She had slipped past the guards, bleeding, the trail she left just enough for them to follow until the waterway washed it all away. They left her, and she sighed, slumping in the corner of the small tower. Her target was no more than thirty yards from her yet she could do nothing.

She pulled the bandages from her bag, wrapping her leg and arm, tight enough to stop the bleeding and to give her some support. A glass vial twirled in her hand, the red liquid just what the doctor had ordered. Pulling the cork with her teeth, she took a long swig from it, feeling the effects take hold almost immediately though it was not enough. Time would finish healing her wounds. Tucking herself away in a dark corner, she let her eyes fall close, quickly slipping into a deep needed sleep.


The sound of battle woke her with a start, her hand reaching for her swords nearby. Outside, she could see a human fighting her target, the Draconian man starting to gain the upper hand. There was no reason for her to help either of them, let the two kill each other and claim the rewards for herself, but something sparked in her. This black blood beast was a common enemy that had to be removed.

Standing, she felt the tug of new skin and muscles, the steadfast of a needed strong body driving her to jump into the battle. The man paid no attention to her, focusing on the other rogue, swinging wildly, nearly foaming at the mouth with rage. He snapped, taking a step back, magic swirling around him. Within a blink of an eye, his true form comes to the surface; a dragonkin wielding an equally large sword. She doubled her efforts, driving her fist and feet into his scaly hide. With a roar, a dark bolt snapped from his hand, hitting the human, sending him backwards, skipping a few times before he settled, unmoving.

"Now for you..." The beast turned to her, snapping her eyes back to him and she sneered, throwing dirty into his eyes, quickly turning on her heel to run over to the unmoving body, her hands searching him for signs of life. His breathing was shallow but he was still alive; good, she thought, her eyes flaring with energy before she struck the dragonkin from behind, still attempting to cleanse his eyes. Her blades moved in blurs, skillfully hitting him between his plates. Dark blood ran from his wounds and he succumbed to his injuries, his words garbled with his own blood. Before she could turn back to the human, magic ripped her from her spot, stealing her away back to the disguised dragon outside of Gilneas.

"Wait, there was another! He's hurt, he--"

The gnome shook his head. "Don't worry. Now be on your way." Her shoulders slumped slightly, looking back into the city, watching the guards start to race through the city with the death of their leader. There was nothing she could do except keep going. Summoning her protodrake from the skies nearby, she seated herself into the saddle and took off, leaving the city behind her.

The trip was uneventful, her heart still pounding against her ribcage despite the calm. She made her way into the main building, speaking to the disguised black dragon, though his words nearly fell on deaf ears. The sound of footsteps forced her head to turn and she smiled. There stood the human rogue from before, a bit beaten up, but alive. She nodded and stepped away, allowing him to take his turn to speak. Once done, they smiled, knowing that despite being enemies, a greater threat needed their attention, and fighting between each other would only hasten their own demise.


Grats Affness. <3