Mut Rogue LFR

85 Gnome Rogue
pretty fresh Mut rogue (level 85 since nov 24th) looking for a casual raiding group to have fun with and kill *stuff*.

my 5th 85, but pretty much my most played toon this last month and a half, my main is part of a 25m guild on lothar raiding late nights. i find myself with way too much time on my hands and need something else to consistantly occupy me.

expecting to have my gear rounded out and finished (currently ilvl 376 equipped) by thurs or friday. unfortuantly fear/vengeance tapped me out, so i have some missing gems, and a fair amount of enchants that i havent picked up yet, but as i said, expected to be done by thursday. gold really isnt hard in this game when you try. can get a dps parse if needed but a few hours ago in current gear pulled 19k dps on morchuk on normal 10m raid (by far not the best, but not the failboat considering some of my low end pieces of gear >.>)

Current raiding availability is anyday during the week as long as its morning/afternoon. my main raids latenights mon/tues/thurs, and i work weekend nights at a bar from around 10-11pm server to 6am server. sleep is foreign to me and is not needed to get those phat purplez!

raiding experience includes tanking most of BC (never got to sunwell/BT unfortuantly), took a year break when wrath came out, came back and melee dpsed all of ICC (11/12 H ICC while it was current content), with a few trial of the grand crusader runs. cata came out, guild reshuffled a fair amount and i ended up healing most of T11, clearing everything except Alakir while it was current, then took another 6-8 months break from raiding/wow in general. Came back this time as ranged dps, (and still raiding with my hunter), 1/7 H Firelands (current main

i would prefer to stay in this guild with this toon (it has been my home for 2+ years since i server transfered basically), but if needed i can guild change this toon. I have no intention of taking a legendary out of another rogues hand if you already have one in group, i just really enjoy raiding, and that is what has pulled me back to this game time in, and time again. if you dont have any rogues in your group, then thats great! im already 6/333 towards the 2nd set of daggers!

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from someone soon!
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90 Undead Priest
totally unrelated, but i have a question.
would you say that you get little sleep and that you can still keep your focus?
how little sleep we talking about?
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85 Gnome Rogue
heh its not uncommon for me to get 3 hour naps in daily, with a complete 14-18 hour crash once a week to regenerate. my current sleeping scheduel has me going to bed within the next hour or so, and waking up by the time servers are up again

*edit to actually answer the other part of yoru question*

ranged/melee dps isnt hard in current normal raiding enviroment. i have functioned with no sleep in 72+ hours in a raid before, and ive been smashed out of my mind still pulling top 5-8 dps on my hunter in 25m's. sleep is for the tired/weak!
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85 Gnome Rogue
still looking for raid group
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