We are a guild based on a group of RL friends. Most of us have been playing since release. We are not hard core raiders. We do enjoy raiding and heroics but we do not have a set raid group. We currently have 82 members(many from same accounts). We are looking for a few more members just to create a better chance for us to make 5 man normals/heroics more available without dealing with the dungeon finder. We have many 85s, but we also have lots of alts we enjoy playing as well. Our guild is about having fun and achieving the most we can with what we have. The guild is level 17, has a 7 tab bank, website, and vent. We are looking for mature adults (with a good sense of humor), casual players with plenty of game experience, preferrably lvl 80+. We do not tolerate drama. Elitest jerks and crybabys need NOT apply. Please visit our website http://mcswimteam.guildomatic.com and/or send an in-game message to Raiyah(or any other guild member).