That guild recruits like Jehovah's Witnesses

85 Orc Death Knight
-Shockquanda on SCH's recruiting practices
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lol shockquanda the hat reject. he should of stayed in omen or on illidan when he transfered
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85 Dwarf Rogue
While slightly amusing, Shock's joke is a bit inaccurate. Jehova's Witnesses will come to your home and annoy you. SCH is more like the Hare Krishnas -- whenever you are in a big public space (like Org, Twilight Highlands, wherever) there they are, singing their song...

Plus I have it on good authority that Roam wears a lot of primary color robes around the house.
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85 Goblin Shaman
Hat reject? I dont think so. I also think if you had the guts you would post on your real char instead of some random toon on some random server
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85 Orc Warrior
I was just in Hellfire Peninsula flying to Sethekk Halls and saw their recruitment message in general chat and thought huh that's kind of weird. Ten seconds later while flying through Terokkar forest i see it again and just /facepalm. GG recruiting in Outland.
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Thats weird, i heard they recruit like AoL did in the 90's and send everyone CD's with promises that their service is better
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90 Undead Rogue
The only thing they did that really amused me was Roam did his recruitment macro in Felwood. I did a /who and only he and I were in the zone. I flew to Ashenvale and once again saw his macro...

Once again only him and I in the zone.

Jeez do a /who before you even bother. And if he was posting just for me, he should of realized I ignored it the first time lol
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85 Night Elf Hunter
Called---> good promotion
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Haters gonna hate
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