PSA: LFR vs DS 10m

85 Draenei Paladin
When 4.2 hit, the whole realm was eager to wipe in FL...

Where did that eargerness go? Almost no pugs, not even BAD pugs.

Where are all the baddies that begged for a shannox attempt?


I want to believe Muradin is not facerolling LFR and calling it a day.

After talking to some ppl when tryng to pug on my alt [Remia], I encounter some ppl that were confused about the locks. So as a PSA, the DS raid and the LFR DO NOT SHARE LOCKS

There are TWO different totally independant locks:

1) LFR loot lock
2) 10m and 25m DS lock

So Muradin, after you do your LFR for the week, if your guild isnt running DS, then pug one!

The first 2 bosses Morchock and Yorshacj [Color Slime guy] are super easy.
Easier than Shannox.

So Muradin, lets get some pug action going!
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90 Pandaren Warrior
Thx for posting something that someone could find out by actuly reading the patch notes or MMOchamp
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90 Human Priest
Or through common sense, since it doesn't even show up in the lockout tab.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
i forgot how the folks too lazy to read patch notes are always coming on the forums to read what WE have to say...
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