Twilight Patrols ((Closed/Structured RP)) 3

85 Blood Elf Hunter

Perfection was scared that she might have lost the group until she heard a voice that made her jump out of her skin. She whirled around, hidden blade at the ready until she saw it was Waraila. She smiled, although it was quite noticeable that she was relieved "Waraila..." she panted " made me jump there", the Assassin chuckled, but it didn't really help her mood much. She had barely calmed down until she heard another voice, this time in her head.

She clapped a hand over her mouth to stop herself from yelping before while turning to see who it was. Once she realized it was Vi, she immediately shut her out by throwing up her own mind defenses that she was taught how to master during her training, which required a lot of control over your own metal power. She closed her eyes and let out a soft, but angry and frustrated sigh before turning back to the Druidess to listen to what she had to say.

Perfection listened to what Waraila had to say carefully and respectfully, taking in every piece of information that came out of the Druidess' mouth. When Waraila finished speaking, Perfection placed her hands behind her head and looked over towards the Twilight Cult camp in the distance "They seem to be more crafty than we thought, the bastards" she said in a low voice "My vote is that we let Vimmi know before we act, but that's your call, not mine."

She turned to the Druidess and smiled sweetly "What ever they are hiding, I'm sure there will be a way to get it. I would hope the fragment is there, for I saw Twilight dragon eggs in what seemed to be in the middle of the camp. I got a map of it too" she quickly dug into her waist bag and unrolled her map before showing it to Waraila "Think that might be where they are hiding the Fragment?"
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100 Tauren Druid
Waraila shook her feline head “No, we can't go back just yet.. all we have found out is that they are up to something, but we have no idea what that is. We don't know for certain whether or not the fragment of the world pillar is there either... it would be a waste of time returning to Spannershield with no solid information... That is our job, regardless of how dangerous it might be. “

She knew that the job of a scout was one of the more dangerous tasks when it came to war, and she knew that this was war, not against the Alliance, or Scourge, but against those that would destroy their world. She had known many scouts who had simply not returned from missions in Northrend, who had turned up dead or undead before she joined the Patrol. She had seen some of the Horde scouts in outland slaughtered when they had been captured by the burning legion.. She knew the risks well.

“Besides” she continued “I would like to know what they are up to even if the Pillar fragment isn't here. Whatever it is, it can't bode well for the Earthen Ring and we must ensure their safety above all else, or whatever else we try doing will be futile.”

With that Waraila jumped up onto a rock, slightly higher than Perfection so then she could get a glimpse of the map without having to shift forms. She was uneasy here, and wanted the sharper senses of the wild to aid her in case the twilights knew they were there.

It was a paranoid way of thinking, but it had kept her alive in similar situations over the years.

“Eggs? If they're breading some of Deathwing's brood then that will be a disaster for the Earthen Ring... I think we should find out then what the cultists are planning... it may be that the world pillar has something to do with it, but I don't know what they could use it for. “

The druidess glanced over to Virella “I don't suppose you would have any ideas?” she asked, shoving aside her dislike of the witch in order to get this task completed.
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Deepholm was the realm of the earth, and so there was no surprise that the whole thing was rocks on rocks on rocks and there were so many rocks. Virella found this especially wonderful, considering not only were rocks devoid of blood they were devoid of life to so gleefully crush and improve her spirits from their depths. She was unimpressed with her current situation, and despite bringing it upon herself and intentionally sapping herself of power, she did not have to enjoy it.

“Inept Shaman,” she muttered, “Cannot bring it upon themselves to retrieve their own pillar fragment? Are they too busy sitting around to send a few scouts to retrieve them? Do they not have map-makers either? None of this land is charted, they have scrying ability yet not the wit to use it, just as they barely hold the world together. If one had but the grace of mental power I had, they could assign that single shaman to hold together the rift while the rest grow a backbone and do something. Pathetic inepts.”

As they begun to climb a stone hill to reach a new destination, she offered no mercy. The Bone Witch had spent, and continued to spend the whole journey complaining. It seemed while her necromantic powers were withdrawn, her verbal abilities reached new heights. In fact, it was almost as if she made up for the silenced clatter of her plate armour with verbal clatter, as her boney maw clapped up and down against each other comically, moving for what seemed nothing more than the sake of moving. She did not -have- to move her mouth to talk, and moving it had no effect on what she said.

“I do believe we have born witness to the pure idiocy of all races still meandering around the realm of the living. The frailty of Goblin and Gnomish engineering leading to the destruction of both vehicles, the idiocy of Trolls and Orcs leading us into the cursed Maelstrom. The persistent zeal of humans hunting us here, the weakness of Draenei, Dwarf and Tauren shaman alike forcing us to do their duty for them, pathetic weak-minded fools.”

“It's difficult to imagine how anyone gets anything done without us, it seems our interference is necessary for the very survival of half of the sentient races of Azeroth. In the war of the Scourge it was us and the Forsaken who did anything. We were constantly mopping up after the Horde and the Alliance, taking out the enemies they were too pathetic to take on themselves. Meanwhile the Forsaken in all their power and tenacity worked their own way up the eastern edge of the continent into His Heart. And then even the admirable yet disheartening expression of free-will from those of my own race... Putress...”

It was here she took a brief reprieve from the slaughter the roll a foul taste around her mouth, traitors were the most disgusting of beings. Blatant enemies could at least often be respected from their strength, and revel in the dance, the song of battle. There was a poetic justice done to war that made it so addicting. Traitors were scum, not to be remembered or even appreciated, pure disgusting vermin that should be destroyed within a heartbeat.

What had felt like seconds dwelling upon Northrend and the Wrathgate had turned to minutes and hours and soon Virella felt herself ripped out of her own mind by direct confrontation. It seemed they had arrived at the first camp, or whatever they were searching for. Virella had a glance and it appeared wherever they were wasn't the -main- camp, it must have been a forward position, or something important like that.

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“I don't suppose you would have any ideas?” the voice of the Druidess spoke.

“Ideas on what? Can you not -sniff- out whatever information you need by yourself? This is a Cultist Encampment, our enemy is the Twilight's Hammer Cult. There will be a group of cliché cultist types in there, face-paint and robes, likely twisted but inefficient knives and a lot of fanatic yelling. They will likely be doing some nefarious deed involving sacrifice or corruption or summoning some kind of dark God to come lay waste to this world. If they were to hold the pillar fragment here then they are even more insane and idiotic than they seem.”

“It will not be here, no doubt this is a scouting outpost for a larger camp. I'd wager, further ahead over that rocky plateau. There may however be some good we can do here, either stopping the corruption and or breeding of the eggs, and even destroy some cultists. Although I'm sure you derived this through an acute sense of smell or some other druid means. Either that or -you- do,” she motioned towards Perfection, “Perhaps you should stop hesitating and go do what you were asked to do, scout. I tire of standing here and if you do not make a decision promptly, I will likely engage with the cultists here and now just to kill time... and Cultists. By the shadow I'm tempted to join then at least they don't stand around considering -possibility- and I might actually get something done. Ever think it's the efficiency of these enemies that makes them a threat? We're all killing each other wondering why what happened, happened. I could list a thousand reasons,” her voice was rising to a shrill rage before she managed to tame herself.

“Look at the camp, there's a big building where the leader of them will reside. He'll be roughly 50% tougher than the rest of the enemies and might even say something other than 'DIE' when you try to kill him. Conveniently on his body or next to him on a crate will likely be some important document or plans which will deepen exposition and provide us with another objective, while we're here we may as well kill... 10 of them, or some other even number for no particular reason. Perhaps then we shall collect cultist weapons for study or some nonsense. But only ones in perfect condition, we can't just take -any- cultists sword now can we? Perhaps we should even free prisoners or something! Or collect some item of the ground.”

“Why was I sent on a shadow-cursed scouting mission!” she scowled, “I should be rending enemies apart with my unfathomable power, not sitting idly by while a common house feline and some pretentious assassin debate about whether or not they're going to do their duty. Shadow!” she threw her arms up in the air, before slumping down into a zealous sit on a rock and placing her head in her hands, purely to try and block her vision so she didn't start seeing Waraila and Perfection as walking sacks of blood.

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80 Blood Elf Priest
The battle, such as it was, did not appear to be going too smoothly. While the front line was holding, through sheer brutal ferocity as much as skill, there were many more of the stone beasts advancing forward. The little ones were breaking upon the fighters like waves against a cliff, but larger beasts were starting to advance and apply their bulk to the fray. Teressa suppressed a wince as she saw the death knight trade blows with one especially large and ugly one. He took a heavy hit, and then went berserk with battle-frenzy. A liability perhaps? But then, she had little experience with death knights. Perhaps it was simply how one fought after dying and being forcibly raised. Certainly, some of the Forsaken she had worked with in the past displayed a similar lack of self-preservation.

Teressa began to cast another spell, to augment the fighters with something other than defence - the ice barriers seemed to be working well enough but with the tides of little stone wretches still advancing, offence was called for. In the middle of her incantation though, she suddenly found herself on her knees, head spinning and vision clouded with bright sparks of color. How did I get like this? she asked herself woozily. A moment later, a throbbing sensation to the side of her head explained it to her. Placing a hand gingerly to the injured spot, she felt the wetness of her own blood. Groggily getting to her feet, the elf noted a large, jagged rock on the ground next to her, a jagged edge reddened slightly with her lifeblood. A second rock joined it with a sharp cracking sound, the force heavy enough to split the stones in two. Casting her gaze to the fight, she noted one especially large and ugly specimin grabbing up wicked looking stones and casting them at her. Its aim was surprisingly good, considering how far away it was. Teressa counted herself lucky that the first rock had only struck a glancing blow. Her head was throbbing something fierce, but had it's aim been true, it could have been her skull cracking rather than stones.

Gathering up her scattered wits, the mage formed a quick barrier around her. It was conjured up from her own magical reserves, and taking blows would drain her energy rapidly, but it would give her time to deal with the smart brute. Fumbling at her waist for her wand, she located the carefully carved and runed tool with only a little more delay than was deemed acceptable. The rune-covered piece of ash wood was the only thing that let her pull off any offensive magic with any degree of skill. Most mages did not use focus items for their magics, but it was something she learned to cover her own shortcomings. There had been little choice at the time, and who cared if others sneered at her for the lack of skill? Pointing it at the brute who was grabbing yet another rock - more a boulder, really - she brought her will to bear and hurled a blast of pure arcane force at the beast. It howled in surprise, dropping the boulder onto it's feet, then promptly howled again - this time in pain. For good measure, Tessa lashed it twice more with denser blasts of energy. Using arcane energy in this manner was potent, but very taxing if one used it too much without a rest. After deciding that the beast looked more or less stunned into submission, she removed the mana barrier that had been shielding her and resumed her previous task. This time however, she also granted the ice barrier to herself and the other spellcasters, and the fliers this time as well.

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80 Blood Elf Priest
Now temporarily free from Troggs trying to club her to death with rocks, Tessa reached into her satchel and brought out a pinch of arcane dust - the remnants of a few minor magical items she'd ground down into their base components - and used it to weave a brief enchantment that would grant the power of winter to the weapons of her allies. The supernatural chilling effect of such weapons might not be particularly effective against beasts of stone, but they did feel pain and so it should at least aid the fighters in striking death blows. It would only last a couple of minutes, maybe a little more than that, and it was terribly inefficient compared to the more permanent enchantments she could devise. But Tessa did not have the luxury of weeks in a laboratory carefully engraving the necessary runes into each weapon. This would have to do for now.

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85 Human Paladin
Fenris was having fun, while the Troggs were annoying he still was getting to slake his battle-lust and that was all that mattered to Fenris at this point in time. While he hated looking like a raging brute, with no sense of finesse or skill he understood that these Stone Troggs only responded to brute strength and that was why he had his battle-ax out. Fenris raised his eyebrow as he saw the creatures flee and then heard the cawing of that bird-like creature somewhere nearby and smirked. 'Least they won't let me die...' Fenris thought sarcastically as he howled again, the sound hopefully emboldening his allies to greater feats of strength.

He then started spinning again, his axe whirling on a horizontal plane as Fenris kept spinning at greater and greater speeds until he was like a top, a spinning top of death that is. The Trogg who had been sent fleeing in fear by the Talonpriest now found themselves faced with a whirlwind of metal as Fenris made his way forward to reform the continuity of the defensive line and to kill more Troggs. Fenris was like a black tornado, the screeching of metal against stone soon overpowering the whirring sound of Fenris' spinning.

As Fenris came to a stop he checked his position and saw that he was again in line with the others and he smirked as he saw another big Trogg coming to attack him. He quickly jumped onto a smaller Trogg and then launched himself at the bigger one, his axe biting into the creature's back as the thing started spinning around trying to buck Fenris off its back and using its arms to reach around and grab the warrior. Fenris couldn't help but laugh at the situation as he pushed the axe in deeper as he turned to look around. "Is this all they have?!" Fenris shouted at the others, the sarcasm and confidence in his voice as he continued to ride around on the large Trogg, using it to stomp its smaller comrades in its effort to get Fenris off.
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1 Human Warrior
As Jeramayan crossed through the portal, the familiar sense of vertigo set in. Jeramayan always hated portal traveling, for this very reason, only using them when the necessity arose. That night Jeramayan rested at the inn inside the temple of earth. The place wasn’t much, but Jeramayan didn’t complain, he was used to sleeping in the wilds of north rend, so any place with a roof was considered comfortable.

He rose at what would be early morning, in normal places, but here where there was no sun, he couldn’t tell if he had slept in. After a good stretch, Jeramayan began to observe the comings and goings of this sanctuary. Orcs, Dwarves and Draenei bustled around in perfect harmony, blind to the hatreds that plague many of their kin. Grabbing a bite to eat, Jeramayan readied himself for what could prove to be a long day if he couldn’t find the patrol. It had taken him months to get this far, he was unsure of how long it would take from here to reach the end of his journey.

To his surprise, and great joy, it only took about an hour of talking with the various shamans that called the temple their home, before Jeramayan learned what he wanted to know about the group he was hunting for. Through his conversations, Jeramayan uncovered a great deal about the patrol, and its leader Vimmi. The information put him in good graces as he was hard pressed to hear a disparaging word against the patrol.

Gathering his equipment together, Jeramayan mounted Lily, and began the trek to the earthen village to the south west, the last known location of the patrol. He had been warned that he would be heading into a battle zone, so with long practiced ease, Jeramayan unsheathed his father’s long sword, and kept his eyes peeled for trouble.
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100 Tauren Druid
Waraila stood there as Virella went on a tirade of complaints, interspersed with sarcasm as was her usual way of things, before sighing.

“I asked for your opinions and possible options Virella about infiltrating... not complaints about what Vimmi tasked all of us with doing. I'm sure she felt that you would be useful on this mission.” Waraila replied, rather scathingly. A surprising change in her usual attitude towards the witch... it wasn't often that the druidess had the backbone to go up against the forsaken woman, as she had been wary around her before. This time though, she knew just how important scouting this twilight outpost was, especially with the news that Perfection had discovered about dragon eggs.

“And I know the command tents are likely to be where the most important information can be found. It is also the most heavily guarded, at least with previous experience in scouting out enemy camps. Scouting the outlying base gives us more ideas of the numbers and ways of attacking, not to mention things that may not be committed to parchment... like prisoners.” she added. “as well as allow us to study their general level of preparedness. I don't think they'd leave information about hidden traps and troops around for anyone to just pick up off the ground.. and if we can identify possible places where they have hidden forces then it makes our job safer.”

With that she turned to look at Perfection again, now totally ignoring the complaining Virella. “I'm going to scout out the western and southern parts of the encampment... to identify possible places for sabotage and see for myself what they are up to.... then I'll head to the command centre about thirty minutes later... that should be enough time for us to get a good idea of what is going on. If you scout the eastern and northern parts and meet me behind the command post at the same time, we'll be able to watch each other's back in there... “ she didn't bother including Virella in the planning, not that she could actually give out any sort of order to her that she expected to be obeyed anyway.

“If you see prisoners, remember where they are... we'll release them on the way out of the camp to cause less alarm until our main objective is done. I won't leave people in their hands, but we can't afford to jeopardise our mission until it's time to leave.”

With that Waraila turned to leave, beginning to fade out of view as she called upon the skills she had learned in the emerald dream.. “One thing though Perfection” she added quietly “Don't do anything reckless... I'd hate to have to return to Vimmi with the news you have been injured, captured or worse... just be careful.”


Fifteen minutes later...

Waraila crouched between two piles of boxes, supplies from the looks of things just haphazerdly stacked around the encampment in easy reach of the Twilight cult members. It was a convenient place to hide, especially when the cultists seemed to be pretty confident that their camp was secure. There were more such supply dumps creating good cover for escaping prisoners too once they got round to releasing them, as she had spotted two cages so far, although they had been empty. She felt sure that if there were prisoners in the camp, either Perfection or herself would find them.. however so far all she had seen was empty cages awaiting captives.

What they used their captives for, she didn't want to know... but the sight of sickly glowing eggs gave her some hint as to a possible fate that awaited the unfortunate people captured. The druidess was determined that none of the patrol would end up sharing that fate.

Still there was little to be gleaned from what she had observed so far, other than the food supplies were easy to spoil. It was a pity, she mused with mild annoyance, that she wasn't on Azeroth... there were plenty of mice and rats that would be hungry for food and an easy source such as these would be a feast to them. Not that she could control the tiny creatures, all she could do was show them food was here and leave the rest to them.

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100 Tauren Druid
Still she was not on Azeroth, and she had little idea what creatures existed on the plane of earth other than the stone worms that had nearly destroyed the patrol. She was certainly not going to try luring them here, dangerous predators were highly unpredictable and they could see her as food instead, not to mention the rest of the patrol. No, she wouldn't risk doing anything so stupid.

Slowly, the druidess began to move after observing the random nature of the cultists going about their business.. some were heading towards the pile of eggs, others away.... and still others doing whatever mundane and magical tasks that were assigned to them... although Waraila couldn't make any sense of what they were actually doing other than guarding the eggs.

Ten minutes later she arrived behind the large tent, taking her time to observe the guards around it... and the tent itself. It was fabric as most were, and the entrance was guarded.. which was no surprise, although she wondered if the material could be cut with a sharp dagger or knife to allow them both to slip in from the back.

That was dangerous in itself, as she had no idea who or what was waiting inside the tent... first though she had to wait for Perfection... and.. if Virella had managed to stop complaining... the bone witch as well.

Waraila concealed herself behind more boxes, although she became visible to allow Perfection to hopefully find her, whilst maintaining enough cover so that the cultists wouldn't. It was a dangerous game she played... but she had time to conceal herself properly if she saw anyone who wasn't a friend approach...

At least she hoped so anyway...

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Vimmi employed a similar whirlwind technique that some of her warriors were using, but while theirs were spinning cyclones of damage and fury, her's was a much more calculated and surgical execution of attacks. She stepped with one heavy plated boot forward and pivoted violently back with her shield afore her, to rend one of the Troggs in twain. Quickly she swung back around and used her shield to block an attack, and then she begun her dance.

Her fist flew out and took off one of the monsters heads, and then spinning her arm was already transforming into the rifle-form. A loud roar of black powder rang across the battlefield as she tore two of the monsters down with one shot. She kept spinning and her arm was already back into a fist, she gripped and threw one of the Troggs into another. She turned once more and her hand was her damaged buzzer blade, the blade was all but removed but she could still jam it down one of the Troggs throats and have the mechanism itself tear it to shreds.

Another turn, another shot of powder, another turn and another Trogg broken and beaten down. She took step after step forward and destroyed enemy after enemy, all the time her men and women kept formation like a well oiled machine, it was wondrous. Within minutes, they had completely retaken Stonehearth, and already banners were flying and Earthen charging forward. Vimmi decided to use the momentum her patrol had built up to suit them.

“We march on!” she cried out, coming along side with one of the Earthen. He/It explained that the Trogg forces were attacking from past the town, the town had siege weapons it was trying to organize but the flow of Troggs was far too strong. They employed large giants and something to do with mushrooms, Vimmi did not have time to go through some kind of combat analysis, but she did make a decision with the new information.

“We push through and buy the Earthen time to set up their Siege Weapons!” she shouted out into the battlefield before pressing on. It became very methodical, her attacks and her orders, it was like being a part of the military machine once more. Yet it was different. Vimmi did not have the opportunity to stand back and give orders, she had to be at the front of the charge and lead by example. She had to be faster, stronger... better.

Vimmi hauled herself over a small stone building and landed with a thump on the stone ground, she could see Trogg forces already charging towards Stonehearth. Behind her she heard the Earthen rallying and getting ready to charge. The Borean Patrol would lead it, they would prove their worth, Vimmi snapped a flask from her belt and broke the stopper open, she tipped the liquid down her throat, a soft green liquid.

It felt thick and disgusting, like smile, but she could already feel her wounds closing slowly. It was not a direct healing potion, it was known as Trolls Blood for it's long term natural rejuvenating abilities. Vimmi would need it for what would be a long battle to come. She clipped the flask back to her belt and raised her arm into the air. “Charge!” she cried again, trusting in her group to be ready and eager for the battle.

She ran forward, her weight clunking against the ground with each step and her shield at the ready for rocks and mushrooms the Troggs would no doubt begin to throw...

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85 Night Elf Druid
The battle seemed endless and Wulf was tiring, the gnome commander was pushing them at a punishing rate. How she could keep going was astounding. The druid flew higher, floating on the softness of the warm air currents for a few minutes, trying to see where she was needed most. Her wings stretched out in full as she glided over the battlefield. She could not keep this up all day and all night...what they could tell of night and day that is.

As she hovered over Vimmi she saw her take a flask off her belt and down it. Wulf cawed in was not good to keep your body going on chemicals....sooner or later the gnome would crash...hopefully not in the middle of battle where she was surrounded by troggs. But of course the gnome kept going...the rest of the warriors on either side of her and continuing to fight.

Wulf dropped back to the ground and almost faltered, her muscles were aching and she needed something to drink, her mouth was dry as a bone. She was between the melee fighters and the spell casters and the troggs were concentrating on the hardest hitting ones. Shifting into cat form , Wulf stealthed along trying to stop to rest occationally....sinking down onto the rough rock. As often as she could she would send a heal to those who needed it. Her mana was slowing down to return and she needed rest.

They had cleared the village, why were they continuing on? The earthen were shoring up defences. The larger troggs were so tough it was shredding her claws. It would take a few days of rest to regrow them. Panting from the exertion and the strain, she finally stopped when there was a slight lull and took a drink from her flask of water, savoring the clear clean freshness of it.

It was important that they keep going and secure the parts of the Pillar. The Earthen were in dire need of help and the Patrol was giving their all. Wulf sat on the ground in the shadow of a rock and prayed to Elune..were her prayers even answered? She could not even see the stars or the bright face of the Goddess.

Stumbling out of the shadows she cast a heal at the mage who was casting arcane spells at the troggs. She then sprinted ahead to catch up to Vimmi, she had been assigned to help the Patrol and she would not shirk her duty, even if it was starting to look like she would collapse before they hit the end of this battle. She had to pace herself and keep from over doing it. The forces of Nature here in the underground caverns were harsh and unforgiving.

The renews she sent to the fighters were hopefully keeping them going. The druid almost paniced when the worgen started riding the trogg. But it was almost comical and she had to smile. That smile cost she looked up and tripped over a rock in her path and fell flat on her face, cutting her lip on her own teeth as she landed. Embarrased as she was, Wulf got up and kept going, tossing a heal on herself to stop her bleeding lip. She spit out blood and kept going...her feet dragging as she tried to keep up.
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100 Human Warrior

Her limbs were heavy and numb, her battle lust far, far from sated. Nothing in this damn realm bled worth a damn, why was she fighting? What was she doing here?! Killing troggs, killing rocks, killing time...time which was fast running out for her and the others. Whilst the troggs weren't hard to kill (well, stop moving) they sure had gotten a few lucky shots in here and there on her.

...unfortunately for her, killing them lacked the visceral, gory flourish of humanoid opponents. She missed the screams, the blood, the death; she missed it all. Proper Light-damned war was what she wanted...what she got was a child's simulation pretending to be real. It annoyed her; so she made it more fun to relieve the tedium...

“And here it is...a long drive up the fairway...” She whispers with a cheeky grin on her face.

She winds her foot back as one more lone trogg out of the group that she's put down charges her, and she carelessly, almost sheepishly kicks it like a ball as hard as she can, her boot landing right in the trogg's torso and propelling it what seems like a nonsensical distance. She sees it sail into the air in an arc and puts her hand over her eyes with her fingers extended out as if to shade them from the sun, watching the rapidly shrinking trogg's figure in the distance. “She takes the shot and...” she whispers, her tone building with rapt tension.

The trogg's body unceremoniously shatters into multiple pieces on a stalactite nearby, its head ripping from its mount and tumbling through the air a bit farther. The trogg's head slams into the face of another trogg shaman emerging from a cave nearby, shattering its face and knocking it flat on its back. “Whoa! It's in the hole! IT'S IN THE HOLE!” she screams joyously, clapping her hands delicately against one another, mimicking a bystander at a golf game. “The panel's raising their cards...oh my! Straight nine out of ten rankings!”

She's distracted from her little reprieve by the Commander's booming tone once again:

“We push through and buy the Earthen time to set up their Siege Weapons!”

Lowmaine sighs and cracks one of her shoulders to remove the stiffness, and she takes out a healing injector and stabs it delicately into her neck, tensing briefly at the sensation of the potion rushing through her veins. “Yes, ma'am!” She bellows, losing her good humor in an instant and regaining her toughened veteran's mannerisms. She already can see more troggs rushing to greet them, and she raises her sword and shield once more, taking careful, measured steps into the battle again.

This was gonna be a long, long day...
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85 Human Paladin
“We push through and buy the Earthen time to set up their Siege Weapons!”

Fenris howled in glee at the thought, more killing, more death. This was just what the doctor ordered and Fenris would not shrink away from such a perscription! Whirling his axe into the large Trogg he was riding Fenris rolled forward and joined Vimmi and Perfection on the new line in front of the Earthen forces as they try to erect seige engines. Roaring out at the Troggs, he attempted to demoralize them, the sound of the hungry hunter all anyone could hear until Fenris cut it off. "Let them come!" Fenris shouted swinging his battle-axe in the air as he waited for the Troggs to come to him.

Many times before he had stood in a line like this, always near the front always right behind the Captain and on his right. Here again he stood near his Commander ready to deal death in the name of his new outfit. Fenris let the thoughts roll through his mind with pleasure, it felt so good to finally have a purpose once again. "Through passion I gain strength..." Fenris said with glee, here again he had passion and once again he had his strength. Any who stood in his way would be crushed beneath his claws, teeth and steel. "DEATH COMES FOR YOU!" Fenris shouted, another battle roar echoing across the stone field as Fenris charged to meet the nearest Troggs in battle again.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
The trogg's crude stone axe had, somehow, slipped through one of the few gaps in his armor. All suits had them: even the most hardened plate suits needed a few weak spots to allow the wearer to move. Unfortunately, any attempts to harden those weak points would only make it even more inflexible, which meant that Ein had a few gaps in his Saronite armor. With his all-attack frenzy, it was a given that a few lucky troggs would get hits here and there. The Einherjar snarled in pain and drove his clawed gauntlet into the chest of the impertinent little being, smashing a hole through its torso. Ein briefly withdrew from the battle, feeling his unholy rune-powered frenzy wearing off. Now that the magical effects were gone, he could feel... not pain, exactly: corpses don't feel pain any more than armor does. It was more like an awareness of damage that manifested itself as a dull ache in his knees, elbows, and shoulders. Ein snarled again.

“DIE!” he shouted, lashing out at yet another one of the larger troggs. That particular worthy literally crumbled under a rapid assault from the Death Knight. Ein made sure to stay in line, pacing himself to more or less keep up with the commander. The human switched to a slightly more defensive fighting style. Fewer troggs were killed by him, but on the flip side fewer blows made it through and wounded him. Ein had dispatched one of the smaller troggs by kicking in its chest with his armored boot when he became aware of an unpleasant itching sensation near his damaged joints. He took a brief break from from the battle and held up an arm, inspecting the metal-covered surface. The telltale glowing green of druidic magic covered his elbow. The feeling was... not particularly comfortable. Ein futilely scratched at the elbow before forcing himself to lower his hand. Nature magic, unlike most other kinds of healing magic, would not actively damage him. Unfortunately, that didn't make it any more pleasant and it didn't work nearly as well as draining someone's life would. Given, however, that there wasn't any blood in this miserable place, the Death Knight would take what he could get. Silently, Ein resumed his place in the line and continued the advance.
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1 Tauren Druid
Marazak ((why do I keep doing this when I only have 1 character now...))

Marazak's mouth was set in a tight, determined line as the Troggs swarmed him, refusing to let injury prevent him from taking as many of the Troggs with him as he could. "You will learn the wrath of a true Highborne today, beasts!" raged Marazak even as he felt the inevitable noose of exhaustion set in around him. His white-hot lash, which had been burning through the Troggs, was now faded to reddish embers that flared up long enough to scare away the Troggs. Soon, he knew, they would overcome that fear as they realized he could never keep up with a full on frontal assault. He had no adrenaline to fuel him now, and the blood dripping into the unfeeling stone sapped his energy in a steady drip.

A flap of wings, a gust of air, and a bellowing roar later, the mass of Troggs mostly turned to engage the advancing Patrol members. The wyvern, whatever the creature's name was, had landed beside him. He replied to her comment, "Lok'Tar!" in turn, saying, "Victory indeed. A timely arrival, friend." It was strange to call such an obviously inferior being friend, but she had earned that much in warning the patrol of his allegiance and scaring off the remaining attackers. Marazak took a minute or so, watching the Patrol brutally assault the Troggs, catching his breath and re-tightening his crude bandage to halt the bleeding before re-entering the fray in a much more limited position.

Marazak forsook his favored element in favor of the less savory arts he had learned under the Legion's tutelage, sapping the energy off of nearby foes to reinvigorate himself. The Troggs his targeted would be somewhat slower and weaker, lacking the normal unyielding power granted to them in their rocky forms. It was slow going attempting to power himself this way, and would take a great harvest to restore himself to full strength. Unfortunately, it was the most he was up to at this time, being to weak to access and tap the nearest ley line. Perhaps it was best, as that would also leave him vulnerable to lower his shields enough to channel ley energy directly into himself.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter

Lia was growing tired, very tired, but that was not stopping her. She had many long battles before, but these troggs seemed to be endless and the Sin'dorei was reaching her limit. She slid side to side, slashing as she went and cutting her way through the troggs so that she could stay by Vimmi's side and give her cover. She stood side ways just in time to avoid a large stone troggs mace which hit the ground where she once stood. She smirked as the trogg missed by mer inches. She held her scythe in a possion of which she can make a easy upper cleave straight into the troggs lower jaw, which she did, before tearing it's head off with the help of her ruins.

"C'mooonnn, is that all you GOT?" she shouted. It almost seemed like she was going insane, but it was a tactic she took up when she was tired. She would put as much energy as she could into her blows, her movements became more wild and deadly, and with every trogg that dared to challenge her, she would cut down with deadly accuracy. Lia threw a left hook into a troggs jaw, which made it crack and break in many places. Dissapointed that the blow didn't kill it, Lia charged up one of her boot ruins and took a stance.

She jumped forward, her left foot landing infront of her and her right foot swinging to punt the trogg straight in the head, sending it flying back a short but impressive distance. Lia slammed the blades scythe into the ground and jumped into it's length, keeping surprisingly good balance as she let out a rather weird and insane sounding giggle "OoooOOOooo..." she said "..He FLEW, eheheheheheheh...".

Lia jumped off her scythe and began to cut down troggs, only just hearing the order the Commander gave to hold off the troggs so that the Earthen could set up their seige weapons. She had a short break so that she can shake her head "C'mon, Lia, get it togeather, hang in there" she thought to herself before continueing to hack'n'slash at the troggs. Charging up her foot ruins again, she brought her right foot up and slamed her heel right onto the ground to do another Shockwave like she did the last time. She smirked with satisfaction as she watch the troggs infront of her get stunned and charged head first into them.


Core was havin a blast, which was odd. He usually took fights seriously, but this almost seemed to be like a game for him. He had run ins with troggs before, but these troggs where a lot more tuff, which Core took as a decent challenge. He slid the side of one trogg and beheaded it with his scythe. A trogg leapt up behind him and Core quickly charged up a Wrath bolt to spin around and slam it straight into it's stomach.

The Talon then jummped back and listened carefully as the Commander shouted orders to protect the Earthen "Sounds like a plan.." he muttered before running towards the Commanders poistion. While he ran, he felt something grab his left arm and turned to see a stone trogg with a large hammer ready to crush his skull with. Coron only smirked and said "Big mistake, buddy!". His arm began to crackle, green/yellowish energy snaking up and down his arm before it let off a discharge of wrath directly into the trogg, causing it to stagger back before Core swung his scythe at it's stomach to finish it.

He gasped for breath and quickly dug into one of his waist bags to down a quick rejuv potion to replenish a small amount of energy. He looked at the vial and saw it was empty, while he was doing that another trogg was running towards him, mace held high. Seeing as he had little time to react, Coron threw the empty vial at the troggs face to distract it, the vial shattering on impact. He then surged forward to place his left arm, his free hand, and slapped in onto the troggs head before blasting it and point blank range with yet another wrath bolt.

He stepped back and sighed, it was going to be a long day indeed.

((Will post for Perfection another time))
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Lynara shot death across the battlefield against the stone troggs. Each arrow found its mark on the enemy. She might not be taking down the numbers of the stone troggs that some of the others were, but she was concentrating on eliminating as many of the larger troggs from her elevated position.

She watched as Vimmi began to push forward, that is when a literal spear of rock flew right past her. The rock like spear was the size of an arrow, but it was still quite deadly. Than a rock crashed into her stalagmite she was standing on, shattering it causing her to leap off to the right and land on the hard rocky ground with a dull thump. She stood up shaking her head a bit. “Ouch.” She muttered as she climbed onto a small hill, ducking under a rock as she began to shoot another arrow into the beast that threw the rock.

Then great pains seared into her mind, making her clench her head as she let out a scream. “They have magic users!” She shouted as the pain faded and she looked for the source. It was a smaller trogg with shadow magic dancing around his stone form. He was riding on the back of a larger trogg as to get a better view of the battle.

As she took aim out of the corner of her eye she saw another spear of stone flying right at her. Her eyes widened as she tried to move her head out of its deadly path, but it was too late. She felt a searing pain as she collapsed off of the hill clenching the side of her head. She let out a scream of pain as the left side of her head and face felt like it was on fire. She couldn’t open her eye and even trying caused even more pain. Blood ran from her face as she felt a second pain, shrapnel of stone was imbedded in her gut. Using her second hand she pulled the stone out, it was not deep it barely broke her skin actually.

The wound on the side of her face was serious, very serious. She could not form a coherent thought as the pain was so intense. She noticed the druids were nearby, even if something had happened to her eye, they might be able to help her with the pain at least. She rolled herself onto her front and forced herself to stand, her hand still firmly against the wound on her face and the other was against her chest wound. Had she not moved when she did it the rock would have killed her. She shuffled her way towards the chance of healing.
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85 Night Elf Druid
The troggs were throwing stones and were getting more acurate. Wulf saw the Night elf take a hit to her head and as she fell another hit. As tired as she was Wulf could not let a sister Kaldorei go down. Bounding over to the trogg who was throwing rocks at Lynara, Wulf knocked him over, he was big and had a large mace in his hands. Howling in fury he bashed at Wulf and caught her in the side a glancing blow. It nearly left her breathless and she felt a rib crack.

The trogg was down by this time and she barely was able to finish him off. Panting in pain, Wulf reverted to her elven form and stumbled over to Lynara. "Let me help you...I am injured as well, but I can heal us both." the nature spells of renewal were so basic Wulf could cast them easily. They would ease the pain, though the head wound looked like it would require stitches. Thankfully Wulf was able to guide Lyn to a protected spot near a wall.

Breathing shallowly, Wulf mumbled the spells and the healing began on Lynara's head. Wulf used some bandages to wrap around Lynara's head to stop the bleeding and keep the wound clean until they could get back to the Temple. "Does that feel better? We need to get you back to camp, that head wound could be serious." Wulf spoke in Darnassian to the injured Night elf.

Examining the wound on Lyn's stomach she was able to cast a simple renew again that would take care of both wounds on the surface. She had enough bandages to wrap around her stomach to keep a clean pad on it to protect it somewhat.

Wulf stopped a couple of times and gritted her teeth, her rib was grating and she needed it healed as well. Finally done with Lynara, Wulf sat down and leaned against the wall. Mumbling a renewal spell on herself she tried to knit the bone back together. Her magic was nearly drained and she was panting in pain. She glanced up at the fighting and grimaced. "We may need to stop and rest...after they Earthen get their seige engines up..." she was glad they had found a slight depression in the ground next to a wall and were almost protected from the rock throwing troggs.

However, they were pinned down at this point and both injured. Until the mana was recovered a bit, Wulf could do no more healing. She fumbled for her water skin and took a cool drink. She could see Coron nearby and called to him in Darnassian, "Hail brother, can we have your aid? For just a little while, until my mana comes back.."
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85 Blood Elf Hunter

02/13/2012 01:58 AMPosted by Wulfsong
"Hail brother, can we have your aid? For just a little while, until my mana comes back.."

Core had his foot on a stone troggs head when he heard those words. He turned to see two fellow Kal'dorei were in trouble. One of them seemed to be a injured Sentinel, the other was the other Druid of the Talon that was at the temple which the Commander thought was a friend of his. Seeing as he wasn't going to let two of his own kin die to these savages, he called "Hold tight, on my way!", and with that, he slammed his scythe into the troggs neck before pulling it out and running towards the women.

He cut and hacked his way through the troggs that dare stop him from reaching the Kal'dorei women. He wasn't going to let one stop him, he kept slashing at necks, arms, and heads while his left hand threw wrath bolts and starsurges at his enemies, blowing off chucks off the troggs body. When he reached, he skidded to a halt and turned towards the troggs before twirling his scythe expertly. He then swiftly pulled out a blue potion and tossed it to the Druidess "Drink that, it's a mana potion, I'll buy you as much time as I can" he said before charging at the troggs once more, scythe held at the ready.


Perfection sighed at the Bone Witches response "Stubborn...stubborn bag of bones.." she thought bitterly to herself before turning back to Wara. She listened to the orders given to her, and assessed the situation accordingly. If she was to scout the Northern and eastern parts of the encampment, that would be she would have to climb a few rocks and small cliffs to reach her destination, not that she minded though, she relished the challenge. She had also taken note on where the Command tent was on her Map, so that wouldn't be a problem to find.

Then there was the fact that she also had to look for prisoners, something she didn't think to look for when she was marking out the map, which she mentally slapped herself for. She should have thought about that!. Letting out a small sigh, she smiled at Waraila and nodded "Sure thing, I can handle that". She herself was about to leave until she heard Wara's next words.

“One thing though Perfection” she added quietly “Don't do anything reckless... I'd hate to have to return to Vimmi with the news you have been injured, captured or worse... just be careful.”

Perfection's smile turned into a grin before saying "You too, Waraila, stay safe, I'll meet you at the tent". And with those words, she slipped into the shadows.

------------Fifteen Minutes later--------------

Perfection had managed to do as she was asked, but still did not manage to find any sign of prisoners with in the camp, which frustrated her. She jumped and rolled behind tents and crates as she moved towards the Command tent, which according to her map was the largest tent in the area "Aaannndddd probably the most guarded too..." the Assassin thought before fading into the shadows once more.

She slowly crept along the walls, moving closer and closer towards the Command tent, that was until something caught her eyes. She turned to see a few cages near one particular tent, when she pulled out her spyglass and took a loot, she noticed they were cages for prisoners, some she would believe to be Earthen Ring or even Elemental prisoners, which she highly doubted.

Grinning, she slid her spyglass back in place and marked the location on her map until she noticed the shadows around her got a lot darker that usual. She looked up and slapped a hand over her mouth to muffle a gasp as a Human Twilight Warrior stood infront of her, completely oblivious to where she was standing. He grunted a few times before turning around to face the other way, but didn't seem to have any intention of moving.

So with that...Perfection took a gentle step forward...activated her hidden blade in her right sleeve....and...THWACK

She quickly dragged the body into the shadows where it would be hidden. She pulled the blade from the mans neck and quickly, but gently, rested it down on the ground before making her way behind the Command tent. She didn't think she would had to kill one of them, but it seems she was given no choice, or she was just EXTREMELY lucky that she wasn't caught.

When she found Waraila, appeared next to her and whispered "I'm here, Wara...I kinda ran into some trouble along the way, so sorry if I'm late" she chuckled quietly as she showed the Druidess her bloodied hidden blade.
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