Faded Dreams Heroic Kill Vids

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Did you see Mista one heal rag 10 heroic? this dude put the team on his back tho, dude healing with a broken finger and he goes HaM. he wasnt doing it for Blackhand, not for Ally, dude was doin it for Gwen Stefani.

But seriously, teaser song had me rofling. And did anyone here "I got a !@#$%" at the end? haha

Its really cool to see a thread dedicated to videos be derailed like this. trolling 101 GS sponsored.

hold mah diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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Man, I wish I was apart of this
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85 Worgen Druid

I'unno know you like others may know you so I don't know what type of connotation your statements should have. I didn't watch the video, because just like we killed it mad late and it didn't mean $%^- (I didn't even record it ;<), solo healing it doesn't mean *!@#. Old content is old. However, I don't think his ability was ever in question but he gets upset 'cause he's got that GS on his chest.

The hell? Since when was this about me solo healing Rag?

By the way if it's so easy then I invite your healers to go ahead and solo heal it.

Old content is old but that doesn't mean it's easy to do.

But I didn't make ANY mention of Rag in these posts so I don't know why that was even brought up in the first place.

I digress, if it's not a shot at us then whatever but other people not in GS nor FD were commenting about the music choice so I don't think it's a matter of being self-absorbed to come to that conclusion.

Anyways I'm done caring.
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90 Worgen Druid
I'm looking for some pve nerds to help me get my legendary, I think this might be a good place to look.
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85 Troll Druid
Listen, Maleficent brought it up, though it's relevancy is in question. However, you notice that all my statements were directed at him. I even put a @Maleficent at the beginning.

Mmm, apathy. So original.
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90 Worgen Druid
So I watched these videos and I find you to be a disgusting disgrace to moonkins everywhere.

I'm no pve hero, but you left IS fall off quite a bit. And people die in every video which is followed by rage, which was the only good part of these videos.

I got a bonr
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86 Human Paladin
I like trolling Mistapanda so I support this thread.
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85 Troll Druid
Listen, I didn't start threads with video links to doing !@#$ on old content, did I? I'm also pretty sure that you're in the same boat Fuj. Didn't kill Sinestra or Rag ahead of patch though I'm not sure about Cho'gall.
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85 Troll Druid
Listen, you got US 37 with a guild that didn't really want you and sat you more than you could fathom. 10% also doesn't count. Your ability to kill bosses is dependent on the other people in raid, since you can't solo them. No matter how good you are, you're never better than your guild as far as WoW progression is concerned.

I didn't care to do Sinestra, I had to tank it because you didn't have anyone else. You're also supposed to clip dots as close to a second as you can, multi-dotting is beneficial except on Shannox, and my raw single target was always top ten even as garbagedotcom balance (I'll give the exception of Baleroc--I probably dropped below at some point when I have to tank shards and we have Mages who won't even do backups).

In the end, you're right. This thread didn't question your ability to kill bosses. It wasn't about you.
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85 Troll Druid
AFK Formatting...

It wasn't about you.

It became about me when you called for me.

Listen, you got US 37 with a guild that didn't really want you and sat you more than you could fathom.

Thats hilarious considering they booted their other warrior tank for me after a week and a half. I became a raider there and left b/c I was begged to come back to FD. You werent even there when I left, so you really have no room to judge me as to why I left and why I came back.

You're also supposed to clip dots as close to a second as you can

Then why do you let them drop completely off or refresh them at half duration?

I didn't care to do Sinestra, I had to tank it because you didn't have anyone else.

I do like this part the most. You are correct when saying I didnt have anyone else. I didnt want splertiki because as everyone knows, he doesnt know when to use his cds unless he is told. See H rhy stomps as an example. And to you not caring? That's rich. Whining and sitting on stand by until I had a spot open b/c I didnt take you. Yeah you didnt care.

This thread isnt about me until you brought up my name. Keep enabling me by replying. Im enjoying this.

Now that I've spent half a page in enters, I'll address some things.

I stated that the progression of all Blackhand threads go post, complaint, Fujka commandeering. It's happening right now because people are watching us argue instead of watching the videos linked at the top of the first page.

Hmm, I find it hard to believe that I was hearing reports from all your RID friends saying how you were sitting every fight. I also find it hard to believe that so many people quit when you came back but you were begged to come back. I guess Lucent could have begged you because I know Octoz didn't, TUO probably did not, and Shipoopi probably didn't but she's not a very good judge of character.

Depending on how close to Eclipse depends on when you refresh DoTs or use SS Starsurge. It has changed around with each new tier and with the legendary but I'm not saying I never missed a falling DoT or always clipped them at the appropriate time. That's like saying you always refreshed Rend after whatever required ticks when you have Bleed debuff up.

I asked to get invited but you had all the DPS, however when a second tank wasn't available, you brought me in to tank. I will admit that I don't bring much to Sinestra (no good single target, no burst to eggs) but I'm not sure why you would favor Mr. Mirror Image at 10% over me... ever. Or why you would try to recruit him for your ten man. I guess your decision making isn't the best it could be.

However, everyone go watch the videos! Fujka is one ban from being unable to ever post on forums again. The ship has been righted.
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85 Troll Druid
Listen, I don't care why you didn't like Octoz. That wasn't the point. Besides your fanboys, no one wanted you back as evident with the numerous gquits upon your return.

I joined after you left, Shipoopi was council at the time.

I don't think you're going to get anyone to agree with you about Bugs. His class carried him; he was never noteworthy. Balance is also always subpar except for multi-target or AOE. There was a time when I was pretty scrub and in Valiant, but even then I had to point out that Spacechicken didn't know how to gem. He will never be better than me no matter how long you leave caps lock on.

Oh, the site IP logs. Can you stop checking in every morning like clockwork?
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85 Dwarf Warrior
Thought about it actually, I dont even care.
Edited by Materblaster on 1/1/2012 1:50 AM PST
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85 Gnome Priest
01/01/2012 08:37 AMPosted by Maleficent
I honestly did not think a video game could spur this type of drama. It reeks of teenage estrogen in here.

My !@#$% is bigger than yours sir.
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