Anyone else here play League of Legends?

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Or interested in trying league. If you do you should sign up and let me know you play so we can own noobs.

Edit: Added sign up link for any newbies interested in playing the games and might be in need of tips.
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I play LoL, but no one shall ever have my name.
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Its not that i was horable at it i played like 5 games and i diddent like it. like you said its 4 buttons !@#$ING EASY MODE. I was going to try and play it again cuz some irl friends keep bugging me to play again but i just dont like it.

as long as were talking about other games, has anyone ever played a game called frozen synapse? I played it when it came out and i stoped playing it for like a couple months but i just played a couple games of it the other day and. I was starting to get into it again.

League of Legends has 7-8 builds, per character, per map, per game type, based on what team composition you're fighting. A lot more variables than WoW will ever have. Honestly, LoL is probably a lot more difficult than WoW.
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But I dont like it. In my opinion it sucks. Get your alts off of here whoever this is.

But I dont like it. In my opinion it sucks.

I dont like it. In my opinion it sucks.

In my opinion it sucks.

my opinion it sucks.

my opinion sucks.

Reading my name backwards is difficult, right?

I'll level a character and carry you to 2k for 2k gold if you'd like?
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Umpire im really glad I read your name backwards buddy.

you couldent carry !@#$ if you are who I think you are.

I left this server before you were here I believe, since I've never even heard of you (or you're just bad) so no I'm probably not who you think I am. I do agree though, my backpack is probably too small to carry you.

Also Fap, I do agree that LoL is highly dependent on stats. Still fun though I think.
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