Items - New Class Restrictions 12/13/2011


85 Orc Death Knight
it still needs to be tuned up imo that if an item like the unique trinkets/rings and tokens should be fixed so that only 1 person can win each roll. this is a good first step but still a little more to be worked on.
85 Human Death Knight
A very intelligent change to fix an unintelligent system. So let me go further with this though ... So as a DK I can still role on say the polearm but I can no longer use the item if I win it? Or does the class restriction make the LFR system prevent other classes from rolling all together?

Speaking of an un-intelligent system. When the LFR system was first spoken about, we were promised that it would try to intelligently spread out class/token balance of the raid. In the past 4 days, I have been stuck in separate raids with 12 hunters, 11 Druids, 9 DKs, and 8 Mages. Now these were separate raids but come on. Doing the math, that with 11 Druids, there is more than likely at least 3-4 other people on the Vanquisher token ... 15/25 people sharing the same token is unacceptable, 12/25 requiring 100% the same loot is unacceptable. If the point of LFR was to gain Valor Points, that would be one thing, but the VP is a consolation prize at its current value.

Come on, fix it, I am tired of seeing 5 Priests/1 Druid healing groups. I am tired of seeing 2 of the same class tanking. These are the little things that need fixing. I am sure a majority of the people using the system would love to finally get groups where they didn't immediately feel the hopelessness of their situation and ask themselves "why am I here, I may as well drop and try again and pray I get a better makeup in 30 minutes."
88 Orc Hunter
Is this policy only going forward? I was screwed out of the bow off Deathwing in LFR by a rogue. Which was just terrible luck considering 3 of the bow dropped off of Deathwing in one raid. There were two other hunters who got the other two bows.

Can I ask for the bow as I was one of only three hunters that was there? If this system was in place I would have gotten the bow. Well I guess one of the other hunters could have gotten two bows, but we agreed to trade each other the extra bow if we beat all the stupid rogues that rolled on it.
90 Draenei Shaman
12/13/2011 03:39 PMPosted by Naumu
You do know normal SoPS has the same exact agility as Loop, right? I should've said normal, haha, my bad. The LFR one is not better than Loop/SoGM.

Now that's what confused me >.>

I was talking about pre-normal BiS only, which'd compare LFR SoPS to Loop. Since the LFR version is the only one that's impacted by this change anyways.

Thanks for clearing that up :)
90 Human Rogue
How will this affect classes such as druid tanks and healers rolling on dps items? Anyway to give a bonus roll for the spec you are playing while in raid? Ex. Rogues can only roll on dps items, per new rule, but other classes that can tank and heal and roll on multiple items as long as their class meets the criteria. (unless I didn't read all the info correctly)
now if only there was a way to get an item that was taken by someone who has no use for it. lost the Kiril to a warrior. shame there is no way to get that item now.
90 Blood Elf Mage
12/13/2011 10:26 AMPosted by Orlyia
Petrified Fungal Heart - Druid, Paladin, Priest, Shaman

I have this item, I need it to be replaced.

I have no idea what i am supposed to do. there isnt another necklace..
85 Orc Death Knight
you only get the roll bonus for the role you select in the LFR and the role you are assigned to when you accept the LFR pop.
70 Troll Shaman
I have an average wait time of 4 days to recover my old item... do i realy have to wait all that time before i can join back an LFR...?
95 Draenei Death Knight
12/13/2011 10:43 AMPosted by Orlyia
All versions of the items or just Looking for Raid?

Excellent question, and I just got clarification these ARE just LFR versions.

Just have to say, I love your avatar =)
90 Night Elf Druid
But when comparing LFR SoPS with a red epic gem to Loop with an Orange epic gem, Loop has 6 more agility than SoPS? When using superior quality Loop has 11 more agility than SoPS. I'm confused >.>

You do know normal SoPS has the same exact agility as Loop, right? I should've said normal, haha, my bad. The LFR one is not better than Loop/SoGM.

Loop is better than Normal SoPS. 91 secondaries are better than 10 Agility (you put a red gem in each, only losing the bonus).
If you saw that SoPS is BiS, that's about Heroic SoPS and it's only BiS because there is no 410 version of the Loop.

Back to the topic:
I welcome the change and it was (sadly) needed.
I also think that some minor tweaking would be good (Ledger should be usable for Shamans and Pallys and SoPS should not be usable for Hunters), but generally, it's much better than before.
Edited by Ptarr on 12/13/2011 4:25 PM PST
90 Blood Elf Mage
12/13/2011 04:21 PMPosted by Shammwôw
I have an average wait time of 4 days to recover my old item... do i realy have to wait all that time before i can join back an LFR...?

exactly, 4 days to recover something and actually get back into the game is rather ridiculous...
85 Human Hunter
This is an idiotic way to accomplish this change.

I obtained TWO Blade of the Unmaker from the same Madness of Deathwing kill, and can no longer use either. We group-queued with over 20 members from our guild, and not a single rogue was present who would have used these items (big surprise: you give freebie welfare stage1 legendary daggers to every rogue - why do these even exist?). Yes, I vendored my previous weapon(s?), and I don't even recall what it was. No, I don't want to wait FOUR DAYS EIGHTEEN HOURS (in-game ticket reply time estimate) for a GM to give me back an item I will have already replaced.

Restrict future drops, but punishing players who already legitimately obtained the items is moronic. This change would have been far better accomplished by creating a new version of these items with a different item ID that is class restricted, and removing the old non-restricted version from the loot table. Maybe that requires a client-side patch, but that's still better than the implementation you decided on.

You're a hunter, you have no business dual-wielding anything.
100 Undead Mage
What is going on?
I have the petrifyed fungal heart and I'm a mage but my gear is ALL 378+ and my ilvl says 354. I have nothing in my bags. So overnight my ilvl went from 378 to 354. I don't even HAVE an item at 354.
100 Human Mage
Sounds like this is a band-aid fix to deal with the limitations of the loot system. NbG isn't smart enough to grey out the need button in certain situations, so Blizzard simply made it so certain people can't use a given item. If someone can't use it, they can't roll need on it.

It's a quick and dirty solution to the problem of people rolling need on gear that they shouldn't. Too many people see the option to roll need and just hit need whether the item is good for them or not. Hopefully they'll be able to make the NbG system smarter so they won't have to artificially limit class eligibility for specific items in future raids.
90 Blood Elf Mage
What is going on?
I have the petrifyed fungal heart and I'm a mage but my gear is ALL 378+ and my ilvl says 354. I have nothing in my bags. So overnight my ilvl went from 378 to 354. I don't even HAVE an item at 354.

exact thing that happened to me
85 Undead Warlock
Since you're limiting +spirit items to classes that have a talent to convert it to hit or need it directly for mana regen purposes, can you limit the +hit to the classes you by design only allow that secondary stat to benefit from? Why have spirit and hit if you're going to continue to punish the pure classes?

You said in one of the Ask the Devs that you would find a way to make pures desireable, yet at every turn decisions are made that mitigate their presence while encouraging more and more hybrid classes that don't even have to bother gaining a 2nd gear set because of talents that convert secondary stats for them.

I love this game and have been playing from the start. Went to Blizzcon this year and had a blast. But I just feel as if you're ignoring the pure classes and pumping out all the rewards to the hybrids with no downside for them. If you're going to force Mages and Locks to use +hit only pieces (as they will never win a spirit item in LFR - not that they should want it anyway) while competing against Priests, Shamans and Druids who have additonal, exclusive loot, you need to create Pure only gear.
85 Draenei Shaman
why can't dks wield No'kaled... i dont see how this makes sense besides the fact that agi isnt good for us... its still a viable weapon with the proc and the damage it puts out i was doing better with this last week then i was using the 365 made weapon i was using before... now that weapon is vendored and i have an axe i cant use... lol this entire thing makes complete sense... but it doesnt at all really.
100 Human Death Knight
Please do not restrict items by class. I am all for you changing who gets the +100 roll but it makes no sense to suddenly not be able to equip a weapon. For example No'Kaled has been proven to be an extremely powerful main hand weapon for dual wielding frost DKs even with the horrid agility stat. If people already have these weapons allow them to keep and change who get's the +100 to the roll.
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