[H] Plan B Recruitment

90 Blood Elf Paladin
12/29/2011 Recruitment Currently Closed

Raid times:
6pm-8pm server

Current Progression:
8/8 normal, 1/8 Heroic

Raid Requirements:
Fully gemmed/enchanted and ready to raid Dragon soul. While Ilvl matters (we cannot gimp a 349 along), your skill, awareness, and frankly how good you are at this game are more important than the e-peen-o-meter.

You will need to supply food and repair money for raiding (bank provides minimal repair funds). Flask cauldrons will be provided.

For people interested in joining, we have an alt run that usually makes it to boat that runs on Monday @6 server. If you can make that, let us know.


Plan B is a long established guild of raiders who are focused on progression into heroic mode 10 man raid content. Our core raid team was formed back in WotLK, with highlights such as Glory of the Ulduar raider, Glory of the Icecrown raider (pre-4.0), and one of the handful of guilds horde side to complete the Heroic Trial of the Crusader Insanity runs. Cata exploits were 5/13 Heroic BWD/BoT and 6/7 Heroic FL. Our raid team is a very tight knit group of individuals that rarely have to open our doors to recruitment. We are currently seeking individuals that are ready to step into Dragon soul, and have near 100% attendance on the listed raid days. We do not bench people, we do not rotate people in. If you are recruited to fill this slot, you are it.

We do not consider ourselves hardcore, but we do expect you to know the fights as well as your class inside and out. We only raid a combined total of 6 hours per week, but the few hours we put in, we expect your best effort. If you crave more raid time, we usually have alt-runs after the raids as well.

We do not have a loot system. We are all adults, and we amicably distribute loot to best suit the progression of the raid as a whole.

We run all of our guild business through vent and in game. If you feel that you would make a good addition to our roster, send in-game mail or a whisper to Myself or Bubbelboy, and we will chat with you. We do not have an application form to fill out, or a website you have to sign up for - this isn't a job, and we don't treat it like one.

The classes listed above are the preferred class makeup to keep loot evenly distributed, but by no means exclusive. Exceptional players that fall within the same role (ranged dps and a healer MS/offspec dps) are welcome to apply.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Recruitment Needs and progression updated...
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Im interested in joining.
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