PvP in Tol Barad

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I am wondering if there is still some good pvp that happens in TB? As I roam through TB these days, after coming back from a long break, it seems rather quite...

Is there another spot where world pvp is going on nowdays? I would think someone would have told me by now if there was another popular spot after being back for a few weeks now....If not, lets get TB rolling again like it used to earlier this year!!

Bum, Septima, Dimension, Zylie, and the rest of the horde gang from TB..Are you guys still around?

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Welcome to WoW! When an area no longer offers the highest tier of easy-access loot, players stop visiting it (please see "Wintergrasp," "Nagrand," and "Southshore vs. Tarren Mill" for more details).

In all seriousness, world pvp is something you have to engineer. I'd have to hop on my alliance and hunt down guildies in a semi-populated area, or spend all week (as my alliance) spamming trade chat and calling in all my contacts for a city raid to get something to happen that was anything more than killing someone and watching them mount and run. Oh, and solo attacking cities sometimes did something (like bring a counter-attack group to SW), but it was mainly like hide-and-frag (which can still be fun).

With the new changes to BGs (giving out conquest points for regular ones), I've been seen more squishies in instanced pvp. For world pvp, you're probably going to have to hit up another game that doesn't use such easy accesss to instances (or any at all... ArcheAge, please find a western publisher <3 )
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There is no longer world pvp to speak of in this game. Our guild had Friday Night Fights going for awhile but lack of interest on Alliance side and several other factors killed it. Firelands daily area used to be good for some pvp but if you're Alliance you'd better bring a group as we're outnumbered pretty heavily. I don't think many people do the dailies there anymore unless it's on an alt. I personally skipped it on my druid.
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Dimension quit

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What Supercoffee said is true.

Sup Tiggie, it's Dimension. Shortly after I got myself tempbanned I saw you went on hiatus. T'was then that I saw the 4.2 notes and I butthurt'd so much I vowed never to play WoW again on my own dime, still sticking to that promise.

I redeemed a week of playtime and sent you, and many others, mail on how to contact me. Clearly the month made that mail not get to you. If you wanna have some fun, well.. You'd have to resub me, 'cause I'm sticking to my promise.

Also. I won't even TRY to hide it.

I got teary eyed, remembering the fun I had when I first came here. Videogames are serious, man.
Edit: and I also reminisced over FRAPS vids of TB. And put a few of you up on Youtube @xHighAlert
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Hey tygro! Missed ya man!

The old days of pvp are gone, sadly. Don't know if it will ever return, seems like nobody ever wants to do much these days.
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Hey Fellas,

I am sorry I haven't checked the forums lately....

Hi Fredd, Dem/Heal...How have you guys been? I sure do miss the old days of pvp with you all. I am roaming TB and continually get flashbacks from earlier this year : /. It sure has died around there and doing firelands now it also seems rather slow. I certainly enjoy this game, but you guys seem to be right about how nobody wants to do much world pvp these days. I don't know how much longer I will play the game but I do enjoy it during the winter months here in Oregon...

Good to be back for the time being :)
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It's hard, man. Real hard. You have no idea. I have way too many fraps vids of Dmaw TB, and I miss it so much it's not even funny. Going from the 3rd worst US Server to there was a huge step up, and I barely knew it, nor was I even well known. Healbomber still plays, but not on dmaw. He only went to dmaw because I did. He went back to Terokkar after I left.

I pledged not to give Blizz another dime. 'Else I'd be in TB right now. But even if I did resub, classes are starting soon, and I can't afford the distractions when that happens. Maybe in Pandaria, maybe... maybe. Keep a tab on my email and hunt me down elsewhere if you wish. I'd like to say it's all over and there's no going back, but you know what?

this isn't over.
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