Items - New Class Restrictions 12/13/2011


90 Night Elf Druid
Unfortunately, these changes didn't stop an Enhancement Shaman from taking the healing shield and mace when they dropped.

I love the LFR system! I think this is such a great thing. I don't have the time that it takes to dedicate to raiding. But, the fact that healing gear is being taken by a DPS is extremely frustrating.

This is, because the system is currently filtering by class and then by role.
So: spirit shield -> can be equipped by Shamans? check -> can be used by dps? check (Elemental Shamans use spirit as hit) -> Thus any dps shaman can roll on it.

According to Blizz, they will improve the system to filter by actual spec (so, no more int items for Enhancement Shamans), but only in MoP, because it's "too complicated".
85 Blood Elf Priest
P.S. Since you might not have covered this in English class yet, quotation marks are reserved for when you are citing something that someone actually said. For example, you could use quotation marks properly here:

Actually quotation marks have many different uses beyond just citing a quote or conversation. It can be used to provide emphasis, or to outline the context of a word. If you haven't a firm grasp on the English language yourself, you probably shouldn't be trying to split hairs about it with others.
<removed> that people who obtained these items prior to these retarded changes can no longer use them.

These changes are "retarded" because... why exactly? Oh i get it you cant ninja anymore.
100 Night Elf Druid
On the next iteration of changes, it would be nice to see something in place so that one person cannot *win* multiple versions of the same drop.

Apparently, after I left my LFR group, 3 identical pieces of loot dropped, and one player won all of them. I cannot speak to how the redundant pieces were handled, but it is problematic for both the raid and the recipient in these instances.

Honestly, I can't fault anyone - you only have one shot at a gear drop per week, so if you have multiple chances at a piece you need, I can't fault anyone from trying to get it. However, once they DO win that piece, then they should not be able to get duplicate gear.

It seems to me the simplest (in a relative sense) solution is to prevent multiple versions of the same item from dropping - a far more elegant solution than messing with weighted rolls.

I'm sure this is not an easy fix, but I'd like to get it "submitted" as it were, now.

Other than that, thank you for trying to get the drama out of the LFR loot.
I know I am looking forward to the day that it only gives +100 rolls to actual role and spec vs how it is now.
I understand spriests uses spirit for hit rating, but they also get to roll on gear that is worthless for healing. I know there are lots of qqing going on about healers vs dps but seriously, as a cloth healer, I been getting the shaft through random finders and even before random dungeon finders were even there for years now, from mages to locks, and occasionally a druid tank would even take cloth healing gear for "offspec" lol.(granted this was back in the day where there was no penalty for mix matching armor and cloth was a lot of times BiS)
Anyway, I am used to it, still pisses me off to lose healing gear to spriest as a dps gets a +100 roll with me. It is blizzards fault why it is the way it is, it makes gearing for an offspec easier without having to carry extra gear pieces around, but I think that they put way to much focus on boomies, ele, spriests relying on spirit to make their stats going around, in short, they never made enough gear to have hit, and convinced people spirit is better than hit so they put it on tier pieces even. If that makes any sense.
In short, a dps person should not be needing rolling with a bonus roll against a tank or healer. I think the only items should be waived of this priority is accessories such as rings neck pieces.. trinkets are iffy. I think most agree though it is lame how we all have to share our loots with people, and its even worse when the player cant really, or most likely will never even use it but felt cool for need rolling and winning it.
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. Revert my polearm back into my possession so I can use for PvP.. I won it fair and square.
55 Draenei Death Knight
12/13/2011 09:00 PMPosted by Ptarr
This is a good step forwards! Although, weren't we told just a while back that such a feature was impossible until a future expansion, on a technical level? Because if they could have done this prior to LFR... that would be a damn kick in the balls for those that complained about the ease of being a ninja.

No, they told us it would be impossible to limit loot by spec, which they still don't do.

On a seperate note, I believe people should be able to keep the loot if they got it last week. They won it according to the rules as they were at the time and it doesn't seem fair to punish them. And I don't think that it'll be that difficult to have the item in game twice: one version with the class restriction and one version (different id) without the restriction for those that won them earlier.

problem with that is that they would have to create new loot with the class restriction (thus new item ids) which would require a major client patch that would take weeks to be implemented. They wanted to fix the issue now and this was the quickest way to push it.
100 Draenei Hunter
Class wrote:

Actually quotation marks have many different uses beyond just citing a quote or conversation. It can be used to provide emphasis, or to outline the context of a word.

From Wikipedia, for your information:

In English writing, Quotation marks or inverted commas (informally referred to as quotes or speech marks) are punctuation marks surrounding a quotation, direct speech, or a literal title or name. Quotation marks can also be used to indicate a different meaning of a word or phrase than the one typically associated with it and are often used to express irony. Quotation marks are sometimes used to provide emphasis, although this is usually considered incorrect.

So you are suggesting that Hairydotter was attempting to express that I was afraid that Blizz might take away LFR loot I rolled on and won in an ironic way?

Certainly he/she was not trying to use a different meaning for the word scared?

At any rate, I am not "scared" that Blizz might take away loot. I am concerned that the rules are being changed in the middle of the game, and poor customer service is the result.

By the way, a friend of mine whose LFR chest was taken away informed me that he did receive the cost of his enchant and gems back from the GM. Kudos to Blizzard for doing that.

P.S. If you're going to attempt to school me about English, get your pronouns correct. Thanks.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
Souldrinker - Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior?????????????????

Are you sure about this???

I thought it was a weapon specifically for tankers, since we don't have tankers specific weapons in Dragon Soul...
I lost two times this sword for DK dps... I think there is something wrong!!!

Who do you think would take 100% of utilization of this weapon??
a) Tankers
b) Melees DPS
c) Casters / Rangeds
d) Healers

Oh man, lets change this pls...
Edited by Gallanor on 12/15/2011 1:17 AM PST
Blizzard does not care if you like this change or not. I had an item on one of my characters that I won in the roll and now I cannot use it. The GM said that they would not give a fair trade for it and I just had to deal with the loss. The GM also tried to offer replacing it with the item I had on before winning the new one. “Here, take back the junk you had before winning the good item”.

If there are going to be class restricted items in the Raid Finder, then there better be an item for every class that is restricted. Why there is a Priest restricted robe and not a Druid restricted one, or a Warlock restricted one? Discrimination plain and simple! I know Priests would cry about it if there was a Warlock cloth robe and not one for their Priest.

Then there is the whole reforge issue that came with cataclysm. This allows everyone to take gear not necessarily suited for their class and make it useful. So that spirit item can be changed to hit, haste, or whatever suits the class using it. Good fail there on that idea when things are class restricted.
85 Draenei Shaman
[quote="37294884701"]Some items were recently reclassified. You may find yourself in possession of one of these items and are no longer able to use it.

If this item replaced another and you need Game Master assistance to recover your old item, please place a petition with the new item name, that you can no longer use it - and the old item name you need restored.

The following are the items that have changed with new/changed class restrictions (LFR Versions).
  • Ledger of Revolting Rituals - Druid, Priest

  • THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. Shamans and Paladins tend to use Offhands in many circumstances. I've been running LFR the past 2 weeks HOPING For that offhand.

    Cmon blizzard, Don't !@#$ us over -,-
    85 Draenei Shaman
    and you act like a LFR item is the absolute end of the world.

    For the type of people LFR was designed for (you know, people who're unable to raid normals because of time/skill restrictions) it IS the end of the world...?

    this entire argument is rediculous!

    Your entire argument is as ridiculous as your ability to spell the word ridiculous?

    I'll chime in here and give my 2 cents where it might not be wanted :) But It will be accepted :P

    Losing the ability to use the offhand IS a BIG DEAL. At least to those of us who won it, Gemmed/Enchanted it, Vendor-ed the old item. (YES! I know, I can submit a petition for my old one)

    But think about it this way. The average wait on restoration requests is 5-6 days. I go into LFR on Tuesday, I raid on Wednesday. I now have no offhand for Wednesdays raid.

    So, you say run heroics for the shield.
    *Enters Heroic*
    *After 7 ques into end time shield drops*
    *I roll Need*
    *Paladin Tank Rolls need*
    *Paladin gives the troll face and drops group*
    *Raid leader whispers you, reminding you that is time for invites to be sent out for the raid! (OH JOY! I'm Missing Gear in a Slot. -250 DKP For me :3)*
    *Raid leader says you have to sit the raid out. (Another -250 DKP For missing a raid)*

    Enough said :)

    Now, I realize there are Several BoE 378/359 replacements that could be purchased to solve this issue. But its the principle that it was not fully thought through when implemented.

    (NOTE: This is all situational, I do not have the offhand, Nor have I even seen it drop. Again, This is my 2 cents on the situation. As the avg wait time for tickets is > The time until the next legit raid. This could really throw off a few casual guilds progression with said healer affected by this change)
    Edited by Elemets on 12/15/2011 5:43 AM PST
    90 Human Paladin
    12/13/2011 10:41 AMPosted by Whabetheo
    Good job Blizz. Stops the dirty ninjas.

    Yet it doesn't stop Pally and Warrior tanks rolling need and winning Gurthalak...

    Just because it's registered as a DK tank weapon.
    (for which it is actually not very good since it has no 'Equip' stats)
    100 Tauren Hunter
    I hope they add something so that people that already have a tier piece for their role can't roll on the item again, had someone that had the hands, and won the token then was selling it or exchanging it, we did kick him but it shouldn't happen at all
    81 Draenei Hunter
    Souldrinker - Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior?????????????????

    Are you sure about this???

    I thought it was a weapon specifically for tankers, since we don't have tankers specific weapons in Dragon Soul...
    I lost two times this sword for DK dps... I think there is something wrong!!!
    Considering it's the only 1H that Frost DKs can get from Raid Finder since they restricted No'kaled... What, exactly, do you expect? That they eschew weapons? That they use a non-viable spec? Get over it.

    I think it's pretty hilarious that they took the superior No'kaled away from them when no one but Enhancement Shaman were using it, though (given that every Rogue that wants to and has the 10k has Fear/Vengeance).
    90 Tauren Druid
    12/14/2011 07:40 PMPosted by Wølf
    HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. Revert my polearm back into my possession so I can use for PvP.. I won it fair and square.

    no. becoming super huge and awesome is for druids and hunters ONLY. go play with your tentacles. :)
    90 Goblin Rogue
    The item Seal of Primordial Shadow - Druid, Hunter, Shaman, Rogue

    This dropped earlier in my LFR group on my enh shaman. I was so happy! Expertise/mastery mmmmm mmm

    But a hunter won it.. Yes.. a hunter wanting expertise!? why have you allowed such a travesty to even take place?! have you not overlooked the fact that hunters + expertise =/= good? even with reforging there's still that remaining, wasted stat.

    Needless to say, I managed to talk the hunter out of keeping it and I got it. but jeeze. I shouldn't have had to worry about this in the slightest.

    A hunter able to roll on a ring with expertise.. HA! Time to look that one over
    Edited by Schizmo on 12/15/2011 11:03 PM PST
    85 Goblin Hunter
    its one of the two best rings available to hunters in LFR regardless of the expertiese.

    i think its silly too thph tho.
    90 Goblin Rogue
    its one of the two best rings available to hunters in LFR regardless of the expertiese.

    i think its silly too thph tho.

    Still, blizz needs to look things over if this is one of the two best rings.. someone has some splainin' to do
    90 Night Elf Priest
    Some items like Ledger of Revolting Rituals have great stats for shadowpriest, but we dont get the bonus roll because the item has spirit, what blizz can do for it? and plz dont answer Q' as healer :P
    Edited by Protteus on 12/16/2011 8:05 AM PST
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