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100 Orc Warrior
"I'm gonna smoke your nipples off, boy." Wilford's tone was gruff, as was typically the case. His silver strands of frayed 'stachy glory remained motionless despite the maelstrom of dark energies swirling around he and his valiant steed, Picklebeard. I knew defeat was guaranteed - no one could stand against Lord Brimley and live. My pride refused to yield however, and I rose to my feet to meet my death as a man - a man wearing a feather boa and too much chocolate pudding in his hair.

"Do your worst, my lord," I replied, mustering what little courage remained within my cheese-caked bowels, "but remember that a nipple fondue is as bad a culprit for such larcenous behavior as the bees you so eloquently refused to share your custard with!"


We're back! And by we, I mean just a few of us. For all you knee-high diaper stains out there, The Blight was a splinter guild formed from a little touch of turmoil in Forgehammer back in the Spring of '08. We enjoyed a pretty rabid rate of success/progression throughout TBC (which, by all accounts, were our glory days) and were around for most of Wrath, though admittedly our Lich King days were a great deal less rewarding. Around the time that ICC appeared, our raids were officially put on hiatus and much of the guild vanished into the nether. Or other servers/guilds. The time between then and now has seen a handful of our members activating and deactivating fairly frequently, but for the most part we steered clear of attempting to get back into the raiding game. No longer!

I'm sure the release of SW:ToR and the general decline in WoW players will make this more difficult than it was in the days of yore, but we're going to try to get back into raiding content on the 10-man platform. Specifics, you ask? Logistics, you say!?

It occurs to me whilst writing this, that it could well be the least informative guild recruitment thread ever, but I never let something as petty as logic or reason best my feminine wiles before:

[Guild Rank:] 10 - as I mentioned previously, the guild has been languishing since Wrath of the Lich King. This can be remedied with warm bodies though, which I have heard on good authority will be solved in short order.

[Guild Atmosphere:] As has always been the case, raiding with our kind is not for the faint of heart - it's for the sexy of heart. While most of them no longer play, we were founded by a crew of West Virginian tomfoolery addicts. Your behavior in and out of the guild will not ruffle any one's feathers. Some of us are delightfully random and half-crazed, some of us are laidback, and some of us may be loudmouths. This is a game, and we treat it as such. We're lighthearted and enjoy laughing with/at each other a great deal more than yelling, whining, and e-peenery. If you're a Serious Sam, or a fan of Michael Bay films, this guild is not for you.

[Raid Atmosphere:] This will differ very little from the Guild Atmosphere. Banter is fun, and enjoying yourself is key. Clearing content is secondary to enjoying the content - if you don't enjoy the game you play, it's like work. We don't like work. That's why we play games. We only ask that people be capable of enough focus and comprehension to execute the encounters. And by execute, I mean spam pictures of Tom Waits on the forums.

[Raid Times:] Have not been set, or established. Our current roster boasts 4 players at best, and we're discussing doing a very late night group at the moment (a couple of us, including me, are not available most nights until well after midnight server). Ultimately, the preferences of the member core will decide this. Seeing as how our member core is almost nonexistent at the moment, this matter has not been fleshed out.

[Recruitment Needs:] For the time being, you name it. While we would obviously prefer to line up some tanks and healers first, we're just trying to get the roster brimming with potential again.

Any questions or invite requests should be aimed at myself (Kagehiro!), Risaria, or Soullox. Thank you, and have a nice squirrel pudding pop.

--> (Here's the part where someone informs me that forum recruitment is as dead as the soul of Toby Keith) :\
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100 Orc Warrior
I forgot to name drop Alan Alda.

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100 Orc Warrior
Waffle envy.
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90 Tauren Hunter

Looking for some fellow deranged miscreants who find it hilarious when fat children eat tacos and the shell breaks spilling the delicious taco innards.

We're a laid back guild, who need some people to run instances with and to poke dead pandas with sticks. Also contribute diabetic jokes.

No permanent weekly schedule yet. Pve and some pvp focus makes for hard raging e-peens and good times.

Message me in-game for more details about joining the only Alan Alda fan guild in WoW.
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