Maiev Population: Extremely Low

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^Say the guys that all he do is LFR rofl
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90 Undead Monk
While I agree that population of Maiev is extremely low. There are still very active guilds on both factions. Some of us still know how and where the fun is! The only reason I still play is for the good company I meet in this game. Granted Maiev is full of trolls, there are still good players out there.
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Maievs' heyday seemed, imo, to be back during BC.
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When get well soon was around
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85 Troll Warrior
Yeah I dont even play this server now, my main is a monk on Eitrigg. But I saw familiar names on here surprisingly so i figured I'd post from my old WOTLK main. (and yes, I know he's naked, had to restore him thanks to some hacker and i didn't bother to get him some gear on). I miss how big Maiev used to be.
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17 Orc Hunter
thats nothing retard
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90 Troll Rogue
A year after the original post and the population is twice as worse now as it was then. Really blew paying $75 to move my 3 favorite toons over to Kil'jaeden and it sucked our guild was so fed up our guild moved also. But I guess Blizzard wins in the end, they literally got a couple thousand dollars from my guild alone.
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90 Human Paladin
I made a character on Maiev the day it was created. It was a busy community.

Unfortunatley, Maiev was created a few months before BC, once the first shiny new expansion hit, everyone went back to their mains.

It became a ghost town.

I went to check on it today, and Stormwind is so empty its spooky.

Servers should NOT be this low. EVER.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I feel that this server is dead or dieing also. I have considered moving several times, but I have 5 toons that would need to move due to profession support. So for now I am going to stay put.
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90 Night Elf Druid

During Wrath I feel there was enough population for content and competition. Start of Cata it was ok, but alot of people left after the first month or quit because of the expansion. I recently came back after about a year off.

Probably will go back to some other game if Blizzard makes no initiative to engage the lower pop realms such as Maiev. Paying for transfers is not an option in my opinion and has always been a ploy for Blizzard to take money from their consumer base.

It really is a shame that no other MMO to date can compete with the smooth game play of WoW..the control/camera and responsiveness are really lacking in other alternatives.

Rant, INB4 tldr
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90 Human Paladin
The server really is dead and instead of blizz giving everyone a free xfer or an alternative like merging they just figured we can waste our time spaming trade for people to que with just to get few responses.
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90 Human Mage
One day, someone will be the last one, and he will have to play with himself...oh wait...

: D
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Dear Blizzard;

I am ending my subscription active since Dec. 2005 as of April 2013. Yes, after 6 years and five months my recurring subscription is coming to an end. Would you believe I even played World of Warcraft before it became an MMO. I really like this game, and I hate to quit because it is a fun game, that is (if) you are on a populated server.

I am ending my subscription because the characters I like to play most are again on a low population server and that is not fun. I have 3 level 90 characters and two at 88. One of my 90's is on Ysera, a high population server. Ysera is what Maiev used to be like when I transferred there a couple of years ago, you do remember me transferring there don't you? Yes, just a couple of years ago I left Chromaggus because it was a low population server and I hated it. I paid your transfer fee and was quite happy, for awhile. You see Maiev is no longer a high population server it is a low population server and I don't like it one bit. Would you believe a guild I was in for over a year has transferred away because Maiev is so bad to play on. I have even seen Galleon standing in the very same spot for three weeks now. With no one there to bother him Galleon just keeps blasting away at the Silken Fields. It's really sad that Maiev cannot get a raid together to take Galleon down. And yet when I am on Ysera raids are happening all the time. Horde and Alliance at times race to reach the World bosses before the other, good times on Ysera to be sure.

I wrote a ticket to Customer service about how intolerable the server has become and they told me they cannot help me with this issue. If Customer Service cannot help me what good are they? Customer Service said in their reply to my ticket that only developers can address this issue. They said developers might offer transfers to a low pop server from a high one, but they will not let people transfer off a low pop server because "they don't want to make the problem worse". I have read complaints about low population servers in these forums that date back years and have yet to see you act to correct the problem. Customer Service has told me you know there is a problem because you "didn't want to make the problem worse". To tell you the truth you are making it worse because people are transferring or quitting these servers and for each one transferred or quit, it gets worse yet. You allow this, but you will not fix it, do you not see how you are contributing to a poor gaming experience? Oh, but hold on. It can be fixed if I give you $25.00, isn't that right? But aren't you forgetting I already paid you to fix this problem and it did not work, did it? So it seems I wasted my money on a transfer and now you want more money. What do you do when you buy a product that does not work as advertised? If you are like me and many are, you stop buying it and that’s what I am doing. I would like to keep playing but you want just too much, I gotta go.

Because you seem to think there is no problem with your product I am now off to play other games. As of this week I have subscriptions for Rift Storm Legion and Star Wars Rise of the Hutt Cartel, and you know what I'm having fun again. Why is it fun? Because I can see other players running about, I can read the chat, and can battle mobs side by side them. These games are populated and they are a blast.

If you find a way to fix your server problems send me an email with the good news and maybe I'll come back. Don't wait too long, there is lots of new games out there, and some look pretty good. I may get hooked on them like I was with WoW and if that happens I'll never come back. Just sayin.

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1 Undead Rogue
nuka where you at you dirty girl
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1 Undead Rogue
Quit for one month, get a job, get money to pay for both your sub and a transfer and #winning.
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90 Gnome Priest
"You know, Blizzard are the once who implemented the LFG & LFR tools, so even small pop servers could find ppl to group with and enjoy instances....."

"LFR cater the ppl who do not have/want time to be in a organized guild, and/or ppl who just do not want to put in the time and effort to be able to raid, fine! But i can see this killing a lot of minor guilds, who do not push for server firsts, nor care much about Heroic bosses.. "

Thats excatly the point - LFG / LFR tools are great tools that should be utilized for those of us that do enjoy the instances - or the whole raid experience however may not have the gear for the normal stuff - WITH Their guilds. My guild (and the guilds that I have been in) is awesome. Great group of people but their is so few of us that it makes the game not as enjoyable to play. I try to make it a point to do things with guilds or with a group of people that are good to be around and have some sort of skill when it comes to the content. Im not perfect and am always willing to learn from others & to form a bond that is ultimately unmatched compared to just que-ing with randoms that dont talk or rarely have an interaction other then a "Thank You" at the end of the instance. Most of the time you would even will not get that generosity.

I wouldn't mind a server merger. This server is so dead it makes me want to quit.

I feel the same way - but guildy's are the people that keep me here. The love of & for my group is amazing and I am thankful to have them. They are the ones that helped me. They ultimately leveled this toon. They made this toon a raider. They keep me interested enough in game to keep coming back.

[quote="38815053708"]Thanks for all the responses. This is pretty much what Blizzard told me (us):

1. Pay $25.00
2. Re-roll to a higher pop server
3. Recruit from other servers (make other people pay the $25.00 to come to a severely low pop server).

There is pro's and cons to this list.

1. pay the 25 bones and just move - higher pop realm. Good groups of pre-established teams of raiders however you may be leaving a great guild or group of friends behind.

2. Re-roll on a higher pop server, same as above - good groups / guilds - teams of people to help - and able to get groups together to do heroics and raid in no time. However (again), you may be leaving a great group of friends behind or even have them leave the realm and go to a different realm then you all together making you even further apart then you really want to be from the people that you have that pre-established friendship with.

3. Recruit, that is always good. You should be doing that anyway however Im not sure if someone (nor would I expect) someone else to pay to move to a low pop realm. Even if Blizzard would make it free - It would be crazy to assume that there will be enough people remotely interested to even come over here.
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