Why not merge?

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This may have been answered somewhere else, but why not have Wildhammer merge with another small server? It feels quite lonely if you are not involved in the absolute latest content.
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I agree, why cant we merge? This server sucks
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Blizzard has stated over and over again, they will never merge servers. If they feel the population for a server is too low, they will enable free transfers. This server isn't nearly as bad as some other ones.

Server merging messes up the economy far too much. Multiple items can be lost during a merge, which in turn causes a huge headache not only for the player, but for blizzard also. For the group of people that do want a merge, there is also a group of people that do not want a merge.
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85 Human Paladin
Merging servers isn't as simple as squishing two bits of play-doh together. It's a pretty pain in the !@# process.

There are also issues such as which server gets to retain its name? Do they make a new server for the merged server? Some people have been on their server for many years, and having it merged with another kind of causes it to lose its identity.

Merging servers is also a sign of an MMO dying, to some extent. Starting to merge servers doesn't look good for the game and could cause fewer players to want to start playing a game that is going to die. I don't know how Blizzard/Activision are structured but if there are investors then they would get nervous and pull out.

Personally I'd be fine with Wildhammer being merged with another server. Or at least free transfers to another server.
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