Dying realm.


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I may possibly be going to Moon Gaurd to join Fourth Wall. DON'T LAUGH AT ME> Role playing is awesome :P but its even more awesome when its a 5/8 heroic guild :3 Just on my DK tho. The pull of Ysondre is very strong so I couldn't leave it all together.
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I'm torn, ysondre hates me. i miss the close knit community but everyone on the server hates me. :(

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I chose Bleeding Hollow. Even ratio of H/A and I love this server. I too started on Ysondre.
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Cho'gall is a horde only realm, there's usually more horde in Stormwind then allies. During Wrath I was there one friday night at 9 PM there was only me and another player in Stormwind. I posted the pics up in the general forums then, people couldn't believe it.
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I could never leave Ysondre. After all, its where my gf's character and mine got married. Though I do wana transfer my horde off..

I normally only play at late night and man is it DEAD everywhere. :(
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Horrible Realm,Horrible Players.....'nuff said.

RIP Ysondre

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RIP Ysondre

awwww, u do care. lol
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Horrible Realm,Horrible Players.....'nuff said.

RIP Ysondre

My good sir, I, Harrowmont, Champion of Ysondre, am not one to bring about "Real World" talk, but how can a realm be dead when people have fun on it?
There are very few realms in Azeroth where you can loot the Gurubashi chest and win a Heart of the Aspects.
There are very few realms in Azeroth where a once "Scourge of Trade Channel" can rise to the rank of First Victor of The World PvP Flaggings.
Ysondre is far from a dying realm... people were telling me that four years ago.
As for your horrible players comment, if you feel the need to insult people for playing where they want to and where they have fun, then you sir, are the horrible one.
That is enough from me, may you stain your blades with the blood of The Horde.
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<Encore> will never die! ........oh wait

Really though, I hate seeing this server die. First server, best server <3
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Really though, I hate seeing this server die. First server, best server <3

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Well if youre looking for trouble, I'm the man to see
and if youre looking for satisfaction, satisfaction guaranteed
cooler than a body on ice and im hotter than a rolling dice

If you don't make your own fun and good times here then it will seem like a dead server. You cant sit around in SW or org and just hope everything will come to you, go make some friends and have some fun.

Ah, my all time favorite lovesong...

Bon Scott > Jimi Hendrix.
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You guys think it's better on other servers, but as someone else stated, the grass isn't always greener. I've been playing on Ysondre for about a month now(maybe less). My main - Mooasaurus - and varios other chars are on Illidan. World PvP is non-existant because the alliance is non-existant on Illidan. Making this even worse is that we share a battlegroup with servers that are almost all completely Horde dominant making BG queues atrocious. However, there are tons of glads that transfer to Illidan, so it makes the competition a ton of fun(extremely fierce) on the arena scene. The worst part about Illidan is that there are tons of people all over the place, and yet you still end up bored to tears because the sense of elitism is suffocating and the moment a group fails/wipes in something, or the moment you make a mistake on an arena team, the group/team disbands.

Every server has its pros and cons. In the end, your experience is what you make of it, not what server you're doing it on.
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Should join up a few of the higher guilds. Put a "best of" together and make a mega raid party. It can be 25m heroics. Or just 10 man. I dont care if I am on that raid or not. I just think it would be nice to have a group of people defeat DW on heroics in 25m on Ysondre.
(I dont think anyone has done it yet anyway)
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Fatherload Here.

As one more act of remission, I will post this on the appropriate forum, to pitch the idea to a blue.
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No doubt, kind of like somebody that has only killed Arthas in ICC... just sayin :o)
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Ysondre could be busier but it isn't dying. There are plenty of decent players; not everyone wants to play this game the 'Exodus' way some of us want to actually enjoy it.
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