Maiev Population: Extremely Low

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Blizzard asked me to present my issues here, so here I am. As you all know, our server is dead. I mean it's barren. Looking for guild members? No. Looking for enchants? No. You get the idea.

Yes, I'm only level 42 and as Blizzard has already suggested, why not re-roll to a different server? I recruited two friends of mine to play - they started off with trial accounts and upgraded and of course are both on Maiev. We've leveled up questing and using the dungeon finder. We are trying to complete weekly guild challenges (PVP & Dungeons) but the three of us can only do so much. We are all casual players but any time invested in this game should be spent playing the game how it's meant to be played (in a fruitful environment). I do not want to re-roll because the time we spent playing so far, it's taken us awhile to get to this level. We mixed in a lot of PVP :P. "Hey guys, turns out this server is dead and we have to re-roll and start over" for a casual player, this is not an ideal conversation.

There is no social aspect to Maiev. There are no low level up and coming guilds. Heck, recruiting for a low level guild is nearly impossible. When I used to play on Detheroc / Destromath it was easy to get a group together to queue for BG's. There was action in the major cities, there were guild rivalries - it was fun.

Maiev is not fun. If you feel the same way, please let Blizzard know here. They've directed me here so they can think of a resolution. Merge two servers together? Take whoever wants to leave to another server? Who knows but just simply accepting the fact the server is dead is not going to do anything.

For anyone that's level capped and feels the same way, your voice means way more than mine. You guys could probably get to 42 in a day.

Thanks, Cheers, Godspeed

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Blizzard will never merge servers because it will cause panic that the game is dying.

Blizzard wants your 25 dollars.

If it took you a long time to achieve your level of progression as a level 42 then the 25 dollars is worth it if you are serious about keeping that character.

If anything Blizzard would just open up free x-fers for bigger realms to come to Maiev.

Only people that would come here in their right mind is hardcore raiding guilds that want server firsts.

Or people looking for easy Gladiator titles on a horrible battlegroup.
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You know, Blizzard are the once who implemented the LFG & LFR tools, so even small pop servers could find ppl to group with and enjoy instances..

Now this have resulted in the mid-pop realms to loose most of the social environment, cause you no longer have to bother finding a group for 5man´s, you do not have to bother finding ppl for DS.. They killed any sort of FL raiding with the 3 new (very easy) Heroic dungeons..

So all in all we, as a server, got the short end of this deal! As a Raid leader and Life coach of a small midday raiding guild on a small server, i can say that my life have gotten a lot harder with 4.3!! I know nothing about the ppl on my server.. and they know nothing about me!

And on top of that they made normal DS so easy, that most casual guilds will be able to kill DW within a month.. Why? I thought LFR was made so the masses could enjoy current content.. Now we, Villains on Vacation, are moving in to Heroic modes (month´s before we did in FL) *and i am really really looking forward to wiping on bosses that i have killed 14 times in 3 weeks* (sarcasm)..

LFR cater the ppl who do not have/want time to be in a organized guild, and/or ppl who just do not want to put in the time and effort to be able to raid, fine!
But i can see this killing a lot of minor guilds, who do not push for server firsts, nor care much about Heroic bosses..

Rant over..: Instead of rewarding ppl for just clicking a button and waiting XX min to get in a random dungeon, reward the players who actually bother getting a group of ppl together, talk to ppl, get to know ppl on your server, make relations - make new friends!! If this keep heading towards a game where being social is not required, this game will loose a lot of its charm and most of the reasons why I play this game.. :( Cause lets face it, 4.3 content is not good enough to stand alone..

Ark over and out
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Hahaha, this server isn't dead. We have more than 1 raiding guild actually progressing, and more than 2 teams above 2k ratting. that's a lot better than my old server.
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85 Night Elf Druid
01/13/2012 06:35 AMPosted by Baconsammich
Hahaha, this server isn't dead. We have more than 1 raiding guild actually progressing, and more than 2 teams above 2k ratting. that's a lot better than my old server.

Some servers are more dead but maiev is still dead.

Also, you got two option: go on another server or get people to come play on maiev, but like dreamer said, 2 teams over 2k rating, nobody would like to come here.

I got people to come play on Maiev. A priest friend and a pally friend. We're totally gonna rock it in 3's son. totally! Once we figure out how to get to 1500, it's on! You just wait! I'll get like 1800 and start making youtube video's about how amazing our 1750 team is and ppl are gonna beg to come play with me. I totally see this working... I'll keep you updated.
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i have to agree this server has died. i have noticed since mid december the amount of people on has dropped. in my current guild we have lost about 14 regular raiders to another game. we went from 2 raid teams to none. even my GM left, leaving me holdng the bag. now i have a pretty inactive guild and find it hard to recruit anyone. if you arnt in the top 3-5 raiding guilds then good luck finding a large enough pool of dedicated players for any type of guild activity let alone a 10 or 25 man raid team.

There is 2 reasons for this imo, Blizzard and their dumb down and simplifying the game. this cause and effect, like so many people have pointed out on this and many other threads has caused the social aspect of the game to plummet. unless you are a regular trade channel spammer no one knows who you are. the second reason is competition. sure the other game might be buggy and might fail, or even succeed. but the fact of the matter is we are down players. Blizzard knew this could of happened and should of been prepared. free realm transfer should of been an option to realign servers. by keeping our(and other servers) low only makes the current loyal player base dissatisfied with our playing experince. that i think, is where Blizzard droped the ball.

id love to transfer to a heavy pop server, but iam a poor student, and i have about 5-8 good friends on maiev now i dont want to leave behind...just my thought on the matter.
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42 Orc Hunter
Thanks for all the responses. This is pretty much what Blizzard told me (us):

1. Pay $25.00
2. Re-roll to a higher pop server
3. Recruit from other servers (make other people pay the $25.00 to come to a severely low pop server).

All valid options, but no resolution that would make any paying customer happy. I had some hope that maybe they'd entertain free server transfers (one time) to another server for their low pop server players. Then I started to ask myself why do we need to fight them to get the playing experience they advertise? As a business standpoint, it makes sense for them to charge for additional services, but as a player standpoint it doesn't make sense to have to pay a company additional money to play the game as it was meant to be played.

Make sense? I'm preaching to the choir and I'm sure we aren't the only people with the same opinions on low population servers.

Blizzard: Open free server transfers (one time per account) so you can keep players interested in the game. Please? :)

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85 Tauren Druid
01/13/2012 12:42 PMPosted by Vitamin
Blizzard: Open free server transfers (one time per account) so you can keep players interested in the game. Please? :)
really liking this idea, Ive played for a very long time on high and low pop severs. And while there may be a couple of good players "cough baconsammich cough" you are missing a huge part of the game by playing on a low population sever. Maiev isnt the worst but merging the realm with another low pop realm might be the way to go, i dont think people would be to worried that WoW is dying.
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85 Orc Death Knight
01/13/2012 01:08 PMPosted by Yonker
"cough baconsammich cough"

That's an awful cough you have there, on another note, how much did he pay you to say that?
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85 Night Elf Druid
Blizzard and their dumb down and simplifying the game

You know, I used to read that a lot but this is the first time in a long time that I've read anyone write that.

i start to think about it and I have to disagree with that statement a little. I'll need a couple examples of how the game has been over simplified and dumbed down.

People like to think LFD tool dumbed down the game. Those people are just dumb themselves.

I think back to playing my hunter at level 60 and playing him now. At level 60 it was WAY easier than it is now. All i did in PvP was try to set up an aimed shot into multi shot. That was it. That's all there was to do as a hunter.

Then i think of raiding at level 60 and now... The boss mechanics now require more effort and more effort in dps rotation. at level 60 you could get away with under performing.

Or by dumbed down do you mean people pressing 1 button to kill players? It's a joke used often and not to be taken seriously or used seriously. Surely you don't believe that there is a class that doesn't have to use more than 3 abilities to perform?

Or perhaps you think it's because they gave so many classes so many abilities and counters to so many other abilities? That wouldn't make the game simplified would it? with so many new abilities it would make the game more complicated.

But most all that is compared to classic level 60. LK was kind of a bad expansion and cata is the attempt of trying to recover from it. So i guess it would be best to compare the game to BC since most people agree that was WoW at it's best.

Argue with me I'm bored. Tell me how the game was dumbed down and simplified. And if you start naming off convenient features like LFD then I should stop you there. What skill is involved with spamming chat for 45 minutes to get a group then running there on your mount? Features to save time isn't dumbing a game down. But I'm sure you knew that and had no intentions of saying otherwise, right?
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85 Draenei Paladin
Your server isn't the only low population server! I posted under mists of pandaria in hopes that blizzard may offer a free server move for low pop servers to top rated servers. I understand there is money to be made but I hope that blizzard is not trying to make it in a that way. They did have free server moves from high pop to medium pop servers a few years back if you remember. Also with the release of star wars I am sure that the population on WoW will decrease a bit but I did buy the annual contract for a reason. On top of that I have been dedicated to wow since Vanilla and I would hope that blizzard would take that into account. I have moved this character alone 4 times and 2 of my other characters 2 times a piece you do the math. However I did find on this server a guild that I am dedicated to and if the combine servers I could stay in the guild and no one would have to pay to move. Hopefully there will be a reasonable response to you post Vitamin.
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01/13/2012 10:40 PMPosted by Shpongletron
There is no social aspect to Maiev.

get decent at game.
everyone wants to play with you.

social aspect solved.

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01/13/2012 01:47 AMPosted by Arkinedes
They killed any sort of FL raiding with the 3 new (very easy) Heroic dungeons..

Firelands is obsolete, go kill a dragon instead of a giant bonfire.
mmm s'mores...

I know nothing about the ppl on my server.. and they know nothing about me!

I was the only UH DK before the 4.3 buff, that's all you need to know.
Was there anything specific you wanted us to know about you ?
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85 Tauren Paladin
I wouldn't mind a server merger. This server is so dead it makes me want to quit.
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42 Orc Hunter
Just wanted to pop in with a quick update - I should have posted this from the get go but this is the reply I got from Blizz in regards to a server merger:


We have never merged two realms together before in the past. Its not something we wouldn't consider an option. I have not heard any rumors of us doing so in the near future.

I'm not sure if Blizz has seen our posts, but keep them coming. I know Maiev isn't the least populated server so maybe they can come up with a resolution for everyone. When I came back to play, Maiev popped up as "Recommended" so that's what irks me. They are recommending severely low population servers to new players.

If Blizz didn't want to spread panic that the game is dying, the worst thing they could do is keep barren servers around. When I hop into a game I haven't played in awhile and there is no one playing in the servers that's when I realize the game is dead and move on.

Blizzard: Your customers are paying a monthly fee, keep your residual players around by fixing the low population server issue.
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