Fury's Deep Wound nerfed as well ??????

90 Orc Warrior
... and seriously, how does a nerf / bug fix (whatever the hell you want to call it) that amounts to almost 10% of our dps not get documented?!?! Seems like some dev & bug fix teams haven't been speaking to one another, and the fall-back is now "From what we have seen so far, Fury’s damage is still where we want it to be in 4.3.".

What a cop-out!
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85 Human Warrior
I figured I'd log into the forums hoping to find some answers and it looks like I'm not the only one looking for them.

My DW up-time had been noticeably lower and I came here wondering if I missed something in the patch notes. I just got back from a long hiatus and have started to gear-up in the new 5-mans so I wasn't sure if this (what I now know to be a double) nerf was intended.

The one blue response on this isn't convincing or reassuring. I'm trying not to worry and hopefully it'll be taken care of by the end of the week but I have to admit, this has me worried for raid progression. Why do this now? I concur with what others have said, the cut from a DW "bug" and a 5% nerf does seem like piling on.

Hopefully we get an update from a Blue in the morning on status of what will be done about this.
85 Orc Warrior
12/02/2011 03:46 PMPosted by Extek
Good luck collecting that data, because every competitive Warrior will be respecing to Arms.

85 Worgen Warrior
Ewwww, Arms
90 Night Elf Warrior
I guess overnerfing warriors is the answer Blizz found to all the hunter QQ. Now, they finally dont have the worst dps spec in the game. And btw, dont fool yourself.... arms is not doing that much better.
90 Gnome Warrior
From the balance explanation, part two:
We needed to nerf Fury’s DPS slightly to keep them from being ahead of other melee DPS.

How is this slightly? Simulationcraft shows both warrior DPS specs as the worst two DPS specs in the game, in BiS T13 Heroic gear. Granted the caster specs are simmed with legendaries, but that's still behind rogues (without legendaries) and the rest of the melee classes, by quite a bit.

It seems like the original 5% nerf to put warriors on par with the other melee classes would have been fine, but with the DW nerf and the buffs to other melee classes (and a rogue legendary), there is truely no point to bring a warrior to progression fights.

I don't quite grasp how this bug fix, given how major it is, wasnt documented in the patch notes before, or anywhere really. As someone mentioned earlier, it really feels like the bug fix department and the class balance guys didn't actually chat at the water cooler.
The balance between utility and dps for fury is completely broken. Now there's none of both.

Here's to hoping blizzard fixes this by Tuesday for the Heroic Reset. If not, I'll be bringing my alt boomkin, with crazy aoe DPS and utility.
We are lowest melee dps in game now and arms isn't going to bring you back up.
As the other poster said, don't kid yourself.

The blue post confirms "Fury damage is where we want it to be in 4.3"

Translated: "Your dmg is garbage and we aren't changing it. Enjoy yet another huge nerf."

85 Worgen Warrior
Fun game
85 Worgen Warrior
Lower then enhance shamans? I dont know about that
90 Pandaren Shaman
12/03/2011 01:47 AMPosted by Furíous
Lower then enhance shamans? I dont know about that

http://raidbots.com/dpsbot/Lord_Rhyolith/25H/all/7/30/p95/#2g000 <<<< Yay fury

Didn't include alysrazor because more fury warriors fly than enhancement shamans.
90 Orc Death Knight
12/03/2011 02:11 AMPosted by Rvenger
Rage quit. I don't even care anymore. No matter how hard you work, how many times you spent in game, You will got nerf and ended up at the bottom of the dps meters.

I seem to recall Fury being a great spec almost every patch.
85 Orc Shaman
Oh my god warriors always get the best
85 Worgen Warrior
Now I'm stooped, an enhance shaman owning a fury warrior sad day.......
61 Tauren Shaman
Out of the 10 melee DPS specs, someone has to come in last. It was Ret last patch; now it's you. If you're still beating the enrage timer, your e-peen won't fall off if you're not #1 on Recount.
90 Human Warrior
But any competitive guild will replace you (or have you reroll) if you're part of the reason said enrage timer isn't being met. Thus, this is a bad idea.

Parity between DPS classes shouldn't be that hard, folks. Delete the "Mastery trick" most warriors do pre-pull these days and the numbers get even more embarrasing. Balance around reality.
85 Orc Warrior
Trying to get some decent results in ARMS spec, since my raid last night proved that i was subpar with every other dps, exept hunter MM.
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