(H) LF Lock and RSham for 3s.

Uhhh hey. I'm looking for an Affliction Warlock and a Restoration Shaman for 3s on the Horde side of Firetree, and of course I am a Frost Mage. We would run MLS. I could go Fire if it was more suited but I think me being Frost would be best, we'd see how it works.

I'm currently in an RMP at 1700 but as things may not work out as planned I'd like to befriend some RShams and Locks now. My PVP ilevel is 390 equipped and I have 4546 resilience.

As for you, you must be full 384+ with mostly 390s, the only 384s I should see are ones with expensive enchants or gems. As for experience, I know that it's hard to get a 3s comp rolling so you may not have any, but I will hope to evaluate you in game by doing some BGs and/or 2s. You must have skype, vent isn't enough. You must also be vocal when we Arena. I'd also ask for you to stick to the team as and after we hit/sit on certain ratings. I plan on sticking with you this whole season.

Our goal is to hit either 1800, 2000, or 2200 (preferentially the latter) and to sit on the rating for a few weeks to have a nice Conquest cap. 2200 must be hit before the season ends, but if things go well we'll be there well before the season ends, and push for a higher rating near the end to get a good title (preferably Gladiator).

Any and all applicants should respond, but please note, I don't want your 4th alt you just got geared. I'm looking for mains and people who are on their character enough to know how to play it.

You can contact me by posting here, or whispering me in game on my Mage Blueobelisk or my DK alt, Delocalized. I afk often so if I don't respond please try again when I'm back.

Best of luck to all Arenaers.
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85 Undead Warlock
What kind of exp do you have?
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Sadly I don't have extensive experience. I started WoW while season 9 was midway done and only got interested in PVP by the end of it. I spent season 10 doing nothing serious, but acclimating to my Mage and learn how to play it and what to do against different classes. This season 11 is where I'm serious about a 3s rating.

This season, as I said, I got to 1700 in RMP 3s (that you can still see by inspecting my armory 3s team) but the group disbanded for some reasons, so I was not able to push higher. Im sure we could have gone higher, however.

My RMP is officially dead and I'm partnerless. I have some arrangement with an Rsham and DK from your guild Pie Chart but I am not sure how it will turn out, as they are inexperienced, need gear, and the composition isn't the best.

So of course I am still looking.
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85 Undead Priest
those some reasons are because you suck
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85 Undead Rogue
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
lol im guessing thats your former p and r?
most lock/r sham combos want a rogue anyway noob =P
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