BattleDotNet, yet ANOTHER .NET Library

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I know what you're thinking "Why do we need another .NET library?" You probably don't, in fact I'm probably wasting my time. But this is something I started a while ago and I wanted to see it through.

A little backstory:
I was a Software Engineer for and wrote the application that handled mining for their guild hosting site The application had to be parallel and handle updating 8,500 active guilds per day and 1,300,000 characters per day.

Now I just want to provide the API I wish I had when I was working there... so here it is.

It's rough around the edges right now and there are some cool features in local branches right now until I have time to clean up the code.

My emphasis is and always will be performance and minimizing impact on the consuming application.

Anyway, feel free to berate me or call me an idiot for making a new library rather than contributing.

This package is also available on NuGet via --

Install-Package BattleDotNet
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I really, really dig that you have this available via NuGet. That makes me really happy as a .NET developer.

And worry not about making another .NET library. For people like me that consider themselves adequate developers but know there is much more to learn, open source projects like this are a great opportunity to look at real code and maybe learn new tricks.
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12/11/2011 11:23 AMPosted by Xtek
I know what you're thinking "Why do we need another .NET library?"

We can never have enough .NET :) Seriously since .NET 3.5 I have really fallen in love with it. I used to do strictly C++ / Inline Assembly for my coding (And maybe some ATL/COM), now its 100% .NET C#.
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Thanks for the kind words!

BattleDotNet 0.8.4 now supports the completed quest ids on User and the quest lookup API.
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Just installed it and gave it a run. Haven't dug too deep into it yet, just had it iterate thru all the realms using linq and it was pretty smooth.

I have a feeling I'll be using this lib a lot.

Thanks man. Your work is much appreciated.
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85 Orc Warrior

Added recipe support via GetRecipe(...)

Don't forget to update your NuGet packages! I'm updating just about every day.

If you have a feature request please submit one to
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I love the library, one thing that I'm having some problems with, however. I would like to serialize the data somehow. Could you perhaps make the data type serializable in some fashion? Or expose a method to get the JSON data, and have a way to feed that JSON back in? I'd appreciate that.

I guess I could go through myself and do all of this, but you know your code better than I :D
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Thanks for sharing / publishing it man!
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