Thanks for 5 amazing years.

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For about 5 yrs now I have been playing World of Warcraft about 6 months ago I went on a long break and came back to give up the guild Pride of The Horde. I didn't want to leave my members hanging any longer. I wanted to say So-long to everyone of you since as of now. I wont be logging back into World of Warcraft anymore.
I also wanted to send a salute out to the Alliance of Velen. Without you Horde wouldn't exist so thanks for being such a pain in the No seriously I have seen some amazing Alliance in TB and love it. A year ago I held a fundraiser for a little girl and had amazing feedback from both Horde and Alliance for that I knew I picked an amazing server five years ago. Anyway enough bs....Later all. For The Horde! Salutes Alliance of Velen.
Peace out....Angel

P.S. Will check back for responses now and then. Thanks Blizzard for the fun...
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90 Human Rogue

Although my interactions with you have been very few, I can tell by your tact and candor that you are the ideal person to play WoW with... or against as the case may be ;) If you ever do come back to WoW, I look forward to facing you as an adversary, or maybe even an ally.

Good luck to you,

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I haven't used up my sub yet so wanted to respond. I love the game, and will miss it, but will need to focus more on real life. I am not saying good bye forever just for a bit. I was once an Alliance hunter by the name of Moonbeamer...Night Elf. I met some amazing players and not so amazing. I went Horde and have met even more players. I wanted to mention them as some were once guildies of mine.
Horde First
Joeninja- Thanks for being a great tank and even a better friend.
Miatia- My favorite Warlock. You were a very good friend. I left and drama happened so I apologize for the misunderstanding that happened.
ArmedforWar- I know our guild is in good hands with you.
Carl- For never letting anyone change your mind on being a Beast Master to love that right.
Dumptruck- Can't remember what your goblin name is now...Thanks for making me laugh in the forums.
Silentwolf- For being fun to play with.
Kissmylovely- God speed sweety. I hope you are doing well.
Alliance Side
Swordmaiden- Is the GM for Make My Day. Wonderful leader and really knew her stuff.
Caldir- I think that's how its spelt an awesome Druid tank back in the day.
Pestle- Thanks I look forward to eventually returning. Might roll an alliance now sure if I could bare
I know there are a lot more just can't recall the Anyway that's enough from me...Again Thank you all for being cool. Peace out....With love Angel
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12/29/2011 03:46 PMPosted by Angelicã
I knew I picked an amazing server five years ago.

Yes. Velen may not be the top in pvp or progression or all the stat stuff that doesn't matter, but the people are second to none. And it's the people that make the game something greater than just playing solitaire.

Sad to see you go. Always hard to lose good people who have been here from the get go. It's nice having the old timers who actually remember & can reminisce about the good ol' days.

Take care Angelica! I truly hope you find whatever it is you are seeking. And in several months when Blizz emails you your free 10 day comeback trial, make sure you join a Tol Barad so the Alliance can welcome you back properly.

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Angel's leaving really? She was one of the many people would when I was on Horde really went out of her way to help. When my father passed away she put together a fundraiser for my kids. Blizzard needs more players like this. She set me up with my own account last year. Bal and Angel were great GMs never really discriminating against people for not having gear, but showing them the gear they should have. On my priest they made her gear and helped so much. Sorry to see these types of players leave the game. I just hope you come back soon.
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