Attorney at Lawl is a 10 man progression raid guild that raids 3 nights a week (Tues-Thurs, 8:30-12 server) who is looking to recover from the loss of 2 raid members due to the holidays. We are 7/8 Dragon Soul, 6/7 heroic Firelands (with our purple firehawks!).

Currently, we require the following:
1 melee (frost DK, fury war)
1 ranged (shadow priest [strong preference], boomkin)
1 heals (disc priest)

(While this is what we are looking for, we are willing to take a look at any strong applicant.)

Applicants need to be ilvl 380 with Firelands achievements to show raid experience. Please send in game tells or mail to Capricorn, Gartam, or Shiftfoheals.