As the title says, we're currently recruiting healers and a few dps. With the release of SWOR and some RL issues we have lost several of our core raiders. We are looking for some folks to fill these positions. We're looking for players who are mature, with a good sense of humor and patience. Insurgency is a casual progression guild who prides it's self on having a good time, but still downing content. Our members our important to us and we're looking for people who share the same views, are prepared for raids and know the current content, and are willing to work as a member of our team.

If I've still got your attention, then take a loot at the below information, and feel free to apply on our website ( and/or respond here. Feel free to look up any of the officers as well if you have any questions :D. There's usually at least one of us online if not more.

Raid Times:
Tuesday - 6:00PM-9PM PST
Thursday - 6:00PM-9PM PST

Raiding Requirements:
- Come to raids prepared with flasks/food ontime (invites start 10 min prior to raids).
- All gear properly enchanted/gemmed
- Strats read and prepared to perform your role
- Omen, DBM, Vent, and EPGP Lootmaster

Contact any of the officers for more info:
Guild Leader: Metaer
Other officers: Zdemon, Eazybee, Verdict, Cavejohnson