Haomarush Server *needs* a transfer or merger

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Hi Everyone. My original post, which I was told to make by the gm's in the game, was deleted here. So, I am making a second one. Whoever is deleting these posts - the gms told us to post on the forums about this issue. So, it's what we're doing. Deleting the posts when it is what the gm told us to make posts ... well, it doesn't look so great for blizzard. We aren't being mean/angry. We simply want to be noticed and for something to be done.

So, I know it has been brought up, but I wanted to bring it up here (at the suggestion of a very kind gm).

This server (haomarush) needs either free transfers to a more populated server -or- a server merger. As it is now, it is hard to play the game, and part of the reason we left the game entirely a few months ago. My wife and I have 4 characters each ... to transfer them all, it'd cost us $200. So, please refrain from asking why we don't transfer. Those that are left are either those that can't afford to transfer or those that don't agree with paying to transfer. Everyone else is gone (literally).

1) There isn't a high enough population to maintain a 25m raid regularly. We saw many people transfer servers because of this. This is a -serious- issue.

2) It is near impossible to get a rated battleground going. Literally. Especially geared characters ... literally. Nearly impossible. On a regular basis, it is impossible. This is a -serious- issue.

3) There is a [huge] lack of items on the auction house. Need something for crafting? ... well, you'll have to go mine it yourself, or DE it, or make it, etc. There is a -huge- lack of items on the AH. Compared to many more populated servers, it is very dismal.

4) Everyone 'good' has transferred away. Seriously, this is true. I'd love to hear the numbers of players/characters that transferred away from this server within the last month compared to those that transferred to this server. It has to be 1000:1. It might be more.

4b) Blizzard has made their money off of this server's character transfers. Literally, I am sure it has made the money they'd want. If it is a money thing, it's been done. All that are left are those that can't afford a transfer or those that don't want to pay for a transfer. Everyone that could afford it/was fine with paying has left.

So, my proposal is simple. Either a free character transfer to a more populate server, or a server merger. No one would mind either way. The larger guilds have transferred away (with only shells remaining of what they once were ... mostly alts for guild perks)

Thanks for listening.

Edit: Also, the haomarush realm forum has plenty of similar requests:

The gm's just tell us to post on the realm forums. We have been posting since August 2011. Nothing has happened, and this issue needs to be addressed. The population is so low that it impacts the way we play can the game.
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+1 - Please consider doing something here Blizz. We're in bad shape.
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I would not mind seeing Haomarush combined with another low pop server to create a medium pop server! The economy on this server is completely trashed at this point and the AH is useless, if you cannot get something for yourself you will probably not be able to get it! Please Blizz do something!
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Sadly, i'm one of the people that transferred out of this server, it's really sad to see these kind of threads because this is the exact reason i left this server. NOTHING was ever happening, cities were empty, i couldn't get any kind of group going. Luckily however, i stashed up an amount to get the heck out, and i haven't regretted it. (From what i remember) the economy was horrible, the population, needless to say, was extremely low, you'd be lucky to see 25 people in stormwind at once, and raiding is damn near impossible, even with a guild.

That aside, i fully support this thread. It's tough trying to play a game that you love, yet the lack of service is unacceptable, for we pay to PLAY a game, not sit around waiting for a huge problem to be fixed.
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Raiding... on Hao? I think it is a myth now. Bilzz we NEED a merge or open transfers.
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Yea we need the merger or free x-fers please
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Nicely put Suto hopefully they notice this one request sticky if you haven't already
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Completely agree with this thread. My entire group of friends quit playing because of the abysmal population. And those that did quit came back and transferred off just to actually enjoy the game again. I have rekindled my love for this game because of the transfer. And blizzard continues to get my money for it. I believe it would be in their best interest to fix this major problem. Good luck to all my former Hao associates! I hope they fix this for you soon!
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Yesterday we discussed low-population and faction-imbalanced realms with our developers. They have some pretty bold and spectacular plans for addressing this in anticipation of implementing some of the features we plan to in Mists. I just don't have a lot of information to share with you at this stage of programming and development.


It's not much, but it's something. I've been on Hao since 2007, and I have all of one friend here that hasn't transferred or quit playing, nearly all in the past year. TBH I'm not sure the server will even make it 'til Mists :/.
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Pretty ridiculous, this server has been dead forever, practically a ghost town now. PLEASE PLEASE hear our calls and actually do SOMETHING Blizzard. This is not the product I want/will pay for and no longer will. That being said I will scream this message from the rooftops of Orgrimmar for anyone wanting to play WOW not to, the draconian development team just doesn't care about anything except the almighty dollar. PLEASE DO SOMETHING BEFORE PANDAS RUIN THIS GAME and everyone quits anyway.

-Pissed off customer

i've been playing blizzard's games since warcraft, I will boycott all products (diablo 3 included) if this doesn't change/improve. Every Haomarushian should do the same. The best place you can hit activision/blizzard is in the wallet.

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All thsi and not ONE blue post! Figures!
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Wtb rated bgs, and more than a few people to duel outside org plz blizzard-ty
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