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We do something like this on our guild forums, I love it. As most of everyone in UNITY is sick of me saying this, i'll instead say it here. The # one thing I miss about vanilla is how close people used to be on servers. It was so fun to get to know the other faction thru bg's and forums. With no cross realm ques, it took ages longer to rank, and keep that rank, but you really got to know most of the ppl on your server. World pvp was such a blast! Good natured ribbing, poking fun, doesn't seem to exist on this server at least. It's all vicious name calling, complaining, bite my bum, mean stuff. I propose we get to know each other better! I know this is dorky, but i'm nothing if not a dork. I'll start!

Hi! My name is Alass. I've been playing wow since 2005. I live in the south east part of the United States. I'm self employed and work from home. I have 2 children that I home school, both play wow. We live on a nonworking farm that allows us to keep horses, 4 wheelers and all kinds of outdoorsey fun things. I'm a horrid cook, and i'm not at all crafty, altho I would love to be. I don't have one favorite author but love Salvatore, the late Robert Jordan, Mull, and numerous other fantasy authors. My all time favorite movie is the Elizabeth Taylor version of Cleopatra. I love to raid with UNITY, and feel honored to play beside them. Even tho he can be a bit rough around the edges, Layuth is one of my dearest friends. (what can I say, he sings Sinéad O'Connor songs to me in venty when i'm sad).

Please post details about yourself that you don't mind sharing. Adding photo's of yourself, family and favorite pets is welcome too.

My son and dad at Stinson Beach

My daughter and her duck that thinks its a puppy

Our newest animal family member
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Let me introduce Pascha:

Insurgency's mascot and co raid lead.
The secret to Huxy's DPS and his babe magnet.
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This is Interesting :) ...

Hello My name Is Tony. I'm a student studying Chemistry and I live in Canada, and unlike what Lay says I'm not actually a newfie just a regular lame old Canadian. I like soccer and of course the obvious Hockey. I first started playing WoW in 2004 for couple of months on aerie peaks, then started here when the server opened.

I played on couple of other servers but Always liked the people on bladefist the trolls the newbs and "pros".
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Sounds good Alass!

Well then, my name is Alex. I am a Student at Northern Kentucky University where i study IT and History (don't ask why i double majored in two non-related subjects...). I love Football and played for almost 13 years and was going to move on and play college but i tore my ACL my senior year. I am fun to talk to, I suppose... I love Taco Bell, too much.. I can be a nice person, but I do have anger problems sometimes.

On to WoW, I have been playing since Vanilla beta. I played on many realms: Mal'ganis, Alexstraza, Illidan (vanilla). I was really stressed with vanilla raiding and just wanted to casually play when they announced they were opening a bunch of new realms, so i waited until Bladefist was opened and immediately re-rolled on there. Which i believe was the 13th of december 2006. I played casually as a GM of Nocturnal for the rest of vanilla and beginning of BC when i moved into some other guilds which were all merges. I started to get back into the raiding scene with Madness, Dazed and Amused, and Phoenix but nothing hardcore. When i moved to Seraphym, I went from raider to what i would call No life.. I didnt miss a raid for the first year, whatsoever.. I continued to raid with them from March 13th-ish (idr exactly) 2009 to July of 2011 when i quit and moved to UNITY for a little while. In September school took over and i couldnt reschedule so i quit for three months until December when a hacking actually got my to come back to the game. I went back to Seraphym because i wanted to try and raid spotty here and there and didnt think UNITY would be the place for that. I still talk to many of the people from UNITY and enjoy it.

TLDR; I play WoW, I am a Huntard, I am the self-proclaimed king of Bladefist (gtfo Frueh).

<3 you all.
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01/07/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Deathpwnu
I can be a nice person

This is not TRUE! very mean to me , you hurt my feelings on numerous occasions. All these occasions were related to reading patch notes:(.
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