So I'll keep this short and sweet, to avoid the reason our server's name begins with troll.

I am the GM of <Deàths Disciples>, and am looking for others like me who just want to screw around and have fun.

This is an open invite for any and all casual gamers of any level/skill level who want to create a tight knit group of friends here on Trololbane. If you're too laid back to raid on a consistent basis, or would rather just start a PUG with people you know and get along with then whisper me in game and we'll talk.

I found getting to endgame was fun, but when I got there it was pretty boring, without friends. Most guilds I've been in want to "be the best guild on the server" or take raiding a little to far. I'd rather log on to a guild of chill players who want to enjoy the game for what it is, no WOWRAGE!!! *smashes keyboard* included. Thats why I founded the guild.


Looking for casual, laid back gamers, preferably drama free and willing to screw around. Vent info included, even if you can't talk you can still listen in~