Fury's Deep Wound nerfed as well ??????

100 Orc Warrior
in our dps warrior groups, some of my friends just says:
"how the hell my deep wounds nerfed?"

there is my friends wol for random DS

their raid do have 30% bleeding damage increase debuff on boss,
but his deep wound damage only like 8%~10% of all damage out.
In 4.2. his deep wound like 16%~18%, so i do think theres something changed.

and i search on lots of wol of fury warriors....none of them's deep wound is more than 10% of damage out.....

may be the 40% melee damage increase inflenced deep wound in 4.2 but not influenced in 4.3?

if the deep wounds nerf is ture..........
then fury's dps nerfed like 15% in 4.3........seriously its a big nerf......
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I can't believe we haven't seen more posts about this. In firelands my deepwounds damage averaged 11% to 16% of my total damage.

Last night in the new raid on the first four bosses my deep wounds averaged 5% to 8%. Plus I put avalanche on my main hand (supposedly the elemental damage procs additional deep wounds) in an effort to boost deepwounds and it still went down.

What is going on here?
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I've only done LFR this week, and nothing seemed to stand out to me.

Guess I'll have to peruse a few WoL parses.
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My deepwounds damage is also coming in significantly lower than pre patch. Would love it if we can get some more data gathered and post somewhere that is more visible for blues to verify. Even if it was nerfed it would be nice to get confirmation.

Adding data here, our recent kill of ultraxion. My uptime is almost 100%, DW damage came in at 6.8%


Baleroc kill prior to the patch, same uptime of almost 100%, DW damage was almost double the contribution.


When comparing avg tick size pre patch to post patch (at least for me) I'm seeing more than a 30% decrease. Weapons and gear hasn't changed in a long long time.
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85 Worgen Warrior
WTB a Blue to provide input into this.
85 Worgen Mage
Should stop posting on this, they'll respond with.

"Yes we have nerfed deep wounds but as you have recently shown us in this post and through logs the nerf is bugged. We meant to nerf it more. Thank you for your assisstance."
I posted something about this in warrior forum as did someone else. This really really sucks on bosses we have lower uptime with.

90 Orc Hunter
fury had a flat 5% damage reduction nerf.
90 Orc Warrior
The point is deep wounds is seeing a 30-40% decrease in dmg. Meaning on top of the 5% across the board nerf we have received an additional nerf.
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12/01/2011 02:07 PMPosted by Tyrantflame
fury had a flat 5% damage reduction nerf.

He makes a good point here... But that is some unreal nerfing... Woot I <3 MY WARRIOR STILL!!!!!!!!!
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This has all the evidence that there was a stealth nerf to DW. Or is this a bug? Blue response please.
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How can these changes be so obvious to us, yet we can't even get a response. This is a pretty big nerf on top of the implemented 5% damage nerf.

The 5% physical damage increase used to have an impact on deep wounds, but it was hotfixed in 4.2 so it wouldn't benefit from that modifier. Bottom line is that it should still be contributing the same amount to our damage.

To get nerfed before every tier in this expansion has been frustrating enough, now we get additional nerfs?? Where is your dps data coming from Blizz, this is yet another instance that your insights leave me wondering whether I should bother paying for this game anymore.
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I have noticed this aswell. Serious attention is needed.
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I headed over to the other thread. Glancing at Tutankhamon's two parses, I saw a suspicious 30% difference in tick size.
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12/01/2011 02:01 PMPosted by Thejeckle

Please Blizzard Please Blizz PLZ BLZ
They never announce all the changes they make. theres invisible changes to mechanics and calculations every patch that they dont announce in blue
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..... Different bosses have different damage mitigation, where's your current Baleroc cap showing the change in damage?

Old Baleroc:
1,106,696 | 324 ticks | 3415.7 avg tick

Warlord Zon'ozz
1,209,970 | 277 ticks | 4368.1 avg tick

790,621 | 321 ticks | 2463.0 avg tick

Rather than being nerfed, isn't it just as likely that Ultraxion has a higher damage mitigation to physical ticks than Baleroc had?

90 Troll Warrior
12/01/2011 03:33 PMPosted by Sethmann
Rather than being nerfed, isn't it just as likely that Ultraxion has a higher damage mitigation to physical ticks than Baleroc had?

No, it really isn't.
Well sethmann, i cant say for sure about the bleed nerf, but i do pull lesss on a dummy even after making up for the 5% dmg reduction with new gear (and then some).
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