Hey, we're a small, very casual guild that's mostly irl friends. We're looking to get into some raiding, and we'll be starting from the beginning Cataclysm raids, but we could use just a few more players to fill out our roster.

If you're like us, and you've done most of the heroic dungeons and you just want to try some raid content with some friendly, laid-back people, think of joining us! We're not going to make you commit to 3 nights a week or anything. We usually have one set appointment on a weeknight we hope everyone can try to make, and beyond that we hook up with whoever's online to run a dungeon or something. We don't freak out about having the perfect gear or talent build or race or whatever. We just want to get into some raiding content, and we want to do it with people who are chill, like us--but who still want to get the job done.

We could especially use one tank (preferably a Warrior, but, you know, we're adaptable) and a healer or two (preferably a Druid and/or Shaman, but again, we're adaptable). But we mostly just need a couple people to help fill out our roster, so if you're a DPS or another kind of tank or healer, we'd still love to run with you.

Respond to this post or mail me in-game if you're interested.