The Iron Man Challenge

90 Undead Rogue
01/10/2012 11:48 AMPosted by Ironmanchall
If I could log on and remove myself I would.
Sorry. Wasn't trying to "out" anyone. I just happened to notice and was looking more for clarification than to nark.

Looking forward to your re-entry into the lists.
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
can u quest?
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
01/10/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Shadowofnigh
can u quest?

Yep. No BGs or instances, but questing is allowed.
85 Gnome Rogue
Well, I've officially started. Named her Irongnome, My "so far" lvl 3 priest.

I will post on her once the armory updates.
85 Human Paladin
You know what? I'll give this a go. I'll post on that chara, then once every 10th level until death or finishing.

To those already on it: Good luck.
11 Human Warrior
I have taken the challenge.

The first day I all most die three times. Damn Murlocs. Made enough sliver to buy all the gear of the merchant.
90 Dwarf Paladin
There are people who have leveled non-killing gatherers in Peace Corps on Antonidas.
There's a troll hunter who leveled in his skivvies.
There's a warrior named Cautious, who is level 85 and has never died.

There are tons of alternate game players and I do believe this is entirely possible. Just quest at green level and kill mobs until they no longer grant experience.

It is the addition of the "no items other than white/grey quality, no grouping, no professions, no talent tree use at all" that make it seem pretty much impossible.

Getting to 85 without dying, if you can use your talent trees and correct level gear, would be far far easier.

I would be surprised if people get through the TBC stat inflation at 60 let alone the caty one.
85 Orc Death Knight
How about with greens and food?
5 Human Priest
01/10/2012 12:32 PMPosted by Stompee
How about with greens and food?

90 Undead Priest
Challenge accepted.

I have named him Ironwaggle, Draenei mage on Norgannon...

<3 Shudder: His face tentacles know no fear.
8 Night Elf Hunter
This is the alt of Kalecos, made just for this challenge. No difficulties getting to level 6, only a question for later: can I get mount training at least?
45 Blood Elf Hunter
Just so people know, lol....
I have tried a pally two times, a warrior once, and a druid once.
The hunter has FAR more skills than I thought they had - which to me keeps the gameplay from ~yawn~
I can't imagine doing this as a shammy or mage.
Its sad watching me sell greens I can use - but..!!! that helped me scrap up 3 gold for my mount.

What is the general opinion about lag deaths? Or is the only goal to have:

Deaths.... _ _

because man, there have been a couple lagouts I was like - OMG OMG...
and I wanted to hit my provider.
I deleted my warrior because of a lag death...its sad to see a ghost when you log in.
~crap!~ "Are you sure you want to delete?" ~yes, damnit.~
2 Troll Hunter
I started a level 1 character on a realm where I have no other characters, same name race and class as this one, to participate in this challenge. Oddly, I can't get her to show up on my forum character list yet.

I don't expect to level quickly at all, because on my main I'm gm of a large guild and a raider there as well, but I'm going to plug away at it and check in ever so often.

This could be fun :)
45 Blood Elf Hunter
01/10/2012 01:20 PMPosted by Ironstraz
This is the alt of Kalecos, made just for this challenge. No difficulties getting to level 6, only a question for later: can I get mount training at least?

Yes, mounts are necessary later. There are zones that need flying to interact in.
8 Night Elf Hunter
Yes, mounts are necessary later. There are zones that need flying to interact in.

Had to ask; some might consider it training in a non-first aid profession since it's called "journymen/expert/ect" riding.
45 Blood Elf Hunter
01/10/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Ironmanchall
Was thinking, we should have all joined the same realm and started a guild. it would take a long time to get any guild benefits anyways. Then we could have first hand tracking of our progress.

If I die again, I will come to you!
As it is I like to occasionally RP, so I am on moonguard.
90 Tauren Paladin
Ironmanchall, Worgen hunter Norgannon
85 Human Paladin
And then you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest wiiiiith a herring!

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