Wednesday, December 14th.

85 Night Elf Rogue
New Transformers game look pretty awesome. I was sold as soon as I heard the music in the trailer tbh.

Now I'm going to go take a shower and get ready for a physical. No one take any cookies from the cookie jar while I'm gone.
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90 Tauren Warrior
Been reading Swtor forums. Good lord, the ragers there are amusing.
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100 Gnome Warlock
I have not been back to the ToR forums since they turned em back on, um, been playing instead :p

As such, I didn't do much in WoW yesterday, although the holiday stuff is on Thursday, hooray Winters Veil!

Got some nummy cinnamon rolls made with drizzled honey on them instead of that sugar icing stuff, is sooo much better, nom nom nom.

/sneaks a cookie from the cookie jar

Or is that smuggles?
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100 Dwarf Death Knight
*noms on christmas cookies*

I'm feeling much better now. Plus, I'M FREE!!!

[IG] OMG why won't the Strength DPS mace or sword drop from the new heroics? I've done them so much that I've gotten a lot of JP that I've converted to Honor Points and now I'm tempted to just get one of the Season 10 one handers so I can do dual wield. I want to try out dual wielding again!

[RL] I'M FREE!!! Did my last final today so now I'm on winter break. WOOO!!! I can use the time to finish recovering from my cold. And help decorate the house since we're lazy and haven't done it yet. Plus, we like getting our Christmas tree late so we can keep it around for much longer.

[IC] Og's grumpy and Flotara is happy. Same as usual. >...>

So how are the rest of y'all doin'?

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I did a sleep study last night for Sleep Apnea. All I have to say I have to say, those people who use a CPAP /salute. This is no way in Hell i can wear one of those things i'll just keep snoring an be good with that.

An yea OG i agree with ya, WTB leather headpiece, that never ever drops. plus Possibly looking to buy a raid spot to start the Rogue quest, but not 100% on that yet

* Steals the rest of teh cookies*
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85 Night Elf Rogue
plus Possibly looking to buy a raid spot to start the Rogue quest, but not 100% on that yet

Is it bad that that my main desire for getting the daggers is based upon the Slow Fall?
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86 Night Elf Priest
Did not want to wake up this morning, in spite of going to sleep at least an hour earlier than other days. Was having some rather odd dreams that involved hate crimes in which I felt like an observer trying to step in as mommy and make the kids play nice. O_o

Once I finally set off for work, I decided to do a Starbuck's run and use the last of what's been on my card for months. So, mmmmmmm, hot chocolate and apple bran muffin. Loves the nommies.

Coworker who is main one on the phones had to leave about an hour after I got here. Her daughter got intentionally kicked in the face by a classmate known for not liking her while waiting a turn on the monkey bars. As said coworker has a 1 hour commute, she won't be back and phones fall to me. Joy. (As another coworker joked - karmic punishment for sleeping in?)

Last night after logging on Blue and getting an enchant for her staff, I noticed she had no shoulder enchant ... leading to the realization that for all the toons I ran through Deepholm, she skipped it. >_< Off she went to try to get as far as possible on those quests. (My wireless mouse batteries were being cranky, so I didn't try queueing for a dungeon. Didn't want to be THAT person going "sorry, my mouse died" after a wipe.)

Good afternoon Sentinels!

*buys more cookies to be shared*
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85 Draenei Shaman
12/14/2011 03:59 AMPosted by Xavot
Been reading Swtor forums. Good lord, the ragers there are amusing.

Yesterday was awesome. 500+ post Threadnaughts of doom about early access. I knew I wasn't getting it until late, so time spent perusing SW forums while attempting to gear this girl up was hilarious. Ahhh, dps queues, you give me time to chuckle at the ragers.

[IG] MAMA NEEDS A NEW HELM. Hook me up Hour heroics. End of Time seems to think my shaman's time has ended. Or needs to go back to enhancement. I dunno, more agi gear has dropped than spell power, and I have played a melee class for the last year or so.

[RL] Not much. On call for work, job hunting since said job is all "We'll call you, don't call us", and some WoW in between.
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