Special note for 29/12: We will have a raid meeting in the Pig and Whistle (Old Town inn in SW) at 7.15.

Paradigm Shift will be hosting a weekly 10-man raiding run, beginning tonight, December 29, and every Thursday thereafter, with possible further pugging on Fridays or Saturdays. We are currently building our core 10-man team and while we're under construction we welcome the contributions and assistance of all heroes of the Alliance in ending Deathwing's reign of tyranny, as well as any and all applications to join the core team. (Core members will be subject to attendance and performance requirements, but will be guaranteed a spot every week.)

The pug will be held at 8.00 server time, with invites being sent out at 7.45. First come, first served will be the rule of invites, and we may not be able to accept every role every week. However, many of our current core raiders are flexible in role, between alts and offspecs, so even if we don't emphasise your role at the bottom go ahead and ask. We might just have a spot for you.

Our raiding rules can be viewed on our website at http://paradigm.guildomatic.com . Follow the Handbook link in the crumb underneath the banner and you'll find a link to our raiding and loot rules there.

If you don't read the rules, know this: you must be able to listen in Mumble, you must have an equipped item level of 372, be in pve gear (or have very good reasons for being in PvP, like my stupid BiS conquest neckpiece), and you must have your gear fully gemmed and enchanted (or very close to fully. We realize right now the market's full of ripoff), and you must have consumables. (We'll try to provide a feast/cauldron, but it depends on the attendance of certain members, and if you can't get the food buff you need from the seafood, you need to bring it yourself.)

For more information or an invite pst/mail Hendever, Nevæh, or Cronoforce. (Ascii character is alt-145.)

This week (29/12) we particularly need:

Ranged DPS


(Yeah, I logged out in my half-finished terrible PvP set. I swear I don't raid in this.)
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