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About Masochism
Masochism is primarily a raiding guild, but has three very active leaders. To take advantage of this, we promote pvp and more social guild activities as well. We began raiding late in patch 4.2 (only a few weeks before 4.3) but have managed to progress through Firelands while increasing our ranks. We are currently poised to take Dragon Soul head on, and are looking for new raiding members who'd like to join us in that endeavor.

About Our Raid Groups/Times
We currently have just over enough people for 1 10 man raid group. This raid group raids on the weekends (Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon) and still does not have a concrete member list. Our goal is to recruit enough people for a second raid group (who will also be on current content) So that we can have multiple raid times and a place for well geared alts. We'd like this Raid Group to raid at different times, at least early on, to assist in making progress - since we don't expect it to fill it up instantly. In the future we do plan on moving to 25 man raids, but all in good time.

What We Need Most
A bear tank. A paladin Healer. Melee DPS of any sort.
Really though, we still have slots for anyone of any role.

Did You Want Gear?
Masochism takes great pride in how it considers its member's needs. While it's impossible to make everyone happy, we do our research to provide fair compromises. What does that mean? Before raiding, we go over our group's compositions and decide who would benefit from drops on a boss the most. Those people join us and receive priority in loot. We make sure to keep track of who gets what and when, so the loot gets spread out. We also factor in your skill, reliability, and current gear when decided who gets loot. Furthermore, we explain our thoughts beforehand to see if everyone joining us agrees - there is always room for compromise. The point of this system is to move forward as a guild as fast as possible, while still giving everyone a fair chance at loot.

You Mentioned PVP...
Yes, I did. We currently have multiple guild arena teams and tend to run battlegrounds as a group during week days. In the midst of Dragon Soul, I've taken it upon myself to start bringing together our best PVPers and throwing them into rated battlegrounds. Think you've got what it takes to join us? Duel me and let's find out. Think I'm terrible? Face us in battle.

Guild Politics/Drama
For the most part, we lack a great deal of drama - and I intend to keep it that way. Our officers are intelligent, respectful, and reliable. Even if one of our three leaders isn't online, they can usually help. Occasionally, some of our younger members are inappropriate. I make sure to deal with this swiftly, and strictly enforce a three strike policy. That's about as bad as it gets.

Guild Members
Some of our guild members are, for lack of a better word, "infamous" on this server - mostly due to a presence in trade chat. Perhaps you've seen Willsa, Sindell, or even myself around? Well, I ask that you hold your preconceptions and reserve judgement. Our members are all great people - you just have to get to know them.

The Social Aspect
We are a very social guild, and why shouldn't we be? Raiding is much more fun when you enjoy the company of the people who led you to wipe 10 times. We're very active in ventrilo (even outside of WoW) and have a lot of common interest. Lately, discussion has involved topics such as Skyrim, My Little Pony, and concave chests. You'd have to be there.
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Good guild good peeps nothing negative about them.
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Thanks Vegeta, I'm grateful you think so. I haven't worked with you personally, but I know the other two guild leaders have, and they were happy to have you join them. I hope you know you're always welcome in our raids.
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Currently Needed Members:
(tank) Feral Druid or Blood Death Knight
(Heals) Restoration Shaman, Holy Paladin
(DPS) Warrior
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