Greetings everyone.

High Sages are recruiting for multiple raid teams. Currently our we have three teams that regularly run.

1.) Tuesday/Thursday: Pulling at 9:30 PM. All inquiries to be send to Ardria.
2.) Friday/Saturday: Pulling at 7:00 PM. All inquiries to be sent to Peterbarker.

My team is the one I'm currently looking for more. I run an odd group, only raiding on Saturday's at noon. We've had good success so far, going 4/8 with mostly PUGs, but I'm looking to build a more stable team to go 8/8 and beyond. Currently we need practically everything, although we do have a number of healers and dps within the rotation of people joining. It is not a requirement to join the guild, but members in guild will have priority over those who are not. Anyone interested should respond here, or send me a message in game with your ilvl and spec. Currently if you aren't at least 370, we won't accept.

Again, I'm looking for players who can commit to a Saturday spot starting at noon server. I'm prepared to go far into progressing, and am really looking for players to group with consistently.