@ WKG and OLT

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This thread has so much potential through the next week...

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5/8 Heroic 10 already

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Amusing, except so far they're at best world 2nd on any of their kills. :P I really wish that LFR crap hadn't ever occured though. It'd be more interesting to see how everyone does when playing at their normal raid size and with the full array of competition. :/
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100 Night Elf Druid
After the nerf non-fail 25 man guilds were beating the 2nd boulder timer by more than 20 seconds... They could literally sit on their butts for 20 seconds and then start dpsing and make the timer. If you think getting to phase 4 with 1 boulder was hard after the nerfs for 10 or 25 you must be terrible. And resto are you trying to claim raid damage exists for 25s that doesn't in 10s? 25 man guilds have been 3 healing that fight since its first kill prenerfs in worse gear than all of us have now. Nobody should be taking damage in phase 3 except for 1 tank - all the healers can just start attacking the boss or saving up mana. It was amusing going over some of the 25 man guilds attempts on world of logs and seeing in phase 3 for the first 90 seconds people averaging 26k dps when the requirement is around 33k each and of course watching 3-5 people die on each engulfing. Should try not standing in the fire - really cuts down on that 25 man raid dmg.
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Im going to post in an online forums to show off my slightly larger Epeen on content that has been out for a week.

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