To Blizzard Save DALVENGYR Horde.

TOTALY UNFAIR IT IS RIDICULOUS how the horde became poor :O
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90 Dwarf Hunter
or transfer like the rest of us...we are recruiting!
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89 Draenei Shaman
The ONLY reason why people are comming to this realm is to lvl their toons for MoP then xfer off...Blizz making money by keeping it dead.Maybe just maybe they will close the realm when the Horde ratio to NPC is 50:1 but wouldnt hold your breath.Spend the $25 and leave or take a week and a half and lvl in another realm
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Horde side has no chance at anything anymore cant form a 2 man anything never mind 10 man. Past week most horde on at a time has been 14, thats ranged from lvl 1-85. This is a issue that needs to be looked into. not everyone has money to pay for transfers
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85 Undead Priest
14 is a bit extreme, but the horde are very few in number. Right now there are 29 horde lvl 1-84 and 36 lvl 85. we need a merge bad.
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I wish you drooling Horde idiots would stop crying and actually learn how this game works.

sk would love competition. We've had lots over the years...Prodigy, Fallout, Fate, Rising Storm, One, etc. Competition forces us to play better since realm firsts are at stake. I also want capable players to recruit and non-awful prices for AH goods.

Dalvengyr didn't get this way because sk cockblocked the rest of the server. No, it's because most of you are terrible at video games.

Cry more instead of addressing the real problem. Form a 10-man guild that actually kills Dragonsoul bosses on heroic difficulty. Expand to 25-man via cross-realm recruiting. Climb up the WoWProgress ranks and entice good players to transfer over.

Stop asking for handouts...merging low-pop servers will do nothing for the actual health of the horde population. The servers got that way because they were populated by bad players.

Shakkil is right, there is a problem. However, he is wrong (and Tobin/Thorrbo is right) to expect Blizzard to fix it. We have, as I see it, two options:

1. spam the forums and hope for free xfers or something along those lines.

2. change the dynamic of horde side.

The problem with (1) is that, thus far, it has yielded zero response. We can continue posting like this, and continue giving every potential transfer a reason to steer clear, or we can embrace (2).

What appears, to me, to be the problem is that a very low pop faction on a low pop server is still acting like a med-high pop server. As Jez pointed out, there are 13 or so people in org at any given time. Depressing, to say the least, but the real issue is that all 13 people ARE IN A DIFFERENT GUILD. The three 10man guilds with a DW kill, seemingly suggestive of a more diverse and skilled population than is being reported, actually share members. Some of the same players are in all three guilds, or at least participate regularly. In addition, in most cases, if a guild loses a core member from their 10man roster, it is unlikely that a suitable/geared replacement will be found any time soon.

I started seeing this trend halfway through wrath, as a member of 2+ guilds at a time, where you would have a couple top tier raiders, a couple middle of the road support raiders, and a couple ball-and-chains in every guild. It was barely sustainable then, and with the breakup of pk and rs, and the subsequent server/faction hemorrhage that followed, it is clearly unsustainable now. We cannot continue pretending we aren't a low-pop server.

(WARNING: Incoming cliche)

The raiding core of Dalvengyr Horde needs to set aside their guild loyalties, dissolve allegiances, and come together under a single unifying banner. ACT like the low-pop faction we so obviously are, and start making sense of our situation. This won't fix everything (the problem with the AH is just a lack of farmers, for example), but maybe it will make logging in something to look forward to again.

Like, flame, lulz, whatever;


I wonder it Stalk&Kill ever considered doing this...guess the words of wisdom didn't apply to them.
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90 Draenei Shaman

I wonder it Stalk&Kill ever considered doing this...guess the words of wisdom didn't apply to them.

we did all of it, but nobody else would, so we decided to go somewhere we'd see people.
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90 Worgen Druid
I wonder it Stalk&Kill ever considered doing this...guess the words of wisdom didn't apply to them.

Oh Dirtykarl, you so cute.

I love people that post on level 1 alts to try and hide from criticism to their toons.

Also, reposting:


God no.

You have no idea how much harder it is to recruit people to a dead server. I would LOVE for this server to have more people so we have better people to recruit from/better option for people to WANT to come to Dalv. You have no idea how wrong you are.

To Potential App: Hey you should come over to Dalvengyr.
Potential App: Oh, ok, you look like a decent 25 man guild. Oh wait, your server is dead. Sorry.

Anyway, if having more/better people means we aren't the top guild on the server, so what? We rank ourselves based on US25 kills, not Dalvengyr 25 rank.

P.S. It's sk.
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90 Troll Hunter
You moved to Elune (or aren't on Dalv at all), why do you care?
Edited by Dirtykarl on 9/12/2012 5:46 AM PDT
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90 Worgen Druid
While I do see what you're doing there and I appreciate you (finally) not hiding behind a level 1 alt (which is sad that it took calling you out to do it) - my comment in the other thread is made under different circumstances and does not apply here since I'm directly being attacked by virtue of membership of sk. I'm allowed to come in and defend myself. (and I also have plenty of max level toons still on Dalv)

The other thread . . . completely different situation.

Anyhow, have I said you're a qt pie yet? Because you are.
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85 Undead Mage
dalvengr isnt dead. NEWBS
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
09/15/2012 10:44 PMPosted by Watchmyblink
dalvengr isnt dead. NEWBS

It kind of is.

But if anyone out there on horde-side Dalv is looking for a social guild Have A Sit is always recruiting new members. We haven't done any raiding, mostly because we've never had enough serious players in the guild with the time, skills, or desire to raid but we're open to raiding in the future. My husband and I run the guild together and have recently come back from a break from the game. We both play a lot and would love to make some more friends.
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90 Human Warrior
You gotta want it.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
i hope you all leave and i can have the server to my self !

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90 Pandaren Monk
I haven't played on dalv in years, poor server is changed so much, and now it's dead. :(

Although, I see one thing hasn't changed though after all these years, the arrogance and pretentiousness of sk members. Dalvengyr is a better place without you sh1tlords.
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90 Tauren Druid
You guys say to merge guilds... when harmful intent is holding Guild cap 1000 and THC holds 600. being that there is only 3200 people 85-90 and only 255 at lvl 90 currently. I dont think this is something us players can fix.

Edited by Grlsluvme on 11/25/2012 12:56 AM PST
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90 Pandaren Monk
Yes, but Harmful Intent is terribad and always has been. THC - only PvP unless their mission statement has changed...

Not about guild size, goes back to what was said earlier which is skill of members.

Out of curiosity... any horde kills on Sha on Dalv? :P
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11 Human Paladin
As a new player to this server I have to say that the population is completely dead. If it wasn't for cross realm zones I would be questing by myself for the majority of my stay. I think a merge would be a nice breathe of fresh air.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
People said it before, either help recruit to the server or get off of it. Now that the horde is seeing some heroic progression for once in whoever knows how long, maybe things will slowly start to change, but unless we're joined by another horde guild that wants to make the server better you're all screwed. Join the cause or leave the server.
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