Ilvl376 Mage LF Guild

85 Blood Elf Mage
Disclaimer: Would really prefer NOT to be in a back-up group (group 2) etc. Although I will keep an open mind since nobody really wants mages nowadays.

Name: Solameth
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 85
Professions: 535 Enchanting / 525 Alchemy

Raid Experience:

Vanilla: -

Burning Crusade: Raided in Incursio and Oblivion on Scilla, top guilds on server. Was a feral druid OT, reached as far as Mu'ru in Sunwell, including all content before that excluding Illidari Council. All when it was the current patch.

Wrath of the Lich King: Raided with Calamitous Intentions in early xpac. Bounced around guilds and played casually for the remainder [Very little guilds lasted long if any on Scilla during WoTLK] Completed all raids regardless, and got the 10m Frostbrood mount from ICC achievements [This is near end of expansion however]

Cataclysm: Raided with Deviant of Ghostlands for everything before Firelands patch. Guild disbanded before anyone got into heroics. Transferred to this server to join Happy Meal AFTER speaking with their GM/Officer (not sure) whom said they had a spot for a mage. They then tell me after I transfer that their 'normal' group was just out the week I was joining, and thus they have no spots in their main group anymore, and their secondary group was also filled.

Joined Impulse for raiding early Firelands content up to and not including Rag. Not sure how many are left but anyone who has played with me can vouch for my abilities and demeanor and stuff like that. Could probably check some logs and compare them with the current mages on server at that time and be pleased, even with my gear being less than mages in more established guilds.

Flexible schedule....

Now what I am NOT looking for:

1. I don't want to help FORM your 10-man guild unless you are really just one DPS short.

2. I don't want to be your 11th player or back-up in a core group.

3. If you have secondary groups I'd think about it depending how consistently they raid.

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