Maiev Population: Extremely Low

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Blizzard will never merge servers because it will cause panic that the game is dying.

That is so true. But to be honest, I wouldn't give a crap, I'd just be happy to be on a better realm. Blizzard should realize that there is a problem, and instead of letting it there and rot/getting money out of transfers, they should fix it. I wouldn't go as to say it's ALL their fault, but in my opinion, they opened too many realms.

Not sure if there are any Blues actually reading our realm's forums, I mean, what is the point? Lol

Recognizing and fixing a problem(showing their customers they do care and listen) is way better than masking the issue in my opinion. Besides, I am pretty sure the majority of paying customers know about this problem already, as it is not only on our realm. Merging a few servers would probably do some more good than bad in the long run (Of course, there would be a process of renaming characters and guilds since most likely there would be people with the same name, which would be a slow process, but still do-able) . I could be wrong though.

If Blizzard is so scared about how their company would be seen as by merging us, they can just explain that there are no less subs, they just got more concentrated in fewer servers to improve the social aspect of the game. I know a lot of people who quit(they didn't want to pay 25$) because of this issue. Maybe they are losing more subs than they would be if they merged us? Who knows.

But that's just me.
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i xferred off maiev, best decision of my wow career.
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I only very recently started playing again after an incredibly long hiatus and when I came as one of my toons in silvermoon this was one of the main topics in chat. I kind of was hoping against hope people were just being dramatic but after heading to UC and finding only 1 other person there..... I kinda died a bit inside.

At this point I'm planning on moving to another pvp server, I basically play this game for the social interaction side of things. You know something is desperatly wrong with your server when you go to Orgimmar and you can count how many ppl are there. I remember going there about 2-3 years back and my game would lag so hard while I was in there, and sometimes you would have to wait an hour or more to hit a dungeon or get on a bg. Not so much anymore....

I feel really sentimental about Maive too but I need other ppl to play with in order to stay invested. I'm hoping switching servers will be the right move.
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people bring it up cause its true. i recently restarted wow, and oh god the first thing i did was get off maiev. i couldn't afford to transfer all my chars, so i'm stuck with having a few level 80-somethings left on maiev. they will probably be lost to the ashes.
blizzard really needs to merge or close down servers and offer free realm transfers.
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Why nerco?
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blizzard must merge prohibitively low population servers like maiev because it is ruining the gaming experience for tens of thousands of players leading many to quit the game altogether rather than make paid transfers for all of their active toons.

I would love to see blizzard's analysis on how they believe its more profitable to force paid transfers on people playing on low population servers risking the monthly revenue from people quitting.
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sign me up, id love a merger.
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Signing merger agreement*

Please Blizzard merge us with another small pvp realm. PWEAASE!
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Something definitely needs to be done. I just came back after a break during the Cataclysm and am completely disappointed in what I have come back to. And I cannot afford to transfer 3/4 characters to another realm. Merge us with another realm, there is no other good approach to this problem. Coming back to Maiev is having me question if WoW is really worth my time again, or if I should be focusing on something else.
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You realize that Maiev is NOT dead. I find that it's a low-mid population. I never fail to find people questing or in towns. Also, if you go anywhere but where the main portals are, you will never see people in towns.
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Donurus, are you working for them? the server is dead and there is no debate about it.
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01/01/2013 11:45 AMPosted by Ugoticed
Donurus, are you working for them? the server is dead and there is no debate about it.

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Server is dead. Need more money please.
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Let's be honest with ourselves here: how the heck would Blizz fix a low population realm? I certainly haven't the slightest clue but I wish I did. One of my friends just left Maiev with his guild. No idea where they went, I wasn't curious. But that shouldn't be happening. The institution of lfr has it's ups and downs, but I for one don't like it. It's good for a fresh capped player, but at this point I'm only doing it for the sigils. No gear that drops can benefit me. My guilds raid leaders have been having issues irl, and so I am just one more person who is stuck. Hopefully someone finds a solution.
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01/09/2013 08:35 PMPosted by Bahlem
Let's be honest with ourselves here: how the heck would Blizz fix a low population realm? I certainly haven't the slightest clue but I wish I did.

This is a thread about a server merger to fix the problem...

low pop server + low pop server = medium server. We are not the only ones with this problem. Blizzard is probably waiting until a new MMO comes out and they go Free 2 Play.
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I agree it is dead since some time. I came back in the game after a break, and when I came back, it was empty. I can barely see 3 people chatting in the General every 5-10 minutes. And they are almost always the same.

You go around, you cross the path of 1 or 2 players. Mostly from other servers, in cross-realm zones only.

It's becoming more and more boring. AH is empty. BG are craps. Can't do raids or dungeons with Maiev people: you can only do them by LFG and LFR, cause there is not enough players. Want to form a group to kill a world boss? Take over 20-30 minutes each time and half people left during the search cause it's too long.

Why would I need to pay another 200-300$ to transfer all my characters on another server to really have fun playing this game? I kinda find it unfair. I do not want to reroll another time. I did it for Maiev, when the server was still populated and fun, and I was satisfied. Well, til now. Now, it's dead and boring. I did all the classes I wanted, and I like to play one rogue or one hunter. I don't wish to start every classes I already did on another server.

Blizzard, please, do something. This game is supposed to be a Massive Multiplayer Online Game. I don't see the 'massive multiplayer' in Maiev at all. At least, not on Horde side. Don't know for the Alliance Side, but the Horde side is dead.
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