Dragon Soul GDKP Sunday weekly run

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Tired of your crappy guild not being able to even down a few simple bosses? Just wanting to gear up an alt? Miss raiding but hate the guild drama? Wanting a few thousand gold for just a few hours worth of work? Well I'm gonna be starting a weekly DS GDKP run.

If you don't know what GDKP is it basically means that every single item that drops is up for grabs using a open gold bidding system. You can grab however many and as many items as you want as long as you have the highest bid and pay up front. All gold is then distributed among the raid at the end.

I don't care that much about setting a certain ilvl but I'm going to be making sure everyone is gemmed/enchanted/reforged/talented correctly before they can go to ensure a smooth run. I expect everyone to know all fights.

-All gear is 500g starting bid except for tier pieces which will start at 1k
-I reserve the right to kick anyone for sucking at any time
-Gold is paid before you recieve the item
-If you leave early you miss your share.

More rules might be added as the runs go if they add to making the runs go smoother.

If you want in I'll be starting invites on Sunday, December 11th at 2:30pm server time. I expect to be starting the raid at 3:00pm. If you're interested be in org at 2:30 and be ready to whisper me as I'm not reserving any spots.

Edit: Had a few rogues ask me if it'd be possible to get in to pickpocket Hagara for the legendary quest and I feel that 5k is a good price for holding up the raid a bit as long as you'll be ready the instant we're ready to summon you.
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How did the run go?
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12/10/2011 09:40 AMPosted by Naturepowerz
-All gear is 500g starting bid except for tier pieces which will start at 1k

welfare gdkp lol
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Well at least they are trying. I applaud for someone trying to breath some life back into this server.
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