<Republic> is a long-standing, respected lvl 25 casual guild on Dawnbringer. We also raid! (true story).

That new MMO has depleted our ranks, and we are looking for mature players to come on-board and help us kill Deathwing. Our raid times are Wed & Thu, 8-11pm server. We need tanks and healers, but never turn away good players. If you are a group of 2 or 3 looking to move to a drama-free guild, give us a try. There's a good chance we can fit you into our Raid group.

<Republic> consists of approximately 50 active players with 200+ toons. We raid current content and occasionally do the classic stuff. In Wrath we had 2 10M groups and would love to get there again.

Apply at Republicofdawnbringer.guildlaunch.com , or talk to Fearghal, Fruitninja, or Schaun in-game.