<Valence-AOS(H)> 5/8h recruiting FIRE MAGE

85 Blood Elf Mage
<Valence> is in need of a 2nd fire mage to join us in heroic progression. They are too valuable for us to only have 1 for heroic content.

If you think you have the IQ level to join us, feel free to apply at:


at this time we do not require any specific amount of gear / experience for our applicants, but we will obviously have more interest in individuals with good gear and high experience opposed to those without.

dont think that you will have a chance if you apply with 1/8 normal and gear worse than what you can get in the new 5 man heroics.

gear will come in time .. so dont feel like you have to top the meters and go toe to toe with us on dps ... as long as you can prove that you arn't an idiot, you'll be fine

whisper myself, caturday, or ulicia in game if you have any questions.

Happy holidays!
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1 Blood Elf Paladin
bump, miss you loves.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
you would
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85 Blood Elf Priest
12/31/2011 05:53 PMPosted by Captgash
wtf is VALENCE?

va·lence [vey-luhns]

1. Chemistry .
a. the quality that determines the number of atoms or groups with which any single atom or group will unite chemically.
b. the relative combining capacity of an atom or group compared with that of the standard hydrogen atom. The chloride ion, Cl–, with a valence of one, has the capacity to unite with one atom of hydrogen or its equivalent, as in HCl or NaCl.

2. Immunology . the number of determinants per molecule of antigen.

3. the capacity of one person or thing to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or the facilitation of a function or activity.

Origin: 1865–70; < Latin valentia strength, worth
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Lava Burst counts as fire right?
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
my two piece does some fire. can i go
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