Alliance of Lothar! I come to warn you!

85 Draenei Shaman
Behold, for I have come unto this forum from the realm of Elune to give to thee a dire warning!

The Warrior known as Buulphrix, and his Mage friend Werebelle, are both terrible players of this game. Their actions only bring shame and disgrace upon their guilds and upon their names. When faced with proof of their incompetence, the honorable course would have lead them to withdraw from the dungeon. Instead they banded together, their retard power rendering them immune to sense and vote kicks. Though we of Elune tried valiantly, we were unable to overcome the combination of their stupidity and the Echo of Tyrande's Moonbeams. All that was left to us was to dance naked for Nozdormu in the hope that the Timeless One would grant us the patience to endure. And then we realized that the Lord of Time in his various guises has seen everyone naked.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
so you...........wait what?
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90 Worgen Warrior
I assure you, no one cares. Every server has their baddies, and you found two of ours.

Now go back to your server and cry on your own pillow and stop trying to sully ours.
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86 Human Paladin
12/31/2011 03:46 PMPosted by Marlitharn
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85 Night Elf Druid
How dare you
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90 Human Mage
RP server is that way >>>>>
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85 Goblin Warlock
That was fu-king awesome.

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90 Human Death Knight

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