Gurth: Far more broken in pvp/pve than DWTR

Not exactly a comprehensive test or anything but I swung at a target dummy for about 8 minutes , dealing roughly 7-8 million damage and it procced twice. Pretty worthless at this point if it's gonna stay like that. Gonna go swing some more.
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Why is the mace better than Slicer?
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01/04/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Haul
The specific bug was that paladins running Seal of Truth had two chances with every swing to trigger the proc with Gurthalak or Souldrinker. They now have one chance.

Why is Rend able to proc Gurthalak when Censure is not?
Additionally, weren't Seal of Truth procs necessary to keep Ret's proc uptime up there with dual wielding Arms/Fury/Frost? Dual wielding Fury already swings twice as much as Ret, and dual wielding 1 handed Arms/Frost swing even faster than that.

Frost and arms can dual wield 2 handers?

Fury sacrifices a lot of stats to use two 2handers that have no secondary stats. Fury damage is balanced around us getting those inflated stats from having two 2handers vs 1hander stat budgets, so when we actually give those stats up x2, it's noticable. I think it balances out in that regard. Our proc rate is higher but not our damage.
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Kolzi, the whole "they have a legendary" didn't work during firelands when people kept posting melee were bad etc being only a couple thousand dps behind sometimes. The chest beaters still think that they should be able to beat a legendary. So I suggest once rogues shoot to the top with their legendaries we post a thread every day to get everyone who isn't a rogue buffed since legendaries don't belong being thousands of dps ahead much less you should be able to beat a legendary wielder in dps.

That is what it's become pretty much. Beat in dps by a legendary... goin to the forums and getting buffed next patch.

The legendaries from 4.2 are and will be far too common for them to just get an automatic trump card over every other DPS. That doesn't sound fair at all to give them that kind of advantage, especially when its from the previous tier.

Warglaives lasted through SWP. Val lasted technically 3 tiers. Both of those were just as easy if not easier to obtain than DTW. Thunderfury technically bridged an expansion and once again was RNG, but could be easier than DTW. The only legendaries that didn't last more than 1 tier was Sulfuras, Atiesh, thoridal, and Shadowmourne. The last 3 were only because they were on the final tier of an expansion as would be the same with the rogue daggers.

Get this through your head: Unless a legendary is from the final tier, the devs intend it to be very good and should put a dps who is the same skill level ahead by a visible margin and also intend for it to last at least through the next tier.

Also, DTW was no easier or harder to obtain than any legendary to date and not a single legendary required hard mode of the final boss although the bow required the final boss of the final tier who was also gated(besides it sucked)
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Pve items doing anywhere from 12%-16% of a players damage in pvp.
Yup working as intended.
If whats intended is making pvp even more unbalanced!
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When will the death knight bug issue with crit be fixed?

Currently the Tentacle of the old ones from swords and I'm assuming all versions isn't inheriting the extra 50% crit modifier from Runic Focus.

As a reminder this is what Runic Focus does:
Runic Focus Passive
Unlike most casters, a Death Knight's spells cause double damage on critical hits and their chance to hit is increased by 9%. Spells are all Death Knight abilities that are not direct weapon strikes.

I learned that our ghoul and gargoyle do already inherit the 200% critical modifier from Runic Focus.

So... Gargoyle is benefiting from 200% critical bonus and the ghoul is benefiting from 200% critical bonus, but the tentacle of the old ones is NOT benefiting from 200% critical bonus, it's only getting 150%.
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Get this through your head, the legendary is too widely accessible to too many classes and too easy to obtain for it to be as powerful as you want it to be. I mean my god, it was arguably the most powerful legendary ever in 4.2.
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153K health
4009 Resil (39.9%)
26700 armor (50%)
Cheap shot
Eviscerate for 10K
Lightning Strike hit for 38K
Ambush for 20K
Ambush for 17K
~13K total damage from Wound and Hemo.
Cheap shot fades
4 second stun, ~98K Damage.
64% health gone in opener.
PvE items in PvP.
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Yes. The bug was with Seal of Truth, so Souldrinker will proc less for paladins as well.

The specific bug was that paladins running Seal of Truth had two chances with every swing to trigger the proc with Gurthalak or Souldrinker. They now have one chance.

So when can Retribution Paladins expect a compensation buff?

Seal hits are melee attacks, Gurthalak procs off melee attacks. It isn't a bug.

It is a bug because Ret has 2x the chance for it to proc off every attack unlike any other melee. No other melee has that interaction with Gurth.

However, Fury can have two, and Unholy's Mastery buffs the tentacle. So several specs have ways of buffing the sword's proc (either rate or damage per attack). Are these all bugs?
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Ugh, as has been stated earlier. Any good Fury Warrior is not going to dual wield Gurthalak's because it's not nearly as effective in your off-hand. It doesn't proc nearly as often and the secondary stats are more beneficial to you.
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01/04/2012 04:06 PMPosted by Bradell
You don't need a buff because they fixed a bug.

So wait.. if I recall correctly, they've compensated for other classes/specs when they "fixed" something that lowered their DPS. What makes this any different?
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