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85 Goblin Rogue
You probably don't know me. If you do.. well you probably think I'm sort of a douche, I am... but rejoice.

I'm going to transfer today and I just wanted to say my goodbyes to everyone I haven't seen around lately. I've been on this server since I've started playing. I ran a few AB's with conundras on the infamous bb horde team, I tanked for scifi wasabi and thought we were amazing, I ele shamed the hell out of thorns raids. I killed my fellow faction members when the lich king invaded and I found my home in ominous, the unstoppable guild.

To Scifi Wasabi: Miss you guys. Even though we all hated each other.

To Thorns: By far the best times I ever had. You guys were awesome.

To Ominous: Still with you. You always piss me off, but in a good way. See you guys over there.

To TFA: We never hated you or had much of a competitive outlook towards you, but I appreciate you giving us a run for our money this expansion. Though we did catch up ;)

To Tyranny: I guess not. huh?

To the alliance: I hope some of you remember me, many fell before my blades. I will still be on the same battlegroup, so don't feel like you're free.

To all the haters: you hate. I get it. <3

Ocean.. We have been dueling since classic, where we flagged and ran south in durotar so we wouldn't be interrupted as we fell before each other countless times. You will always be the amazing paladin from classic and a legend on our server.

Baetari.. since I know you're back. I hated you at times, but you're alright. Good luck buddy.

Coppa.. I haven't heard from you lately, hope you're doing well after your move. You always had a special way of being the lowest on our charts and not pissing everyone off.

Gargz.. Yeah. I remember your dwarf warrior **@##* me in classic. Don't think I forgot.

Conundras.. later dude. Always thought you were the best voice of raid leading. "Stop all hots and dots, get ready for transfer."

Twinkswithme.. you're a ragefactory and I love it. Opening with smoke bomb and downing frost death knights will never be topped.

Deadmouse.. manhammer.

Blues.. Bluebs. Where you go buddy? I miss not killing you in duels.. ever.

Tinyami.. how dare you outroll me on the ashes of alar.. not cool bro. Still love you though.

Demonstar.. We will always remember you when we put the demon star over someones head when they fail.

To anyone I missed. Come on over to boulderfist and whisper me. Orukai will be the most likely name. Already reserved just in case someone tries to troll.

So anyway after somewhere around six or seven years... from Durokan, Oruka, Oruko, Oru, Varlash and Phalexana. Goodbye bronzebeard.

If you were missed you're most likely coming with so whine less. If you aren't, you should be.

Just to clear all the flames.. I'm bad, I got carried, I'm a douche, I'm terrible at arenas and I'm disfigured in every way physically possible, which include too fat, too thin, ugly, feminine, hairy and any others you might think of. Old news now. Owned.
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85 Gnome Rogue
Take care Oru. Had some good chats with you about rogue theorycrafting minutiae back in the day, when goblins were orcs and gnomes were trolls. I wish you (and everyone else in Ominous), the very best.
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85 Tauren Warrior
Yeah man.. good times. You're still on real id if you ever log in.
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Thanks for mentioning me in your goodbye post ole'friend. I have and will miss seeing you around. The duels where always fantastic with you, win or loose. I remember saying your name ingame, so you could see what it looked like in horde langauge. Ha, I remember you telling me to attack a horde from time to time, causing me to be flagged, but everyone was very cool and did'nt attack me. Fun times that are all memories now. You will always be a legend to me my friend. Take care, be safe and smart in real life (i know you will) - Ocean ./bow ./salute
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85 Orc Warrior
It's been a trip, and I do remember ya from back in the day
See ya man, I hope you enjoy the new server!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
take care Oru
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85 Goblin Rogue
<3 lild.
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85 Human Warrior
I'll give you a ride on my ashes anytime. You need to L2Roll higher <3 good times, we'll miss you, I hope you enjoy your new server
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85 Goblin Rogue
You still should have passed. My ele sham would have looked hot on it. Anyway.. later dude.
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90 Orc Hunter
Haha, much love duro. Read this wayyy late.
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