History of the Horde: Saturday PvP Part 4

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Part 4: Turning Full-Circle – Cataclysm

So if you meet me have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I'll lay your soul to waste
Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name
But what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game – Jagger/Richards

While seemingly endless changes were made to the game, we forged ahead into Cataclysm with pretty much the same crew intact. Saturday PvP had become a staple of Scarlet Crusade and lots of folks that had never been a part of the festivities were now showing up every week bringing friends. Guilds were consolidating down to 10 players which meant that there were more to keep track of and who left to go with who. It didn’t really make a difference though, because on Saturday it didn’t matter who you played for, we all played for the Horde.

It was difficult to try and get any kind of Tol Barad PvP going after the battle because obviously a player can travel there while not flagged. Clearly, that was different than Wintergrasp. We also had no chance of doing a Shuffle type thing because as soon as the battle was over, players were either running out or ported out to rez at their graveyard on the peninsula. We really needed some creativity in order to come up with something this time and Blizzard tested us again, but there was no way in hell we weren’t going to find a way to blast down more Alliance. Enter the “No one Here Gets out Alive: Graveyard Gauntlet”

After several games of chasing players across the exit bridge of TB, that got to be too much of a “dodge the guards” situation so we put the brakes on that. Someone got a tremendous idea and needless to say, Roatch the proverbial “Professor of Pain” gave us just the perfect plan. With 25 or so players in the battle, time winding down, and the other 15 of us sitting in the Alliance graveyard who didn’t get in the battle awaiting their imminent rez after the game, the raid in TB disbanded and all joined our graveyard campers. We mass summoned the crew and like magic, we had 40 people decimating these shocked and surprised flagged players from the battle! The beat downs were amazing, we stretched the crew all the way back to their camp, and as soon as we had tanks that could withstand multiple guards, we could chase the players right into their Alliance camp and right to their portals.

That was fun for a while but eventually flags dropped and we needed to take it somewhere else. That’s when we started to incorporate a few more invasions of Alliance cities. Invasions were a lot easier before Cataclysm because now all of a sudden these guards hit like freight trains and the leaders had a billion health it seemed. We tried a few times with PvP gear on like normal, only to find that mana was really tight and once that was gone, so were we. Apparently on Horde side, Math is not a required skill, so we had to don the PvE gear in order to rub out a few city leaders. We did make one mistake however; taking out Wrynn was going to be a chore, and it was going to be a while before we could pull it off. Everyone and their mother hung out in Stormwind, and what’s more is that when the local defense went off it was like Times Square in his room. We got smoked a few times early on but it wasn’t long before we figured it out. We yanked Wrynn into his library and beat him like a rented mule. Players tried in vain to run in and save him only to get filleted like a freshly caught flounder. “Door patrol” was on point with the task of tearing the head off anyone who came into that room flagged.
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90 Undead Priest
We stand now at the threshold of yet another patch, with more changes to the game on the way. I’m confident that the world PvP aspect of the game’s integrity will still be kept intact. One thing for sure is that there will be some person in the group who will cook up some crazy idea that just may turn into our next named strategy. It seems to happen when we least expect it too. Take for instance four weeks ago. We were trying to get the achievement for “Loyal Defender”, and we’re all cooped up behind Drek and the Alliance of course were good sports by throwing themselves right into his one-shotting cleave. After we hit 50 kills we stormed out to take on the lot of them and beat them back to the graveyard. There had to be at least 30 of them. We had a hard time recapturing the relief hut graveyard, and after quite a few tries we decided to just forget it. We just piled everyone up in the graveyard and spawn-camped them to zero. A reverse Cave stomp! What a great idea! Picture that, all 36 of us at the time standing in that backmost graveyard AOE’ing the lot of them down every time they spawned! They were trapped and could rez no place else but right on us. The game went from 125 resources to zero for them in a matter of minutes of incorporating the plan. It really wasn’t planned; it just kind of evolved into a plan. I don’t think any of us would have thought of that one, but it sure was a great way to pull victory from the certain jaws of defeat. Not only that, but give us the giggles for about a week!

It’s quite amazing to sit back and think of where we were seven years ago and what the Horde has evolved into. We have indeed come full circle from those early days. Even though the Alliance still outnumber us pretty well, at least we can put up a quality battle and keep it very interesting. The one thing the Horde army knows how to do better than anything is have a really great time together. I’m not sure whether it’s the “Vent-ertainment”, or just the whole entire carnival atmosphere we employ, I’m pretty sure everyone takes a little something from the quality time we spend on those Saturdays. We’ve always billed Saturday PvP as “The most fun you can have for $15 a month…with your clothes on!”, so you kind of already know what you’re getting into. There are really no prerequisites to be a part of the group either. All you really have to do is be a Horde player that can follow directions, be able to hear us give those directions....and most of all, enjoy yourself!

This April marks seven years for me in this game, and it still hasn’t gotten old. Here’s hoping it stays that way for a good while longer!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
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I know Hakh's lagging behind again, what's new.

Anyways, Ozzy, I really enjoyed your documentary on horde PVP on SC over the years, hopefully it'll keep going long into the future and'll keep getting better. Really looking forward next Saturday already, lol. Hopefully World PVP in MoP will be better than it is now, but I think it may be hard to beat what we have here. Reading the documentary made me wish I was around back then and got more active sooner so I could've been in there during the more interesting times, like TM/SS battles, resourceless AV's or Taming the Gnome King. Though in one of those AV's I probably would have spent more time being a loot-freak than normal, lol. We should try to get some of the other old summons in AV going besides Lokh sometime for all the people that haven't seen em, or try to pull off a Cavestomp, though the latter would be tougher than nails to get going with some of the luck we've been having in AV's lately.

Look at me again, getting distracted, all-in-all it's been a blast PVPing with the gang every saturday for the past while, and I just wanna thank everyone that helped kick-off this weekly occurance, without you all this server wouldn't be the same.

From your friendly neighbourhood polar bear,
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Thanks for the excellent posts, Ozzy! I didn't really participate after Vanilla, but this trip down "Memory Lane" was fantastic! The TM/SS fun and the epic AV battles can never be replaced. Alas, time marches on...

(AKA Sindrow)
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