<The Eh Team> is Recruiting - LF 2 RDPS


<The Eh Team> is a casual fun-loving raiding guild. Our focus is strongly based on progression without the pressure of the more serious raiding guilds. We have experienced incredible success with our format, both raiding (consistently in the top 10 guilds on the server) and social (no drama, almost no turn-over except for real life obligations / Dreamily wanting to raid with her boyfriend). We have 2 10 mans that each raid 3 times a week and focus primarily on having a good time.

We're currently looking for a DPS for each of our two runs.

- The Early Team, led by Gilder and Thattle, is currently 8/8 in Dragon Soul and is looking for a competitive RDPS to work through the upcoming heroics. This team runs from 9pm - midnight, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Gilder's group, in its current format, has been around for nearly a year. This team takes raiding a bit more seriously, and is a good run for those who enjoys a competitive group.

- The Late Team, led by Chise and Jcq, is currently 7/8 in Dragon Soul, and is also looking for a RDPS (one with a heal offspec would be preferable). We run from 10:30pm - 1:30 am, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday as well. As one of the long-standing 10-mans on the server, our run began at the beginning of Ulduar and have had consistency for nearly 2 1/2 years. My run takes raiding a bit less seriously and enjoys quality raiding but prioritizes having a good time.

For the most part, we tend to limit our recruitment to ensure we don't have a "sit list." Loot is high roll main spec / off spec... but if you're worried about loot, this is probably not the right guild for you =).

Couple quick notes:

- Although we have "Eh" in our name, we are not a Canadian guild (and tend to mock them rather frequently)

- I came from a fraternity background (albeit "the nerdy one"), and decided on making all new members go through "Pledging." As such, becoming a member involves going through a fairly entertaining (for us) pledge process, including a hell week and an Initiation night

- While we do put an emphasis on playing well, we put more emphasis on having fun and ensuring everyone fits into the guild just right. While the average raider in our guild is exceptionally well geared, gear is not a requirement (though having a personality is).

- We operate under a "1 out / 1 in" policy so please don't be offended if we say "we're full."

- We're currently not looking to recruit any social guildies.

If you're at all interested please contact either myself, Jcq, Chise, or Gilder. We want to get to know our applicants personally instead of having them fill out an unimaginative app. This usually means talking with you in vent a bit and taking you on a variety of raids. This process generally takes two weeks.

Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you,

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90 Human Paladin
Am I allowed to bump a thread that's already at the top? Oh, too late. I already did.

But seriously, we're a group that has a lot of fun, and loves to make some serious progress at the same time. It takes a unique person to be able to balance both!

Hit us up in game, or feel free to stop by the website at theehteam.wowstead.com! We'd love to chat/hang out/do some heroics/whatever!

Disclaimer: we are not actually interested in hanging out with you. We don't have fun at all. Well, we do have fun, but it's usually at new initiate's expenses. We love tormenting new members. We also need a new punching bag after losing Dreamily to 'that other guild which will remain nameless.' We hope you have low self esteem and like pokemon a LOT. But seriously, apply. Additional fees and expenses may apply. Gingers, iced tea lovers, fraternizers, 12 year olds, gnomes, paladins, priests, and people who enjoy Ke$ha need not apply.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Are you accepting Shockadins as a ranged DPS class? I can do that.
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We are in fact!

While my team is tragically full on Shockadins, I'm sure Gilder's run could benefit!

This will also mean that any actual ranged applicants will be for my run...

Looks like we have ourselves the rare win / win / win situation.


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Still looking for a ranged DPS =). Send me a quick whisper if interested. Looking to lock someone down before we start hitting heroics in the new year.

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As much as it may be intimidating playing aside such an amazing mage like myself, we are still looking for a ranged DPS or two to raid. Trust me when I say you'll be better than at least one Ranged DPS in the guild (Gomerik).

Both teams are starting to tackle Heroics (though more casually with less of a "bang your head against the wall" mentality) and are hoping to finalize our rosters soon.

The late team is preferably looking for a Boomkin or Warlock. The earlier team is less picky =).

Whisper me if interested.

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Still looking for a few range candidates, though we are clearing 1/8 HM DS still on a weekly basis =).

To those who are reading without interest in joining, we do have a pledge event coming up. Giving thought to a server-wide scavenger hunt. Any thoughts / ideas?

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90 Pandaren Shaman
Bump for really awesome people!
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60 Human Death Knight
bump for Goyf/Taramagoyf.

I never met you, but I miss you.
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90 Troll Hunter
im a RDPS. Troll hunter. ilvl 497. Facesmashed is the name
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90 Human Priest
We are interested in recruiting one the following classes for the late team (currently 11pm-1am Sun Tues Thurs) in no particular order of importance:

Holy Pally

- Note - If you are a Holy Pally and are interested, you are required to be good enough to make up for how bad Sanat will be when he switches to Boomkin...and it WILL be bad.

Whisper/mail Sanat, Chise, or myself or drop a line at theehteam.wowstead.com

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90 Dwarf Hunter
I am a hunter!
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90 Human Priest
We would need to get you in for a try out to make sure you can chase butterflies during trash better than our current Hunter
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