Cut down on the spoonfed storytelling in MoP.

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You should really quit arguing about this guys...

before we come to blows...
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Well I like a lore glazed game that's as rich as a truffle.
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I honestly don't mind a linear story, myself. That said, a bit of subtlety would definitely make things an improvement and, unfortunately, Blizzard doesn't really do subtlety very well.
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I wish we could get a linken-type story line back: one that has us travel a bit, instead of just walking 5 feet away from the quest giver to get 5 basilisk livers. These are the types of quests that the devs got rid of to reduce having to travel the world so we can level faster, and I understand that, but now we don't travel the world until we are told to go to the next quest hub.

I hear there were some good quests put into the game after cata in the early levels, but I just haven't seen them I guess (I must have not done those zones and did dungeons or something). Leveling now is just a zerg fest. You don't even have to read the quests and can just open the map and follow the paint-by-number. I understand questhelper was out and we could just use that, but it wasn't readily accessible to new players who didn't know about addons.

I also understand that they wanted to reduce the amount of time alt-tabbing and looking up how to do the quests in thottbot and wowhead, and to keep us in their game more.

I know they have their reasons for what they did when they redid 1-60, but I just wish they didn't make it feel like we are being spoonfed instead of, for the sake of sticking to the metaphor, having to find a spoon and feeding ourselves the way we see fit.

TL;DR nostalgia post FTW I suppose
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Many parts of the 1-60 revamp are just renames/readjustment of objectives from old quests, they don't even add together to a story for that zone in some cases

And the do 3 things at Location X, repeat at Y and Z as well, then go to new 'area' gets very old very fast

No more revamps please
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01/04/2012 10:37 AMPosted by Nethaera
As for Mists of Pandaria and the storyline there, we definitely want to continue down the path of offering up story where we can. We feel that this can only enhance the experience of the game. We're not unaware though of the concerns on both sides of the fence.

That's good news!

As long as you guys stick to your methods of telling story - by player participation. I'm not a fan of "digital actors" (ala BioWare with SW:TOR) telling me the story, or in some cases even showing the action without me in it.

The Icecrown 5-mans were a perfect example of how to do it right! I got the story WHILE I was playing in it. Not separately!

A current example I'm not a fan of is Uldum. When you first get there, and the caravan is captured, etc. I think there are too many cut scenes and worse, it moves my character around the zone. I don't like that type of intro to a zone, I felt as though I had no control over my character and didn't "learn" the locations as well, since I was plopped in the middle (twice!) and didn't travel there myself.
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say what you want but i love the end boss of that place POWER!
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