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96 Night Elf Hunter
Don't want to look like everyone else running in around in their favorite tier gear? Want to tmog sets that aren't tier gear?

Found awesome sets on www.wowroleplaygear.com (formerly roleplaygear.wordpress) but don't want to spend the time grinding out random world green-BOE sets and/or camping the AH hoping that one piece will show up??

Then wait no more! I have camped the AH for you ever since they announced Tmogging for 4.3 - so for months I've hunted smexy and awesome looking sets of all types to sell to you now at fair prices! I've done the camping so you don't have to! And all I ask is a fair fee for all those months of weekly AH searching and Camping :).

Each of these sets can be found and viewed on the site above as well as http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-sets

This list is long and semi-extensive (as much as I could fit in my alt bank anyway!) but I divided it up by gear type to make searching easier for you. Some are complete sets (8 pieces), some are complete sets -bracers (because usually you can't see them anyway so to add to other sets I didn't always get the bracers), and some are partial sets.

Partial sets and 1-2 pieces means that even after months of weekly AH camping I NEVER SAW the matching pieces. So good luck to you in your own hunting if you choose not to buy from me! Hope you find'em at a bargain or the RNG gods smile upon you! :)

Be forwarned that now that 4.3 is live many of these pieces have high markups (50 gold each piece and higher!) - and whatever does NOT sell from this list on the forums I will, in a couple of weeks, start putting them up as individual pieces for prices HIGHER than what you can buy them here and now for! So if you see something you think is great - send me mail in game and I can COD it to you ASAP! Wait too long and pieces will be on the AH individually and cost more to put together yourself!

Peruse the inventory and I hope you find a more unqiue look that suits your character's wardrobe requirements! All prices in Gold. Again check above sites listed for the set-apperances if you are unfamiliar with them.


Bogslayer Set - minus bracers - 310
Darkcrest Set - minus belt and bracers - 275
Revenant Set - minus bracers and shoulders - 255
Imbued Plate - Chest, Feet, and Legs ONLY - 150
Imperial Set - Pants, belt, and Gloves ONLY - 125
Chromite Set - Head, Chest, and Legs ONLY - 145
Hyperion Boots - ONLY (1 piece) - 35
Sunscale Chest - ONLY (1 piece) - 40


Wrathfin Set - Entire 8 piece Set - 340
Skettis Set - minus bracers - 310
Sundered Set - minus bracers - 310
Captain's Set - minus helmet and belt - 255
Burnished Set - minus helmet, shoulder, and bracers - 195
Cheif Brigadiere Set - Head, legs, feet, shoulder ONLY - 195
Steadfast Set - Head, Chest, legs, belt ONLY - 195
Blackforge Set - Shoulder, Belt, Bracer ONLY - 75
Sentry Belt - ONLY 30
Sparkleshell Pants ONLY - 40
Bonelink Chest ONLY - 40
Ironhide Chest ONLY - 40


Ghostwalker Set - minus bracers and feet - 265
Tracker's Set - minus helmet and bracers - 270
Chieftan Set - minus boots, belt, and bracers - 225
Swashbuckler Set - minus bracers, pants, and shoulders - 190
Glyphed Set - Chest, Shoulder, Bracers, and Gloves ONLY - 180
Imperial Leather Pants ONLY - 40

CLOTH SETS/Dresses/Gowns:

Aurora Set - minus chest and gloves - 235
Silver-Thread Set - minus head, pants, and boots - 150
Imperial Red Set - Head, boots, gloves ONLY - 120
Cinder Cloth - Boots and legs ONLY (only 3 piece set) - 90
Resilient Legs ONLY - 40

Royal Gown - 75
Embersilk Robes - 75
Scholarly Robes - 75
Silver Dress Robes - 75

That is my complete list - so please don't ask for pieces not listed here as I either didn't bother to collect them or never saw them on the AH.

Feel free to contact me with questions - if any sell I will post here for updates to the list. When I decide to stop selling the sets and list them indivdiually I will also update the post so you don't have to keep contacting me after that point :).

Thanks for your time and I hope you find something you like!
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96 Night Elf Hunter
Darkcrest Set- SOLD!

Still plenty to pick from!!
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96 Night Elf Death Knight
While you don't currently seem to have the set I have in mind, I'd be willing to pay extra should you come across any of the pieces I'm looking for. I'm interested in the Saltstone Plate Armor set, minus the helmet, shield, and bracers. If you can get your hands on the Chest, Legs, Gloves, Belt, Boots, and/or the Shoulders, I'd be happy to pay 100g a piece.
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96 Night Elf Hunter
I shall keep an eye out when I scan the AH for my regular business!

Writing it down :).
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96 Night Elf Hunter
Revenant Set and Imbued Plate pieces - SOLD!
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69 Draenei Death Knight
Do you still have the Silver-thread set for cloth? And is the chest the armor or robe?
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100 Human Priest
I don't have alot of time to check the AH all the time, If you happen to come across a Gossamer piece (Head, robes, and/or boots) I will buy them off ya.

thanks in advance
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96 Night Elf Hunter
ok, taking note of Gossamer - if I spot it I'll game-mail ya.

So far no luck on the Saltstone though :/.

Moving on -

SOLD - Silver-Thread set
SOLD - Chromite set
SOLD - Steadfast Head and Chest (legs and belt are left - will sell the 2 piece for 75)
SOLD - Glyphed Shoulders, bracers, and gloves (Chest and Legs are left - will sell the two peice for 90)

Still plenty left!!

The smaller (less complete) -sets are starting to go up on the AH for 75+ a piece (depending on the piece) - but if you grab each set before the individuals sell off I'll still give you the discount price. I'll wait a bit longer before chopping up the more complete sets so ACT NOW! :)
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90 Draenei Shaman
Koriani, you're a gem for putting all of this together.

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90 Pandaren Warrior
I like what you've done here. Unfortunately for you, my armor set is exceptionally rare and unobtainable. However I do wish you the best of luck. :)
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85 Draenei Shaman
12/21/2011 11:57 PMPosted by Alistania
I like what you've done here. Unfortunately for you, my armor set is exceptionally rare and unobtainable. However I do wish you the best of luck. :)

Totally agree.

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87 Tauren Hunter

I'm actually looking for a set and while I'm combing the AH on Horde side, I rarely check it Alliance side.

The set is:

Mail - Ebonhold Set (helm and spaulders not needed)

If you can find it, I would be glad to work out a price and trade with you.

Edited by Tufak on 12/28/2011 8:41 AM PST
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96 Night Elf Hunter
*laughs* That's perfectly fine by me Alistania! Its what makes each person's tastes special.

Adding Ebonhold to the search list, Tufak. Been out of town for the holidays so haven't been able to scan much but back in game full time :).


Silver-Thread (leather - not head, pants, or boots) set is NOT sold. For whatever reason, the person requesting it sent it back without payment so its back up for sale at the above posted price!
(And the Silver Dress Robes (cloth) are also available)

Again I'm starting to list a few of these up for AH again so grab now before your set gets gone in pieces! =D
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100 Human Priest
Not sure if you got my Letter, but i found the Robes. One of my lowbie characters got it as a drop in some instance.

All i need now are the boots. I keep trying to look for them on the AH but i am always doing something IE Leveling my Shaman, Fishing, Herb Farming lol

But Thanks for finding the Helm for me!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I wish you were on Darkspear, I am just looking for the Bogslayer Pants. If anyone comes across them there's some g in it for ya.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
12/22/2011 09:28 AMPosted by Unba
I like what you've done here. Unfortunately for you, my armor set is exceptionally rare and unobtainable. However I do wish you the best of luck. :)

Totally agree.


Don't link that !@#$ here, those cheap knockoffs that are a mix of T2 and T3.

There's like...4 warriors I know of on server with T3, and one quit playing. R.I.P. Caloh. <3
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90 Gnome Mage
Wow, your prices are rather cheap for almost complete sets and individual pieces.

Good luck on your sales.
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90 Draenei Paladin
if you still have the Cheif Brigadiere Set ill take that and the Imperial Red Set along with the Scholarly Robes
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96 Night Elf Hunter
Yea I'll still do it for the sets I've not put up yet. :).

Bogslayer set is incoming in the next 24 hours :).

I do NOT have the Imeperial Red set anymore it sold on teh AH. I also no longer have the Cheif Brigadiere set.

I DO have the Imperial Red Headpiece (circlet only) and I can sell you that one. I also DO have Scholarly Robes still if you want them. I will try to mesage you in game as well.
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