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What's good, Lothar?

I played vanilla WoW back in '05-'06, quitting just before Burning Crusade came out. Recently I got my account "hacked" after 5 years of inactivity (wtf??), but I got it back along with 2 days of game time to check up on everything.

Jesus, it feels like a completely different game. There's so much more content that it's overwhelming, even in just the base game. My biggest surprise is how much the Paladin class has changed - with tons more combat skills and options. I remember back in the day, all you could do as a Paladin was fire up a seal and auto-attack, and heal occasionally. I'd just right click an enemy, go take a dump or something and come back later to loot the corpse. Now I actually have to hit buttons and play the game like everyone else! I also feel very effeminate wearing my once awesome Tier 1 gear when everyone else is running around with their Tier 13's.

Not surprisingly, I am no longer in my original guild, nor are any of the friends I made in the game active anymore. I can't imagine how many new players have come and gone on this server, or if any of the vanilla players are still left (especially with how easy it is to transfer realms and characters nowadays).

I've been trying to come up with funny things to do with my remaining game time, like turning myself in to furbolg and making myself tiny with the world enlarger while in a large city, preferably a hostile one. I got some strange looks earlier while sitting atop my reindeer mount. Or using any holiday item that's no longer obtainable. Perhaps a festive ride through Orgrimmar is in order for tomorrow - Christmas cheer for all the grumpy orcs from your friendly neighbor Paladin!
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Your Reindeer is Boss! Have a good Winter Veil Vanilla Veteran!!!!
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Haha, well the joy ride through Orgrimmar didn't work out as planned. Apparently the guards have been on the juice while I was gone, and I can make it all of 5 feet before they take down my level 60 !@# with one arrow. I tried to sneak in Metal Gear style to get into position and snowman it up, but no go, these guards see and hear everything. As a last effort I tried the age-old Paladin tradition of running into a crowd of Horde and bubble-hearthing, only to realize that the grumps at Blizzard nerfed the shield duration. Whoops! Ah well. No holiday antics for the Horde this year.

I took a trip to the Outlands since I've never been and gave my new abilities a spin, but every area felt so empty (well, aside from all the high level mobs that want to kill me). I don't think I saw another player at all during that time. I figured everyone's either in BG or doing level 80+ content elsewhere.

I'm spending my last day alternating between furbolg and snowman in Stormwind:


I hope someone out there at least gets a chuckle out of it. It seems like most people are hustling and bustling for raids or busy arguing about politics in trade chat. I suppose I come from a simpler time. Leave an old man with his memories. ;_;


It's been real, Lothar. Be good to each other! Peace.
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