on.

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deleted old thread so people didnt point out ur post of lies?
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Same thread(Post #1, #13 and #14) Blizz CM's just deleted all the replies.
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awww... ruin all the fun.

does server #1 mean that you cant down madness or heroics on 25 man at all?

if so then grats on #1

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The Jelly in this post is strong.
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Jam > jelly.
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Jams bad.
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No u.
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